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The theme of the peculiarities of decision-making in pedagogical activity is relevant, because teachers are constantly in the situation of making a decision. Pedagogical activity – is one of the types of leadership. Making decision, as the exchange of information, is the main component of any management and is always associated with the selection of the most acceptable alternatives of the variety of options.

Recently, psychologists pay great attention to the study of the decision-making process in pedagogical activity, because this process takes place in the problematical pedagogical situations and is an integral part of the teaching-educational activity at school.

In the course of such interaction is the search for answers to the questions about new knowledge of the subject, methods and terms of the actions, and productive development of the subject itself.

The decision-making process is central to all levels of information processing and mental regulation in the system of purposeful activity. The pedagogical activity is a continuous process, because teachers are constantly in the situation of choice, requiring making decisions. This process is complicated by the fact, that is happening in the problematical pedagogical situations.

Pedagogical situations differ in unexpectedness, dynamics, half functioning and uncertainty, therefore, the status of teachers during the solution of every situation is different. The concept of «a problem» characterizes the interaction of the entity and his environment, as well as the mental state of the person, who studies contradictory environment and is one of the Central concepts of problem training.

Pedagogical activity – is a separate kind of human activity, in which from generation to generation is realized the transfer of social experience, material and spiritual culture, which is saturated with different kinds of problem situations and the various factors that are associated with the possibility of heightened emotional response. It gives the impetus to the study of decision-making process in pedagogical activity.

The correct understanding of the situation and the skillful selection of methods of the decision of a problem situation will allow teachers to find an optimal way out from the problem situation and does not amplify the problematic situation in the interaction with other participants of the educational process. The ability to calculate the situation on the basis of the integrative data and knowledge, in many cases, determines the efficiency of the pedagogical impact and the possibility of the effective decision of a problem situation teacher in pedagogical activity, which will allow the teacher consolidate his reputation among other participants of the educational process.


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Р. 6; Through education. № Mode of access
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Приймак Олександр Вікторович, Луцький національний технічний університет – кафедра автомобілів, завідувач кафедри
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