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  1. Write it up

Write an email to a company you do business with congratulating them on a success

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

Franchising – an alternative plan

Trying to find an optimum for the firm means trying to maximize the profits and lower the costs. In general it can be assumed that managers of corporate outlets are less risk loving than for example franchisees. If these managers are risk-averse, incentives to take risks would cost more. The only plan that has faced the problem of multiple tasks is plan A which has spread its measures to six additional areas. In this aspect there should be considered from managing direction the possibilty to use low-powered incentive to prevent misdirection. Considering the possible threath of sabotage, it is only plan D that is likely to have a problem in this field. To filter for common shocks is also done in the basic criterias when different restaurants are

ranged relatively. To outsource the restaurants management through franchising is a way of motivating unit managers, here property rights are used as a mean to create incentive. Franchisees typically receive very strong ownership incentives, since they keep the added value of the unit. Unit managers, however, typically receive a smaller explicit incentive pay and no portion of the increase of their unit’s value (they only benefit from national or corporate value growth).

Thus, there is a strong correlation between incentives for enhancing the market value of the unit and incentives for immediate sales. However, franchisees cannot sell the products of other firms, and their freedom is restricted by the many operating rules which are determined by the franchiser. Here can be seen an conflict with the supposed complemetary of high reward and asset right with high freedom –

the franchisees are backbound by the many rules that will ensure the general capability of the restaurant. However, there might be a difference between the franchising and industrial selling, the concern for a shared brand-name reputation in franchising, especially in fast food business. This explains the tight constraints and significant monitoring, as the control for food and service quality. Since the other activities that increase current sales and future value are practically the same as for an inhouse unit restaurant, ownership and commissions can become substitutes instead of complementary incentive instruments. The complementary of the three instruments mentioned earlier is essential for str10engthening the agent's portfolio of activities, so when just one of the incentives is increased, this might creating an undesirable

substitution effect which has the opposite effect. So, however even though showing

substitonary effects, this might not be unwanted since there are special characteristics of the fast food industry which calls for such a relation.

  1. Find the right answer from A-D

1. I have to ......... my car because it's too small. We have two children now.

(a) sells (b) sell (c) sold (d) selling

2. I ......... the roller coaster at the fair last year.

(a) rode (b) ride (c) rides (d) riding

3. I want to ......... smoking. It's just so hard!

(a) quits (b) quitting (c) quit (d) am quitting

4. She _____.

(a) has never be heard of (b) has never been heard of (c) has never been heared of (d) has never been hearing of

5. The candle _____ by the draught.

(a) was blowed out (b) was blow out (c) was blewed out (d) was blown out

6. The criminal _____.

(a) was lock up (b) was locked up (c) was locking up (d) were locked up

7. Jonathon saw, for ........., that his girlfriend was cheating on him. He caught her in bed with his best friend.

(a) herself (b) yourself (c) his (d) himself

8. Children usually learn how to eat, by ........., by about age five.

(a) yourself (b) ourselves (c) themselves (d) himself

9. Where is ......... hockey stick? You can't play hockey without it.

(a) mine (b) yours (c) your (d) him

10. That machine is not safe to use. It's very ..........

(a) dangerous (b) expecting (c) sound (d) secure

11 That painting is not real. It is a copy so it's ..........

(a) sociable (b) breakable (c) fake (d) tiny

12. The sky is not clear today. It's ..........

(a) cloudy (b) harmful (c) reliable (d) bubbly

13. Mary is so pleased ......... her students' grades this past year.

(a) for (b) with (c) in (d) along

14. He was very angry ......... his mother because she grounded him yesterday.

(a) with (b) to (c) about (d) on

15. Karen is very jealous ......... Kim and it's very obvious to others.

(a) of (b) about (c) at (d) with


  1. Write it up

Write a diplomatic email to a company enquiring about rumours that they are in financial trouble.

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

Short Term Incentives

Short term goals and mechanism to achieve them affect mainly the annual salary, by using a standardized framework for all employees. The base salary is dependent on the employee’s level of responsibility and his individual level of performance. For example the remuneration at the level of a restaurant manager in the United Kingdom is between 22.000 £ (ca. 35.000 €) and 32.000 £ (about 51.000 €), not included profit bonuses.

The exact amount is determined by the individual performance of the manager during the passed business year - which in return is judged by evaluation.

