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Control paper 1.

1st year students, distant mode of education. All the assignments are based on two books:

  1. English for Business Comunication by G.A.Dudnina. M.W.Pavlova, “Avers” Moscow, 1991.

  2. English Grammer in Use by R.Murphy, second edition for elementary students (red cover).


Lesson 3. Ex. 8 p.31, Ex. 7 p.31

Lesson 4. Ex. 5 p.41, Ex. 12 p.43, Ex.13 p.43

Lesson 5. Ex. 11 p.53, Ex.12,13 p.54

Lesson 6. Ex. 12 p.64, Ex.13 p.65

Lesson 1. Basic Course.

Ex. 10 p.71

Ex. 33 p.80

Ex. 34 p.80

Ex. 36 p.81

Lesson 2.

Ex. 28, 29 p. 98

Ex. 30 p. 99



  1. Unit 35 Ex. 35.2

Unit 36 Ex. 36.3

Unit 8 Ex. 8.2, 8.3

Unit 9 Ex.9.5


Unit 3 Ex. 3.2, 3.3

Unit 4 Ex. 4.3, 4.4

Unit 13 Ex.13.2, 13.4

Unit 14 Ex.14.2, 14.3

Unit 120 Ex. 120.3

In order to recrave a positive mark a students must know all the words from the lessons above, be able to defend his work, know all of the grammar rules, and be able to talk on the following topies: My home and the home of my friend”, “My office hours”, “My weekends and the weekends of myy friends”, “My family and family of my friend”.

Also a student must be able to talk accordiny to assignments in the following excersises:

Ex. 27 p.98

Ex. 30 p.80

Ex. 9 p.53

Ex. 9 p.43


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