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Microsoft SNA Server 4.0

Visual Studio Enterprise Edition Release Notes

April 1998

(c) 1998 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


These materials are provided "as-is," for informational purposes only.

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How to Use This Document


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1. Microsoft Visual Studio overview

1.1 Hardware Requirements

1.2 Operating System

1.3 Microsoft Windows NT Option Pack

1.4 Microsoft Internet Explorer

2. Getting Support

2.1 SNA Server Support Web Site

2.2 Microsoft SNA Server FTP Site

3. What's New

3.1 OLE DB Provider for AS/400 and VSAM

3.2 COMTI for CICS and IMS

3.3 VSAM File Transfer

3.4 PU Passthrough Service

3.5 SNA Session-Level Compression

3.6 Increased Capacity

3.7 Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Support

3.8 Error Message Database

3.9 Web Setup for Windows 95 Clients

3.10 Telnet Support for 3270 and 5250 Applets

3.11 Bulk Migration for Host Security Feature

3.12 New Link Service Support

3.13 Session-Level Security for LUA and APPC Lus

3.14 Supportability Enhancements

3.15 Double Byte Character Set Support (DBCS)

3.16 Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.0

4. Installing SNA Server

5. Installing Clients for SNA Server

6. Microsoft Data Access Components

7. Installation Checklists

8. Upgrading from Previous Versions of SNA Server

9. Manually Removing SNA Server

10. Interoperability with Previous Versions of SNA Server

11. Installing Word Viewer 97

12. Documentation Notes

12.1 SNA Server Documentation

12.2 COMTI Documentation

12.3 OLE DB Provider Documentation

12.4 SNA Server SDK Documentation

13. General Notes

13.1 SNA Server Notes

13.2 SNA Server Client Notes

13.3 OLE DB Provider Notes

13.4 COM Transaction Integrator (COMTI) Notes

13.5 Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) Notes

13.6 SNA Remote Access Service Notes

13.7 Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition Notes

13.8 Windows NT 5.0 Notes

1. Microsoft Visual Studio Overview

Microsoft SNA Server is a comprehensive gateway and application integration platform that provides the best way to embrace Internet, intranet, and client/server technologies while preserving investments in existing AS/400 and mainframe systems.

SNA Server is more than just a reliable, economical, and high-performance LAN-to-host gateway. It also offers the technologies that will be the building blocks for future web-to-host and LAN-to-host applications. This version of SNA Server includes the OLE DB Provider for AS/400 and VSAM, and COM Transaction Integrator for CICS and IMS (COMTI).

The Visual Studio setup program installs a unique standalone configuration that provides a Not For Resale licensed copy of Microsoft SNA Server version 4.0 (with integrated Service Pack 1). This configuration installs SNA Server with the following characteristics:

* SNA Server subdomain name that matches the Windows NT computer name

* SNA services installed into the Windows NT local system account

* TCP/IP for client-to-server communication

* DLC 802.2 link service

* Distributed Link Service (DLS)

* Demo link service

Installing other optional components requires re-running the setup program from the Microsoft SNA Server program folder. Choosing the "Add/Remove" button allows specific options to be added or removed. To reconfigure SNA Server, run the SNA Server Manager from the Microsoft SNA Server program folder.

1.1 Hardware Requirements

The following hardware is required to install and use SNA Server:

· DEC Alpha AXP- or Intel 486-based processor (Pentium, Pentium Pro, or Pentium II recommended)

· 32 MB of RAM (64 MB of RAM recommended)

· 50 MB of available hard disk space

· CD-ROM drive


Additional RAM or processing power may be required depending on the services and total sessions supported by the SNA Server computer. For more information on choosing hardware, see the Microsoft SNA Server Planning Guide.

1.2 Operating System

This release of SNA Server requires Windows NT Server 4.0 or Windows NT Workstation 4.0 with Service Pack 4 or later.

The SNA Server Client for Windows NT 4.0 requires Windows NT Workstation version 4.0 or Windows NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 4 or later.