The variable at-risk incentives are embedded in the “Target Incentive Plan” (TIP): Under TIP, each employee is assigned a target incentive at the beginning of the year - a percentage rate of the target incentive to the salary which increases with rising level of an individual’s responsibility (i.e. with higher exposure to risk). In the United States, these target incentives are adjusted for the US operational income, US profit and US cash flow increases, as well as for consumer satisfaction and employee commitment (which is especially important for restaurant managers). Concerning the last two facts, McDonald’s emphasizes the following points:

-Ensuring customer satisfaction with top quality and service

-Recruiting, hiring, training and retraining hourly staff

-Managing costs of food, labor, and other controllables

-Preparing daily and monthly store reports

-Practicing good communications with crew and staff

For the “Rest of World”, objectives and their importance change slightly and consist for the very most part of operational income, sales growth, return on assets and consumer satisfaction. In order to avoid windfalls and risks caused by the influence of exchange rates, international targets on an annual basis are defined in constant currency. The same goes for long term incentive objectives.

  1. Find the right answer from A-D

1. This is the teacher ......... told me my son has been misbehaving in class.

(a) which (b) whose (c) whom (d) who

2. My husband, ......... I love, sent me flowers at work last night.

(a) who (b) whom (c) which (d) whose

3. This is the girl ......... car hit that tree last week.

(a) who (b) which (c) whose (d) whom

4. Turtles are .........; however, rabbits are fast.

(a) slow (b) slower (c) slowest

5. That music is really .........! Can you turn it down, please?

(a) loud (b) louder (c) loudest

6. I think Chelsea is ......... now than she was three years ago.

(a) happy (b) happier (c) happiest

7. The temperature in Washington D.C. today is eight degrees ......... zero.

(a) before (b) below (c) under (d) beneath

8. The cat is sitting ......... the wall.

(a) on (b) over (c) about (d) underneath

9. As soon as Bob heard his boss coming, he jumped ......... his chair and prentended he was working.

(a) inside (b) under (c) for (d) down

10. I have a flat .......... I have to buy a new one. This is a count noun.

(a) information (b) ice (c) mold (d) tire

11. I saw a lot of ......... during the thunderstorm last night. All of the bolts seemed nearby and that was kind of scary. This is a non-count noun.

(a) drops (b) lightning (c) bulbs (d) needles

12. We live in a rainforest region, so there is a lot of ......... on the ground every morning. This is a non-count noun.

(a) tubs (b) dew (c) snacks (d) rugs

13. Brody went ......... today.

(a) surfing (b) surf (c) surfs (d) surfed

14. The dolphin ......... out of the water at Sea World yesterday.

(a) leaps (b) leap (c) leapt (d) leaping

15. I think I ......... a cold. I have to go to the doctor.

(a) catch (b) catching (c) am catching (d) catches


  1. Write it up

Write a notice to be put next to shared computers with rules on how they should be used.

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

Long Term Incentives

During the last decade, provision of property right incentives was introduced on a broad range and became reality even for the bottom level of companies’ hierarchic structure. McDonald’s is no exception. Up from the restaurant manager’s levels, stock options have become a main tool aiming for long term profit. At McDonald’s stock options typically have a lifetime of ten years, a vest over four to seven years and have an exercise price equal to the fair market value at the grant date. The amount of stock options to receive depends on the level of responsibility, the achievement of plan objectives and the implementation of key strategies.

In addition, McDonald’s strongly encourages its employees to participate in ownership of the company. The minimum level of ownership ranges from one to five times the basic salary.

Comparison to other fast food companies

The average salary for a fast food restaurant manager in the United Kingdom ranges from 17.000 £ (~ 26.800 €) to 22.000 £ (~ 34.700 €) for beginners and reaches levels up to 51.000 £ (~ 80.000 €) later (after twenty years of working experience). At the London-based company ^ PRET A MANGER a restaurant manager earns between 18.000 £ (~ 28.600 €) and 32.000 £ (~ 51.000 €) a year. In addition one can obtain up to 30% bonus on the annual salary - based on the individual performance.

Compared to the figures cited above, McDonald’s attractiveness lies slightly above the average and the rare figures of competitors indicate that the bonus to fixed salary is weighted in a way which is comparable to McDonald’s compensation package. Too, the focus on QSC&V (quality, service, cleanliness and value), a concept which has been adapted by most fast food chains, finds it way into the remuneration scheme of almost every company.

