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To take part in the conference, you need to apply  to the Organizational Committee an application for participation in the conference, presentation theses and abstract through a website of the conference, where necessary templates are placed till 5th of March, 2012.

Program Committee

  • Chornous А.N. , Sc.D (Ukraine, Sumy)

  • Dovbysh А.S., Sc.D (Ukraine, Sumy)

  • Borisenko О.А., Sc.D (Ukraine, Sumy)

  • Lavrov E.А., Sc.D (Ukraine, Sumy)

  • Lyubchak V.О., PhD (Ukraine, Sumy)

  • Protsenko S.І., PhD (Ukraine, Sumy)

  • Кulish А.M, Sc.D (Ukraine, Sumy)

  • Glybovets М.М., Sc.D (Ukraine, Kyiv)

  • Grytsyuk Yu. І., Sc.D (Ukraine, Lviv)

  • Grebennik І. V., Sc.D (Ukraine, Kharkiv)

  • Oleksandr Romanenko, PhD (Canada)

  • Іmre Polik, PhD (USA)

Organizational Committee

  • Baranova I.V., co-chairman

  • Shendryk V.V., co-chairman

  • Parfenenko Yu.V., executive secretary

  • Omelyanenko K.A.

  • Opara D.

  • Zakharchenko V.P.

Important Deadlines

  • January 10, 2012 – start of the registration of participants and submission of materials for participation in the conference.

  • March 5, 2012 – the deadline for the registration and submission of materials.

  • March 20, 2012 – notification of acceptance

  • April 20, 2012 – placement of the program of the conference on the website.

  • May 15-18, 2012 – conference AIST



AIST conference, Sumy State University

2 Rimsky-Korsakov Str., Sumy, 40000, Ukraine.

Contact persons:

Parfenenko Y.V



Shendryk V.V.


All information concerning abstract preparation and submission is available at

Materials that were designed with violation of established requirements and were arrived to the addres of the organization committee after the deadline, to the publication aren't accepted.

Program committee reserves the right to itself of the selection of theses for participation in conference.

^ The Ministry of Education and Science

and Youth and Sport of Ukraine

Sumy State University

Ukrainian Federation of Informatics

MacMaster University(Canada)


Scientific Conference




May 15-18, 2012

Sumy State University

Sumy, Ukraine

Dear Colleagues

We invite you to participate in international scientific conference which will be spent from May, 15th till May, 18th, 2012 on the basis of the Sumy state university.

The Expected Benefit

  • Exchanging of experience and new theoretical and practical ideas in the field of information technologies;

  • Adjustment of contacts for the further cooperation between scientists from the different countries of the world;

  • Providing opportunities for young scientists to discuss their own scientific results.

Form of the Conference

Conference will be held in the form of webinar.

Conference Languages

- Ukrainian

- Russian

- English

Forms of Participation

  • Full-time – participation in online webinar, presentation with report, publication of theses, the possibility of submitting of full text of reports in the form of the article.

  • Correspondence – an opportunity to participate in webinar as a listener, the publication of theses.

  • as a listener – does not involve the presentation with reports and the publication of theses.

^ Topics

Section 1 System analysis amd modeling of systems of the various nature:

- system methodology of complex research of systems;

- modeling of subject domain and methods of its analysis;

- mathematical modeling of objects and processes;

- models and methods of an estimation of quality and reliability of information systems;

- imitation modeling.

Section 2 Program engineering:

- databases and data warehouses;

- technologies of the software development;

- modern programming tools.

Section 3 Software of support of electronic learning:

- innovative methods and technologies of training;

- information technologies of distance education;

- working out and implementation of electronic learning.

Section 4 Engineering of information systems:

- decision support systems;

- intellectual systems;

- distributed information systems;

- information retrieval and expert systems of data processing;

- web-oriented information systems and systems of electronic commerce;

- geographical information systems.

Section 5 Information security:

security and information coding.


By results of the conference to the beginning of its work the collection of theses of reports will be published. For the authors who have taken full-time participation in the conference at the end of its work there is a possibility of representation of the full text of the report in the form of article which will be published in scientific magazine “Bulletin of Sumy State University. A series of technical sciences”, which is entered to list of HAC of Ukraine. The magazine editorial board is responsible for reviewing of articles. The deadline of submission of articles will be established by the end of the conference.

^ Author Instructions

Text of theses must be typed in MS Word 97-2003 using a special template that you can download from the conference website It must be 1-2 full page of format А4 (the cost of every additional page is 15 hrivnas).

Registration Fee

The registration fee is raised from each report irrespective of the number of coauthors and takes into account the organizational expenses and receiving one set of materials.

The cost of the registration fee:

For participants from Ukraine and CIS:

PhD students and students (f in the co-authorship there are no persons with a scientific degree)

Persons with a scientific degree in the co-authorship with students











As a listener




For participants from other countries

PhD students and students

Other participants







As a listener




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