The latest service pack for Windows NT 4.0 can be installed by running nt4sp3.exe from the ntsp3 folder of the VSEE CD #3. Please read Spread.txt in the Ntsp3 folder , before installing the service pack.

Windows NT versions 3.51 and earlier are not supported for this release.

1.3 Microsoft Windows NT Option Pack

Certain features of SNA Server require components of the Microsoft Windows NT Option Pack, such as Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS). The Windows NT Option Pack can be obtained in one of three ways:

* Download it free from the Microsoft BackOffice web site at

* 2. The Option Pack is available through retail channels.

* The Option Pack will be included in future versions of Microsoft Windows NT Server, Microsoft Windows NT Server Enterprise Edition, and Microsoft BackOffice retail packages.

1.4 Microsoft Internet Explorer

Installation of the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 3.02 or later is required to install Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 1.5. These components are a prerequisite to installing the OLE DB Provider, and COMTI features. The latest version of Internet Explorer is provided on the SNA Server CD-ROM in the \Ie folder.

For more information on issues such as software and hardware compatibility, please visit the Internet Explorer web site at

2. Getting Support

This section describes ways to get technical support for SNA Server.

2.1 SNA Server Support Web Site

You can ask technical support questions online at the Microsoft Internet site. On the web site, you can also search our entire Knowledge Base, use troubleshooting wizards, and download program updates and hotfixes:

2.2 Microsoft SNA Server FTP Site

The Microsoft FTP site contains program updates:

3. What's New

This section describes new features and services in this release of SNA Server. For additional information, see the "What's New" section in the SNA Server online Help.

3.1 OLE DB Provider for AS/400 and VSAM

The OLE DB Provider for AS/400 and VSAM feature, formerly known by the code name "Thor," allows record-level access to AS/400 and mainframe files, while hiding the complexity of APPC (Advanced Program-to-Program Communication) programming. OLE DB Provider does this by leveraging the advantages of OLE DB as a common interface to heterogeneous data sources in the enterprise. OLE DB Provider for AS/400 and VSAM enables rapid and cost-effective development of host-to-web and host-to-PC data integration solutions, including:

* Fully customizable solutions for reading from and writing to IBM host files and members without first migrating the information to the PC platform.

* Efficient integration of non-structured data with web applications, desktop and server-based databases and tools.

* Quick development using high-level interfaces, such as ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), which supports Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, Visual Basic for Applications, and ActiveX Scripting.

The OLE DB Provider for AS/400 and VSAM feature is composed of a run-time Windows NT service or optional Windows 95 client-side application, the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in for enterprise-wide administration, and online documentation and sample code as part of the SNA Server Software Development Kit (SDK).

3.2 COM Transaction Integrator

The COM Transaction Integrator for CICS and IMS (COMTI) feature, formerly known as "Cedar," provides developers with a tool for creating COM objects that run on the Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS). COMTI provides a bridge between automation and mainframe programs. Running on Windows NT Server, components created with this tool appear as simple automation servers that developers can easily add to their application. Behind the scenes, COMTI functions as a proxy that communicates with a mainframe program or application running on IBM's Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) operating system. Applications that run in part on Windows platforms and in part on the mainframe are, by definition, distributed applications. COMTI supports all distributed applications that adhere to the automation and Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) specifications.

COMTI provides sample applications to demonstrate key functions and features. The samples can be found in the \Sna\COMTI\Tutorials and \Sna\COMTI\SampleCode folders. In order to read the instructions for the FriendShip Insurance sample, you will need to first install Microsoft Word 97 or Microsoft Word Viewer 97.

3.3 VSAM File Transfer

The Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) file transfer utility is a command-line utility that provides SNA Server users with a tool to easily upload and download mainframe files to Windows NT systems. The VSAM file transfer utility supports the IBM Distributed Data Management (DDM) stream protocol to access and create mainframe Sequential Access Method (SAM) data set files, Partitioned Data Set (PDS) members, and Partitioned Data Set Extended (PDSE) members. No host software is required from Microsoft.

