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  1. Write it up

Children should be required to help with household tasks as soon as they are able. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

In thousands of companies today, managers are in trouble. The jobs and their careers are shipping away; things are going wrong, and they do not know what to do about it. Some of these managers can be found among the brightest executives in leadership positions today, they are not unprepared for responsibility, and they are not overly hampered by restriction. They have every chance to succeed, but they are sinking.

In so may case the root of the problem does not (i.e. is lack of experience, energy, intelligence or dedication). It stems from a factor often overlooked in analyzing the performance of executives.

It is not enough to be prepared for your job and to work hard at it; your style has to be right. The concept of style seems to be rooted in writing. The world comes from the “latin Stilus”, the pointed iron or none instrument used by the Roman to write on their waxen tablets. But its meaning has broadened to include a wide range of human thought and activity. Henry, O. (1999).

The applicable dictionary definitions today are specific or characteristic manner of expression, execution, construction or design, in any art, period work employment, and the way in which anything is made or done”.

  1. Find the right answer from A-D

1. Is he ......... arrested as we speak?

(a) be (b) been (c) being (d) will be

2. She _____ by a bus.

(a) was been knocking down (b) was being knocked down (c) was knocked down (d) was knock down

3. I want to have some ......... this weekend. Let's go to the city! This is a non-count noun.

(a) bars (b) fun (c) dollars (d) rooms

4. Some people say that ......... is the best medicine. This is a non-count noun.

(a) laughter (b) boots (c) eraser (d) bottles

5. The museum _____ its visitors on a journey through England's bloody history. It demonstrates the brutal killings and tortures of the past.

(a) take (b) takes (c) has taken (d) took

6. . I ......... the roller coaster at the fair last year.

(a) rode (b) ride (c) rides (d) riding

7. My husband, ......... I love, sent me flowers at work last night.

(a) who (b) whom (c) which (d) whose

8. If there is ......... you need you can call me, okay?

(a) anything (b) any (c) nothing (d) everything

9. Barbara, your boyfriend is waiting for you ......... in the car.

(a) around (b) outside (c) above (d) against

10. Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett must be making a fortune. They're clearly raking ......... over $1,000,000 a year.

(a) up (b) in (c) on (d) out

11. Can you please go to ......... grocery store on Fifth Street and buy 2 cartons of milk?

(a) a (b) an (c) the

12. I just got back from ......... Philippines.

(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) (none)

13. If the weather holds, I ........ play golf this afternoon

(a) was going (b)should (c) would (d) will

14. Provided you work hard, you ....... pass the exam without any difficulty

(a) must (b) will (c) would (d) have

15. Provided you ......... the application forms, you should get the loan straightaway

(a) complete (b) will complete (c) completed (d) should complete


  1. Write it up

People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

Sales promotions are action-focused marketing events whose purpose is to have a direct impact on the behavior of the firm’s customers. There are three major types of sales promotions: consumer promotions, retailer promotions, and trade promotions. Throughout the world, sales promotions offered to consumers are an integral part of the marketing mix for many consumer products. Increasing importance of sales promotions as a percentage of the total advertising and promotional budget and increasing at a rate of 12 percent per year over the last 10 years, studies that strive to understand the impact of sales promotions on consumers are very important. An advertising strategy is a campaign developed to communicate ideas about products and services to potential consumers in the hopes of convincing them to buy those products and services. This strategy, when built in a rational and intelligent manner, will reflect other business considerations and objectives as well. Advertising strategies focus on achieving three general goals 1) promote awareness of a business and its product or services; 2) stimulate sales directly and "attract competitors' customers"; and 3) establish or modify a business' image.

  1. Find the right answer from A-D

1. That ceremony ......... enacted on Tuesday next.

(a) has been (b) is (c) is being (d) have

2. The inconvenience _____ by this money.

(a) will made up for (b) will been made up for (c) will be made up for (d) will being made up for

3. I want to paint two ......... in this room. This is a count noun.

(a) walls (b) cash (c) news (d) slang

4. I am watching my favorite program on my .......... This is a count noun.

(a) steam (b) oil (c) television (d) cloth

5. Currently, he ......... a very successful business.

(a) run (b) runs (c) ran (d) is running

6. You never ......... any of the cupboard doors! You're so lazy.

(a) shut (b) shuts (c) shutting (d) is shutting

7. ......... house is this, anyway? Are we allowed to stay here?

(a) Who's (b) Whom (c) Whose (d) Which

8. Children usually learn how to eat, by ........., by about age five.

(a) yourself (b) ourselves (c) themselves (d) himself

9. The cat is sitting ......... the wall.

(a) on (b) over (c) about (d) underneath

10. He's been suffering ......... migraine headaches again.

(a) on (b) from (c) of (d) about

11. How much will it cost to go on ......... holiday to Bali?

(a) a (b) an (c) the

12. You shouldn't talk to ......... strangers.

(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) (none)

13. That painting is unlike the others. It's very ......... and unusual.

(a) ordinary (b) familiar (c) regular (d) different

14. Happiness is ......... than money.

(a) most important (b) more important (c) important

15. I ......... to pay for this traffic ticket on time.

(a) must (b) have (c) might (d) should


  1. Write it up

Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

Women entrepreneurs represent one of the fastest growing business segments in Canada today and according to the PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise, Thunder Bay and region are no different.

