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2119 People of the West Desert : finding common ground Denton, Craig.
Utah State University Press 1999 HN79.U82W473 1999eb 307/.09792 Community life--Utah. ; Community life--Nevada. ; Community life--Pictorial works.--Utah ; Community life--Pictorial works.--Nevada ; Desert people--Utah. ; Desert people--Nevada. ; Desert people--Pictorial works.--Utah ; Desert people--Pictorial works.-- Social Sciences: General 9780874212624 9780874213065

2121 Usable pasts : traditions and group expressions in North America Tuleja, Tad Utah State University Press 1997 E184.A1U83 1997eb 305.8/00973 Minorities--Social life and customs.--United States ; Minorities--Social life and customs.--Canada ; Ethnology--United States. ; Ethnology--Canada. ; Minorités--Mœurs et coutumes.--États-Unis ; Minorités--Mœurs et coutumes.--Canada ; Ethnologie--États Social Sciences: General 9780874212266 9780874213348

2124 Indian self-rule : first-hand accounts of Indian-white relations from Roosevelt to Reagan Philp, Kenneth R. Utah State University Press 1995 E93.I466 1995eb 323.1/197073/0904 United States.--Indian Reorganization Act. ; Indians of North America--Government relations--1934- ; Indians of North America--Politics and government. ; Indians of North America--Social conditions. ; Self-determination, National--United States. Political Science 9780874211801 9780874213096

2126 Los dos mundos : Rural Mexican Americans, another America Baker, Richard.
Utah State University Press 1995 F755.M5B34 1995eb 305.868720796 Mexican Americans--Idaho--Social conditions. ; Idaho--Social conditions. Social Sciences: General 9780874211849 9780585024288

20531 Agroforestry in the Pacific Islands : Systems for sustainability Clarke, William C. United Nations University 1993 S494.5.A45A37513 1993eb 634.99 Agroforestry--Oceania. Agriculture 9789280808247 9780585097190

20536 Emerging world cities in Pacific Asia Lo, Fu-chen. United Nations University 1996 HT334.A8E54 1996eb 330.95 Metropolitan areas--Asia, Southeastern. ; Cities and towns--Asia, Southeastern. ; Metropolitan areas--East Asia. ; Cities and towns--East Asia. ; Economic development--Asia, Southeastern. ; Economic development--Asia, Southeastern. Business, Economics and Management 9789280809077 9780585210919

20549 The Impact of technology on human rights Weeramantry, C. G. United Nations University 1993 Q175.5.I557 1993eb 323/.09 Science--Social aspects. ; Technology--Social aspects. ; Civil rights--Case studies. ; Human rights--Case studies. Political Science 9789280808216 9780585097220

20569 The uncertain quest : Science, technology and development Sagasti, Francisco R. United Nations University 1994 Q175.5.U52 1994eb 303.48/3 Science--Social aspects. ; Technological innovations. ; Technology and civilization. ; Science and state. Social Sciences: General 9789280808353 9780585200262

20570 The urban challenge in Africa : Growth and management of its large cities Rakodi, Carole. United Nations University 1997 HT384.A35U728 1997eb 307.76/4/096 Cities and towns--Africa--Growth. ; Urbanization--Africa. ; Urban policy--Africa. Social Sciences: General 9789280809527 9780585253404

21928 Domestic architecture, ethnicity, and complementarity in the south-central Andes Aldenderfer, Mark S. University of Iowa Press 1993 F2230.1.A5D64 1993eb 980/.01 Indian architecture--Andes Region. ; Indians of South America--Andes Region--Antiquities. ; Architecture, Domestic--Andes Region--History. ; Tiwanaku culture. ; Altiplano--Antiquities. ; Andes Region--Antiquities. History: World and General 9780877454007 9781587290015

21932 Edge effects : Notes from an Oregon forest {American land and life series} Anderson, Chris.
University of Iowa Press 1993 QH105.O7A48 1993eb 574.5/2642/09795 Forest ecology--Oregon. ; Hybrid zones--Oregon. ; Clearcutting--Environmental aspects--Oregon. Biology and Life Sciences 9780877454380 9781587290053