3.Find the right answer from A-D

1. Did you bring ......... you need for the trip?

(a) no (b) any (c) nothing (d) everything

2. If there is ......... you need you can call me, okay?

(a) anything (b) any (c) nothing (d) everything

3. I think there is ......... wrong with my VCR. It is not working very well.

(a) anything (b) nothing (c) something (d) everything

4. I am ......... my mother for coffee at 12 pm.

(a) meet (b) meets (c) meeting (d) met

5. You never ......... any of the cupboard doors! You're so lazy.

(a) shut (b) shuts (c) shutting (d) is shutting

6. Jessica ......... beautifully at the wedding last Saturday.

(a) sing (b) sungs (c) sang (d) singing

7. She is not outgoing and sociable at first. She is ..........

(a) shy (b) friendly (c) extroverted (d) departing

8. That painting is unlike the others. It's very ......... and unusual.

(a) ordinary (b) familiar (c) regular (d) different

9. He is not weak and frail. He is very ..........

(a) feeble (b) puny (c) strong (d) tired

10. My husband wears a ......... to work every day. This is a count noun.

(a) hair (b) suit (c) wealth (d) luck

11. There is a lot of ......... coming out of that building. I think there's a fire! This is a non-count noun.

(a) paws (b) boxes (c) person (d) smoke

12. I like to use maple ......... on my pancakes. It's delicious. This is a non-count noun.

(a) buckets (b) syrup (c) chopsticks (d) bottles

13. I'm going to make a cabinet out of our spare wood pile. However, I ......... have to buy some extra wood for the finishing touches.

(a) can (b) must (c) may (d) couldn't

14. Kendra ......... finish her homework on time, or she can't go outside to play.

(a) must (b) can't (c) must have (d) shall have

15. I ......... see that you have a hole in your sneakers. You need a new pair of shoes.

(a) can (b) must (c) shall (d) may


  1. Write it up

You have received the following email from a business journalist:

I am writing to you because I am working on a story on the next generation of

solar panels and I would like to ask your company about its future product


Could you please tell me something about what the efficiency will be like

compared to your products now? I’d also be interested to find out about when

you plan to launch the new panels, and what the cost will be.

Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

Alex Case

Write an email back to the journalist. Things to put in your email:

  • Say that the precise information is confidential

  • The efficiency will be much better

  • The cost will be slightly lower

and any other relevant information that you want to include.

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

Paul Crocker had run a number of successful petrol station businesses before taking on a McDonald's franchise in 1995. He now operates five restaurants in Kent with the help of his wife. He has consistently outperformed the national average for sales growth.

"The secret," says Paul, "is a combination of fine tuning operational performance and enticing new customers into the restaurant." He does this by getting out into the community, and seizing every opportunity there is to sponsor events and distribute vouchers so that people have an incentive to visit.

"McDonald's is great if you're competitive," Paul adds. "There are lots of measures to show you how you're performing regionally and nationally - as well as your own figures for last week and last year. I just like to beat targets. It gives me a buzz."

Paul was on the McMarCo committee for several years. It's made up of franchisees and senior people from Head Office who jointly decide the Company's marketing activity and spend for the following year. "It's amazing the influence you, just one individual, can have on the decisions of a big company," says Paul. "You really do have an effect. You're involved all the way, from coming up with ideas, to approving campaigns and budgets."

  1. Find the right answer from A-D

1. I was jogging in the park this morning and saw this dog coming ......... me. It looked like he was going to attack me, but he was just trying to reach his owner, who was running right behind me.

(a) onto (b) beyond (c) towards (d) below

2. Barbara, your boyfriend is waiting for you ......... in the car.

(a) around (b) outside (c) above (d) against

3. I heard the sound of glass breaking in the living room and ran to see what had happened. A pigeon had flown ......... the window and broken it.

(a) for (b) from (c) by (d) against

4. You shouldn't gamble because you could ......... all of your money very quickly.

(a) lost (b) lose (c) loses (d) losing

5. Christina ......... for her chemistry exam at the moment.

(a) study (b) studies (c) studied (d) is studying

6. He got hit by a car when he tried to ......... the street.

(a) cross (b) crosses (c) crossing (d) crossed

7. I like ......... coffee more than I like tea.

(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) (none)

8. You shouldn't talk to ......... strangers.

(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) (none)

9. We're studying ......... Italian Renaissance period in art history at the moment.

(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) (none)

10. I'm sorry you can't come in at the moment because we ......... the house decorated right now.

(a) have had (b) will have (c) had (d) are having

11. The old cinema _____.

(a) is being pulled down (b) being pulled down (c) is being pull down (d) is being pulling down

12. My husband wears a ......... to work every day. This is a count noun.

(a) hair (b) suit (c) wealth (d) luck

13. I have to buy some allergy ......... because there is a lot of pollen in the air at this time of year. This is a count noun.

