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Scientific journal "Environmental Safety" is published in the Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University of Kremenchuk from 2008. It is issued 2(two) times a year. In 2009 the scientific journal "Environmental Safety" has been registered at the International Center ISSN and have got International Standard Serial Number for the print and online version of journal - ISSN 2073-5057. Certificate about state registration of series of KV № 18237-7037 PR from 05.09.2011. Published papers are recognized of support of theses on Engineering Sciences (the Higher Certifying Commission of Ukraine presidium’s resolution of 22.12.2010 № 1-05/8). It was recorded to the List of professed editions and competitors can submit here their doctoral and master’s thesis. The journal is reviewed by the national database “UKRAINIKA NAUKOVA” (“Dzherelo” abstract journal).

Journal publishes only articles peer-reviewed and amended, which covers new theoretical and experimental results in the field of ecological safety. Articles intending to be published should follow the paper preparation guidelines of the journal as well as the National Standards of Ukraine 7152:2010 and Decree of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Ukraine for specialized editions № 7-05/1.

With a view of further enhancement of the academic authority and rank both of the journal and its authors via the abstracting by international databases, editorial board calls for authors’ particular attention to the following items:

  1. ENGLISH NAME of a document should be informative and without abbreviations or transliteration. This information should not be copied to the abstract.

  2. AUTHORS’ NAMES should have the only spelling in English transliteration (according to the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 55 of 27 January 2010), as this provides author’s profile identification in international databases.

  3. AFFILIATION NAME and its address should only contain the full name with no abbreviations. All the words (except the articles and prepositions) should be capitalized.

  4. ENGLISH ABSTRACT is the only informational part of the document for foreign scientists (in the case it is written in another language), therefore it should be comprehensive and well-structured (it should follow the paper structure: problem statement, experimental part and results obtained, conclusions), without generalities. The abstract should be produced using up-to-date English scientific terms, which are common in international editions.

  5. REFERENCES are one of the main factors indicating the paper rank and its author’s proficiency, and confirm correspondence of the document to the journal’s profile. Russian and Ukrainian sources should be translated into English, the authors’ names should be put in transliteration. References to foreign scientists’ works are highly recommended, as well as to other authors’ and your own papers, published in our journal. This will conduce to the domestic and international acknowledgement of your scientific achievements.



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