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List of Presenters U. S. Fulbright Student Spring Retreat

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List of Presenters

U.S. Fulbright Student Spring Retreat

April 18 – 20, 2011, Odesa


Home Institution

Academic Degree

Presentation Abstract

Cybriwsky, Roman

Temple University, Department of Geography and Urban Studies, College of Liberal Arts,

Philadelphia, PA

Ph.D. in Geography (1972), Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

The False Promise of Euro 2012 and Kyiv’s Demons of Tourism”

Dr. Cybriwsky is working on a book about contemporary Kyiv called City of Domes and Demons: Conflicts of Space, Society and Historical Memory in Kyiv, Ukraine. Kyiv is getting ready for a major role in Euro 2012. Is the city ready for the visitors? How is it preparing for the event and what will visitors actually see and do? He focuses not so much on the construction of sports facilities, hotels, terminals at the airport, etc., as on Kyiv’s many internal demons: destruction by bandit development of the natural beauty and historical heritage that visitors would enjoy; a stepped-up onslaught against the city by automobiles and billboards; emerging landscapes of cheap carnival games and boardwalk side shows on the city’s main street and in key public squares; other emerging landscapes of sexism and unchallenged sex tourism; and unchallenged racism against Kyiv’s visitors of color. It’s as if the planners of Euro 2012 are not thinking about Ukraine or its reputation, but think instead about ways to accommodate visitors for the football matches and to profit from the event.

^ Hasic, Eldin

Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN

B.А. in Political Sciences/ Economics/ Philosophy (2010)

From Crimea With Love”

Mr. Hasic’s presentation gives voice to the Fulbright experience in Ukraine and focuses on his teaching as an English Teaching Assistant, significant concrete human findings, impressions of the country, plans for future collaborative research projects.

^ Holland, Jonathan

University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

M.А. in Higher Education (2009) ;

M.A. in Political Science (2008)

Cultural Exchange in Higher Education and Community Interaction: The Experience of an English Teaching Assistant in Ukraine”

As a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, Mr. Holland has acquired an invaluable global perspective on higher education. Working with Ukrainian students, faculty, and administrators has provided him with a singular opportunity to synthesize his background in political science, social studies, history, and higher education. Utilizing his teaching and communication skills it has been Mr. Holland’s goal to deepen understanding of American life, language, and culture for his students at his host institution and for community members as well as provide outreach and advising regarding educational opportunities through Fulbright and other U.S. government -funded student exchange programs.

^ Leavitt, Chelom

Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

B.S. in Economics (1988);

J.D. in Law (1992);

M.S. in Marriage, Family and Human Development (2010)

Traditions and the Ukrainian Family”

Ms. Leavitt’s presentation will look at the effect of routines, celebrations, and rituals on the Ukrainian family. Research in the United States indicates that traditions have a positive effect on children during transition. Traditions are a protective factor in families dealing with alcoholism, death, or other disruptive events. Her research looks to see if these same effects are apparent in Ukrainian families. Ms. Leavitt will also analyze the differences (if any) in the effects of traditions in Eastern Ukraine and Western Ukraine.

^ Mearn, Kaitlyn

College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA

B.A. in Mathematics (2007)

Ukrainian Language Politics”

The first part of Ms. Mearn’s presentation will focus on her enrollment in Ukrainian language courses at the Preparatory Faculty at Lviv Ivan Franko National University. She will discuss the program, classes, and why she chose this university. Ms. Mearn will also discuss the current language issues in Ukraine. She will speak briefly about the changes in the Ukrainian language and political effects on the language during the Soviet Era and Post-Soviet period. In addition, she will speak about the language division between Eastern and Western Ukraine and the current government policyregarding the language issue.

^ Najda, Aleksander

University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

Ph.D. Candidate in Art History

Vasily Kandinsky and the ways his art was influenced by the Ukrainian and Russian graphic arts”

Mr. Najda is exploring materials which illuminate and provide new insight into Kandinsky’s formative period in Odesa.

^ Rechitsky, Raphi

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology;

Southern Illinois University—Carbondale;

B.S. in Sociology

Philosophy (2005)

"Refugee Migration and the Politics of Social Integration in Ukraine"

Human transit through Ukraine to Europe constitutes one of the most profitable sources of contentious governance on both sides of the border. However, little is understood about the experiences with "social integration" of refugees in Ukraine, trapped between the 'Scylla and Charybdis' of insufficient protection regimes in Ukraine and inaccessible safe countries in the west. Mr. Rechitsky explores some conclusions to seven months of field research with asylum seekers in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odesa.

^ Ritchey, Megan

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

B.A. in Biology/ Psychology/Chemistry (2010)

Development of Creative Play Skills in Ukrainian Orphanages”

Ms. Ritchey is exploring pretend-play and emotional regulation interventions in three Lviv orphanages. She will present her goals, methods, and preliminary observations on the development of play skills among the children at the orphanages.