(a) thunder (b) snow (c) gas (d) pills

14. The police officers used tear ......... on the violent protestors. This is a non-count noun.

(a) phones (b) trucks (c) gas (d) shirts

15. I want to polish my toe ......... tonight. I think I'm going to use a bright, red color on my feet. This is a count noun.

(a) dirt (b) nails (c) lava (d) coal


  1. Write it up

The product that you are working on has experienced a series of delays. Write an email about the product development schedule.

Things to be explained in your email:

  • Reasons for the delay

  • What has been done to solve the problems

  • Future actions and predicted time frame

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

McDonald's enters Best Companies rankings in recognition of innovative employer practices

For the first time McDonald's has been ranked in the 'Sunday Times 25 Best Companies to work for in the UK' list. It features as one of seven hospitality employers in the prestigious 'big companies' category.

Commenting on the award, Jez Langhorn, Vice President, People, McDonald's UK said:

"During the last five years, we've worked hard to build an industry-leading range of initiatives that help support and motivate our people in their jobs and careers. Whether it's by offering them transferable, nationally-recognised qualifications, flexible working options or opportunities to progress quickly, we know that employee engagement is key to having a loyal and confident workforce who are committed to providing the best possible service to the two and a half million customers we serve in the UK every day.

Featuring in the Best Companies rankings for the first time will increase employee pride and commitment, and we're delighted to achieve this recognition for our business and our people."

McDonald's was rated the 22nd best 'big company' overall in the final rankings. Recognised for its outstanding employer practices, McDonald's standing is based on an extensive employee questionnaire, which measures workplace engagement against eight key factors, including leadership, career development, wellbeing and corporate social responsibility.

Since 2006, McDonald's has introduced a series of progressive employer policies, including its industry-leading training and development programme which is available to its 85,000 UK employees and now features a Foundation Degree in Managing Business Operations. In 2010 over 12,000 employees gained nationally-recognised qualifications through McDonald's and over 16,000 are currently working towards a qualification.

The Best Companies panel of judges singled out McDonald's commitment to flexible working and the company came 15th over all for 'Fair Deal' in recognition of its pay and conditions policies.

The Best Companies list was established in 2001. McDonald's achievement in the 2011 rankings builds on five years' inclusion in the Great Places to Work Institute's Top 50 Best Workplaces rankings, as well as several other leading employer awards.

  1. Find the right answer from A-D

1. Low consumer demand has forced the retailer to mark ......... a wide range of goods by as much as 40%.

(a) up (b) down (c) back (d) in

2. Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett must be making a fortune. They're clearly raking ......... over $1,000,000 a year.

(a) up (b) in (c) on (d) out

3. The clothing manufacturer recently branched ......... into sportswear.

(a) out (b) in (c) off (d) up

4. Sean is ......... Irish. His friend is an Englishman.

(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) (none)

5. I've never been to ......... Sistine Chapel in Italy. I would love to see it one day.

(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) (none)

6. I think he is really passionate about ......... art in general.

(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) (none)

7. The flood water _____ by barriers.

(a) was being kept back (b) was being keep back (c) was been kept back (d) was being keept back

8. The inconvenience _____ by this money.

(a) will made up for (b) will been made up for (c) will be made up for (d) will being made up for

9. The keys _____.

(a) must been left behind (b) must have be left behind (c) must have been leaving behind (d) must have been left behind

10. My husband wears a ......... to work every day. This is a count noun.

(a) hair (b) suit (c) wealth (d) luck

11. There is a lot of ......... coming out of that building. I think there's a fire! This is a non-count noun.

(a) paws (b) boxes (c) person (d) smoke

12. I like to use maple ......... on my pancakes. It's delicious. This is a non-count noun.

(a) buckets (b) syrup (c) chopsticks (d) bottles

13. I usually make ......... when I roast a turkey. This is a non-count noun.

(a) lights (b) plates (c) cups (d) gravy

14. I need one more .......... I will be taking two of these on my trip to Mexico. This is a count noun.

(a) suitcase (b) concrete (c) chocolate (d) soap

15. I want to climb that large .......... Do you think I can do it? This is a count noun.

(a) sand (b) beef (c) mountain (d) heat

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