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Range of services

Structure Port of Hamburg Marketing

HHM: vision

  • Our vision is to support all our member

  • companies in that way, that the clients of

  • the port as well as the whole port community

  • considers Hamburg as the best port in Europe.

  • By doing this, we had to secure Hamburgs

  • dominant position as the absolutely

  • No. 1 port in Germany.

HHM: mission

  • HHM is responsible for global port marketing.

  • For this HHM operates an international

  • network of Port Representative Offices. This is

  • to ensure that our customer are constantly

  • provided with first hand information in due

  • time and if necessary in local language.

  • HHM is responsible to realize the general

  • port Public Relation and market research.

Port Representative Offices

Port Marketing Organization

Market Research

  • Statistics

    • Container traffic
    • Throughput via Hamburg per quarter
    • Container traffic via Rotterdam, Antwerp and Bremen Ports
    • German foreign trade divided into Hinterland regions and via Hamburg
    • Transit statistics via Hamburg
  • Monthly reports

  • Research (optional)

    • Archives
    • Internet

Event Marketing

  • Programs for Customers and multipliers from Press, Business, Officials, Science and Education

  • Reports for Export Industries

  • Workshops, Seminars

  • Conferences

  • Annual Port Birthday

Internet & Multimedia

  • Company Profiles

  • Newsletter for our members

  • Press Services (News Releases, Photos...)

  • Basic Information on the Port and its various branches

  • Internetsites for our Members

  • Presentations for Members and special Events

Publications & Video

  • Port of Hamburg Handbook

  • Port of Hamburg Magazine Connections: Liner Service via Hamburg

  • Port of Hamburg Magazine

  • Port of Hamburg Video

Press & Photo

  • Regular Press mailings and Press Conferences

  • Press releases for member companies

  • Actual photos and photo archiv


  • Port of Hamburg as a platform for HHM-member companies, e.g.

    • Trans Russia, Moskau
    • Transport Logistic, München
    • Intermodal, Hamburg
    • Break bulk expo + conf., Houston
  • 5 – 7 exhibitions per year, worldwide

Hamburgs´s USP (Unique Selling Position)

Hamburgs´s strategic approach


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