^ Skaskiw, Roman

University of Iowa,

Iowa City, IA

M.A. in Creative Writing (fiction)(2007);

B.S. in Computer Science; Stanford University (2000)

An analysis of Property Rights in Ukrainian identity”

Mr. Skaskiw evaluates the economic and political philosophies of Ukrainians and Ukrainian identity with regard to the concept of property rights.

^ Stecyk, Catherine

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN Sciences/Italian Language (2010)

Changes in children's healthcare since 1991”

Ms. Stecyk will speak about the status of government healthcare for children and focus on efforts by the private sector (aid organizations, foundations), both from within Ukraine and abroad, to improve the quality and availability of healthcare.

^ Wenglowskyj, Andrea

Tufts University,

Boston, MA

MFA in Fine Arts


State University of New York at New Paltz, NY;

BFA in Photography /B.A. in French (2002)

^ The Ecology of the Contemporary Arts Scene in Ukraine”

Since mid-January 2011, Ms. Wenglowskyj has been researching the ecology of the contemporary art scene in Ukraine and the attitudes towards art-making since Ukraine's independence in 1991. After defining contemporary art, she will then address Ukraine's position in the global art world-- desires and drawbacks as well as successes and strides--- and analyze how and where contemporary art is made available to the public. Andrea’s research has led her to information about current projects, ventures and venues of the country's alternative arts scene, which is generally led by non-profit institutions and cultural workers from the non-commercial side. Ms. Wenglowskyj presents the results of her interviews with contemporary artists who break away from traditional media and approaches .

^ Westrate, Michael

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

Ph.D. Candidate in Russian and Eurasian History, Global History, German History;

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,

M.A. in Political Science(2010)

^ Under the Falling Red Star: The Lives of Eastern Ukraine’s Military Families from the 1960s to the Present”

In Ukraine Mr. Westrate has been conducting research for his dissertation. In addition to archival work and document collection, he has gathered “life history” interviews—the transcripts of which are the main corpus of material that he will use in his dissertation. His pool of interviewees is a group that straddled two of the largest of Soviet professions—military officers and academics. Specifically, Mr. Westrate is studying the families of the officer-professors who taught at Kharkiv’s Govorov Air Defense Radio Engineering Academy (VIRTA). By conducting interviews and collecting their personal and family data, he is exploring how these families endured shifting social, cultural, and political realities from the 1960s to the present. Analyzing the experiences of an important group of Soviet citizens allows him to study such issues as: identity formation; religion, gender and masculinity; military organization and education; everyday and family life; leisure and sport; the politics of language; career paths; the importance of personal networks; and democratization.

^ Witlin, Zachary

Tufts University,

Medford, MA

B.A .in International Relations/ Political Science (2010)

Ukrainian Energy Security and the Euro-Atlantic Community”

Ukraine's economy is developing, but its energy sector remains in a technologically- stagnant and politically-precarious position. Grossly inefficient and managerially questionable, Ukraine emerged from the 2009 gas crisis with Russian corporation Gazprom discredited in the eyes of Europe as an unreliable transit nation and business partner. Yet the European Union wants Ukrainian energy security almost as much as Ukraine needs it for itself, and the prospect of a stable and well-managed energy sector bears upon Ukrainian politics and its future integration into international organizations.

Mr. Witlin surveys the structure and status of Ukraine's energy sector, considers recent developments in the country's political and economic situation, and reviews ongoing Western efforts to develop, modernize, and secure Ukrainian energy. He suggests the likelihood of success of such efforts, and identifies changes in attitude that Western countries should adopt toward Ukrainian energy.

^ Yakhnis, Marina

Drake University,

Des Moines, IA

B.A. in International Relations/Biology (2009)

Traces from the Past: Exploring Nostalgia: the Integration and Adaptation of Crimean Tatars in Crimea”

Ms. Yakhnis is researching the integration and adaptation of Crimean Tatars in various parts of the peninsula. In addition to studying the integration of Crimean Tatars in Simferopol, she has also traveled to other cities such as Bilogorsk and Bakhchisaray. She will discuss her research goals and methods, and her experiences as an intern in the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people and involvement in several community support organizations.

^ Goodnow, Regina

University of Texas,

Austin, TX

Ph.D. Candidate in Government;

MPAff/MA in Public Affairs/Russian and Eurasian Studies (2005)

Ukrainian “Super”- Presidentialism”

Ms. Goodnow will discuss the conditions that promoted the choice of this governing framework and either reinforced or undermined it through time.

^ Goodman, Bridget

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Ph.D. Candidate in Education

Language, Education, Policy and Culture in the Borderland: English as a Medium of Instruction at a University in Eastern Ukraine”

Ukraine is in the early stages of implementing a 5-year degree program with a university in Wales.  In addition to the potential for a European degree at a Ukrainian university, students are informed that all of their classes are taught in English. What is the day-to-day reality of teaching and learning in this program? What is the relative position of English, Russian, and Ukrainian in this university--both in practice and according to self-reports by teachers and students? In what way is this program and its participants situated in and connected to national language policy and European educational policy and practice? What cultural norms are revealed through teaching in English? Ms. Goodman will describe her methods and theoretical approach to answering these questions, and preliminary themes emerging in the course of her research.


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