3.4 PU Passthrough Service

A full-stack client such as an IBM Communications Manager/2 system can access a host via connections available on a computer running SNA Server. Even though such clients do not use the SNA Server client/server interface, they can use a PU (physical unit) passthrough connection to communicate with the host via SNA Server. SNA Server passes the information between the client system and the host. With SNA Server, clients connecting via PU passthrough appear to the host as a physical unit.

SNA Server already supports downstream PUs (DSPUs)via its PU Concentration feature, which concentrates multiple DSPUs to a single upstream PU on the host. The PU Concentration feature was first introduced in SNA Server version 2.0. The PU Passthrough service makes SNA Server behave like an IBM 3174 cluster controller, allowing both independent and dependent LUs from the DSPU to function via SNA Server. The PU Concentration feature in turn makes SNA Server behave like an IBM Communications Manager or Communications Server gateway for full-stack clients, but is limited to supporting dependent logical units (LUs) only.

3.5 SNA Session-Level Compression

SNA Server provides data compression at the LU level between the host and the SNA Server computer. Stronger levels of compression require more CPU processing power. SNA Server supports the following three compression levels:

* None

* RLE (Run-Length Encoding)

* LZ9 (adaptive dictionary compression method based on the LZW algorithm)

These compression levels are configured in SNA Server Manager and negotiated with the host. No application changes are required. The host must be configured for SNA session-level compression, which is a standard feature of the most recent AS/400 and mainframe operating systems.

3.6 Increased Capacity

SNA Server now supports up to 30,000 simultaneous sessions per server, up from 15,000 in the SNA Server 3.0 release. The sessions can be any mix of LU type 0, 1, 2, 3, and 6.2 sessions.

3.7 Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Support

The new, integrated Microsoft Management Console (MMC) provides snap-ins for COMTI and OLE DB Provider. An MMC snap-in for SNA Server is provided as a technology preview. The stand-alone SNA Server Manager is the recommended tool for configuring and managing SNA Server features. Additional information on using the management snap-ins is provided with the snap-in online Help.

3.8 Error Message Database

Fully searchable databases of SNA Server and COMTI error messages can be found on the SNA Server CD-ROM in the \Docs\Msgdb folder. The error message databases can be viewed with Microsoft Access 95 or later. A utility to view the database file, DBView, is also provided in the \Docs\Msgdb folder. For more information on using DBView, see the SNA Server Documentation Notes located in the \Docs folder.

3.9 Web Setup for Windows 95 Clients

Web Setup for Windows 95 clients makes it simple and cost-effective to deliver and configure host connectivity via a web browser across a corporate intranet. No client configuration is required. Users simply click a hyperlink on a web page that downloads a pre-configured copy of the client for SNA Server to their workstation. Once downloaded, users can connect to host applications with their favorite emulation software or an application written to the SNA application program interfaces (APIs) provided by the Windows 95 client. Administrators can update the client software centrally at the web page without having to touch the software on the client computer.

The Web Setup for Windows 95 Clients is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership attributed to the deployment and use of Microsoft SNA Server. Web Setup for Windows 95 Clients offers many advantages over other web--to-host connectivity methods, including fast startup and minimal administration. The technology is essentially an ActiveX-based control that automates the client installation on behalf of the user. The ActiveX control is downloaded automatically when the user connects to the Web site. Once the user selects the appropriate option as configured by the administrator, it installs the Windows 95 client to the user's computer without further steps or questions.

Note: The Windows 95 Client can be installed on either Windows 95 or Windows NT Workstation 3.51 (or later) systems. Detailed information about this feature can be found in the Websetup.hlp file in the \Clients\Web folder on the SNA Server CD-ROM.

3.10 Telnet Support for 3270 and 5250 Applets

The 3270 and 5250 terminal emulation applets included with SNA Server now support TN3270 and TN5250 sessions, respectively. Information on configuring the applets for TN-type connections can be found in the SNA Server Manager Help.

