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Supervisor of studies (for students and post-graduate students)

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Participation form iconParticipation form

Participation form iconParticipation form

Participation form iconParticipation form

Participation form iconApplication Form for participation in I international Conference

Participation form iconRegistration form for the participation in the International Scientific and Practical Conference

Participation form iconApplication Form For participation in an fp7 eu-ua project preparation meeting Please fill in all fields

Participation form iconApplication form for participation in the kse students and Teaching Conference “regional development

Participation form iconRegistration form For participation in the ХІІІ scientific conference "Lviv Chemical Reading 2011" Title of abstract

Participation form iconConference is held with the participation
«The Development Strategy of Ukraine». For the report or article to be included into the readings of the conference, they and the...
Participation form iconDecember 30, 2013 each participant must transfer the registration fee (in the case also for distance participation) in the amount of 250 uah (~31 usd)
«for participation in the conference» including of vat, and also specify your name and initials
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