21938 Feminist fabulation : Space/postmodern fiction Barr, Marleen S.
University of Iowa Press 1992 PS374.F45B37 1992eb 813/.509/082 American fiction--20th century--History and criticism. ; Feminism and literature--History--20th century. ; Feminist fiction--History and criticism. ; Fantasy fiction--History and criticism. ; Space and time in literature. ; Supernatural in literature. ; P Literature 9780877453772 9781587290114

21957 Reading the social body Burroughs, Catherine B. University of Iowa Press 1993 GT495.R43 1993eb 391/.6 Body, Human--Social aspects. ; Body, Human, in literature. ; Body, Human (Philosophy) ; Feminist criticism. Social Sciences: General 9780877454021 9781587290299

21969 Broken heartland : The rise of America's rural ghetto Davidson, Osha Gray.
University of Iowa Press 1996 HN59.2.D35 1996eb 307.3/366/0973 United States--Rural conditions. ; Rural poor--United States. ; Farmers--United States--Social conditions. ; United States--Social conditions--1980- Social Sciences: General 9780877455547 9781587290411

22000 A rural carpenter's world : The craft in a nineteenth-century New York township {American land and life series} Franklin, Wayne.
University of Iowa Press 1990 TH5608.7.F73 1990eb 694/.09747/09034 Carpentry--New York (State)--Westford. ; Carpenters--New York (State)--Westford. Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing 9780877452775 9781587290732

22019 Living in the depot : The two-story railroad station {American land and life series} Grant, H. Roger.
University of Iowa Press 1993 TF302.U54G73 1993eb 385/.26/097 Railroads--Station work. ; Railroad stations--United States. ; Railroad stations--Canada. Business, Economics and Management 9780877455882 9781587290923

22030 Herbert Hoover as Secretary of Commerce : Studies in New Era thought and practice {Herbert Hoover centennial seminars ; 2} Hawley, Ellis Wayne University of Iowa Press 1981 E802.H4eb 973.91/6/0924 Hoover, Herbert,--1874-1964. ; United States--Economic policy--To 1933--Congresses. ; United States--Economic conditions--1918-1945--Congresses. History: United States 9780877451099 9781587291036

22040 The Lincoln Highway : Main street across America Hokanson, Drake.
University of Iowa Press 1999 HE356.L7H65 1999eb 388.1/0973 Lincoln Highway--History. ; Lincoln Highway--Pictorial works. Business, Economics and Management 9780877456766 9781587291135

22080 Walt Whitman's "song of myself" : A mosaic of interpretations Miller, Edwin Haviland.
University of Iowa Press 1991 PS3222.S63.M55 1989eb 811.3 Whitman, Walt,--1819-1892.--Song of myself. Literature 9780877453451 9781587291531

22081 Citrus, strategy, and class : The politics of development in Southern Belize Moberg, Mark.
University of Iowa Press 1992 HN129.S73M63 1992eb 307.72/097282/3 Stann Creek (Belize)--Rural conditions. ; Citrus fruit industry--Belize--Stann Creek. Social Sciences: General 9780877453673 9781587291548

22084 Through Amazonian eyes : The human ecology of Amazonian populations Moran, Emilio F.
University of Iowa Press 1993 GF532.A4M6713 1993eb 304.2/0981/1 Human ecology--Amazon River Region. ; Indians of South America--Amazon River Region. ; Human ecology--Brazil. ; Nature--Effect of human beings on--Amazon River Region. Social Sciences: General 9780877454182 9781587291579

22089 Fragile giants : A natural history of the Loess Hills {Bur oak original} Mutel, Cornelia Fleischer.
University of Iowa Press 1989 QH105.I8M87 1989eb 508.777 Natural history--Loess Hills (Iowa and Mo.) ; Natural history--Nebraska. ; Ecology--Loess Hills (Iowa and Mo.) ; Ecology--Nebraska. Science: General 9780877452577 9781587291623

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