Note: TN-type connections require either the TN3270 or TN5250 service to be configured on the SNA Server.

3.11 Bulk Migration for Host Security Feature

The SNACFG command line tool has been enhanced to allow the creation of Windows NT domain accounts, the enrollment of users into a host security domain, and to synchronize relevant information between the host account and the Windows NT account. Previously, information about each user had to be entered one user at a time via the Host Account Manager tool. The Host Security Migration feature enables administrators to operate on user accounts in a batch fashion. For example, administrators can create a group of Windows NT accounts that correspond to existing host accounts. Capabilities include:

* Adding and removing Windows NT domain accounts.

* Adding and removing individual mappings between host and domain accounts.

* Listing mappings of Windows NT users in host security domains. For example, you can list all mappings for a single Windows NT user, or all Windows NT users mapped in a given host security domain.

* Keeping user passwords hidden.

* Dumping and restoring all user mappings in a Window NT "trust sphere," excluding password information.

Information on how to use this feature can be found in the Microsoft SNA Server Reference Guide in Chapter 5, "The Command Line Interface."

3.12 New Link Service Support

Support for the following new link services are provided with this release of SNA Server:

* Atlantis/SAGEM SDLC and X.25 link services for the Prima series adapters.

* Cirel/Newlink SDLC and X.25 link services for the FPX series adapters.

* Emulex SDLC and X.25 link services for the XP series adapters.

* Interphase Synaptel SDLC and X.25 link services for the Syngate series adapters. This link service can also be used for IBM Wide Area Connector/PCI adapters

3.13 Session-Level Security for LUA and APPC LUs

Session-level security can now be enabled for both logical unit applications (LUAs) and APPC logical units (LUs) from the Security page in the SNA Server subdomain properties. For more information on session-level security, see the SNA Server online Help.

3.14 Supportability Enhancements

The following features have been added to help configure and support SNA Server:

* APPC/LU 6.2 Mainframe Connection wizard. Located on the Tools menu in the SNA Server Manager, this wizard helps you configure an APPC connection from SNA Server to your mainframe system.

* Print Service White Paper. This document describes the SNA Server Host Print Service feature in detail. This white paper is available on the SNA Server home page at

* Enhanced application event logging. Additional options for logging SNA Server and SNA Server client events have been added.

See the SNA Server online Help for more information on these supportability

enhancements to SNA Server.

3.15 Double Byte Character Set

COMTI and OLE DB Provider now support Double Byte Character Set.

3.16 Microsoft Data Access Components 2.0

This version of SNA Server is compatible with the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.0. MDAC 2.0 is supplied with this version of Visual Studio 6.0.

4. Installing SNA Server

After you have met the software and hardware requirements, you can run Setup.exe from the \i386 folder for Intel platforms or from the \Alpha folder for DEC Alpha platforms. Depending on your setup options, you may require one or more of the following components:

* Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 3.02 or later

* Microsoft Data Access Components 1.5 or later (Windows 95 clients). For Windows NT systems, the setup program automatically installs this component.

* Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) 2.0 or later. MTS is included with the Windows NT Option Pack.

Information about setup options is provided in the Microsoft SNA Server Getting Started guide included with SNA Server. For more information on prerequisites for the COMTI and OLE DB Provider features, see the appropriate sections in this document.

Note: If you are using IE 3.02 and install a component of SNA Server that requires MDAC, upon reboot you may encounter an error from the Regsvr32.exe file, stating that Msdatl.dll cannot be found on the specified path. This error does not affect the performance of SNA Server or its related components and can be safely ignored.

5. Installing Clients for SNA Server

SNA Server provides client software for several different hardware platforms.

A. Install the client software from the \Clients folder on the SNA Server CD-ROM. The client software for each platform is contained in the following different subfolders:

\Win95 - Windows 95 (all versions). The Windows 95 client can also be installed on Windows NT 4.0 systems if you have administrative privileges.

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