Statistics show that three out of five small businesses launched in Northern Ontario today are started by women. These women range from new graduates to baby boomers, and come from all backgrounds. What they do have in common however, is that they are not afraid to ask for help.

“Women’s presence in the business landscape has always had an enormous impact on the economy of Northern Ontario,” said Rosalind Lockyer, Executive Director of PARO. “But what we are witnessing is increasing numbers of self-employed women in the region and a growing desire to connect with other women and resources to get things rolling,” she notes.

This year, the PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise is re-organizing the way it services and targets the diverse and growing needs of women from across Northern Ontario. “We have really identified three core priority areas that we are marketing to women who are looking for help,” explains Lockyer. “Our programs are primarily targeting women who are ready to start a business, those who are ready to grow their business and those who are looking to build upon their current business success to expand their regional networks. We want to be a resource for women to find whatever they need to succeed and that varies on a case by case basis. Sometimes its help with business planning or mentorship, and other times it’s simply opportunities to network and be in the company of other business women,” she says.

That's what Suzan Cooper Rochon discovered through the ups and downs of launching her successful retail store, Perfect Fit Lingerie in Thunder Bay last year. After returning to Thunder Bay with her family after 20 years away, Suzan knew that she wanted to work in retail but she also wanted to be her own boss. “I knew that running my own business would be hard work,” says Suzan, “but I wanted new start in Thunder Bay that would give me the flexibility to balance my professional goals with family life.”

  1. Find the right answer from A-D

1. After yesterday’s fall, the markets _____ to previous levels.

a) are now returning b) now return c) now returned d) is now returning

2. Could we _____ another time to meet next week?

a) do b) convenient c) appoint d) fix

3. Our new advertising _____ includes TV, billboards and mail shots.

a) policy b) campaign c) marketing d) sales

4. I’m responsible _____ this factory.

a) of b) on c) for d) with

5. A lot of changes _____ place recently since he arrived.

a) take b) have taken c) took d) are taking

6. _____ is the money owed by one person or organisation to another.

a) Dividend b) Investment c) Debt d) Recession

7. On _____ of my company, I’d like to welcome you all.

a) behalf b) charge c) responsible d) part

8. In many countries you _____ get a visa. It’s the law.

a) don’t have to b) mustn’t c) should d) have to

9. We _____ him an offer so let’s see if he accepts.

a) took b) made c) did d) had

10. OK, let’s get _____ to business.

a) through b) up c) down d) in

11. If you gave us a 5% discount, we _____ the size of our order.

a) had increase b) would increase c) increased d) ‘ll increase

12. My job involves _____ the machinery.

a) to maintaining b) maintain c) to maintain d) maintaining

13. They’ve arrested him on charges of bribery and _____.

a) corruption b) dishonesty c) compensation d) commission

14. The meeting just ended and it _____ agreed to delay the final decision until next Friday.

a) has been b) has c) had been d) is being

15. Results from last month _____ all our expectations.

a) rivalled b) exceeded c) regained d) recovered


  1. Write it up

It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

Established in 1989 this business quickly established itself as one of the UK’s leading conventional photographic labs, renowned for its keen eye for colour and willingness to meet Client deadlines. Based on this success, starting with a move to its current premises approximately six years ago and by investing significantly in the necessary equipment this business has gradually evolved and now provides a complete range of graphic communications and digital imaging solutions to Clients throughout the UK. Whilst still meeting its Clients needs for the more conventional photographic work on which its reputation was originally built – from R-type and C-type prints right through to 35mm projection slides, this business is now much more renowned for its large format work - the in-store displays, point of sale materials and exhibition stands it produces for its Clients across a wide range of sectors including retail, multi-national corporations, graphic design houses and advertising agencies. Its Durst Lambda digital printer, one of only a few in the UK is the ultimate technology for large format requirements. Operating at widths of up to 50 feet wide by any length this machine produces superb photographic prints onto matt or gloss photographic paper or backlit (duratrans) material.

This business also possesses a Novajet pro 50 inkjet printer. Again printing at up to 50 feet wide by any length this technology is ideal for digital files that need highly saturated colour. Its Scitex Eversmart Supreme scanners are capable of producing the very best high resolution scans in CYMK or RGB from transparencies, flat artwork and negatives up to 4500% of original size. A highly skilled dry mounting department adds the finishing touches to the production process – whether it be foamboard, foamex, card or mdf, gloss sealing or encapsulating. The output of this business has graced the shop windows of some of the biggest names on the UK High Street, the fascias of museums, art galleries and the boards of some of the biggest residential and commercial property developments throughout the UK. This business has the technology to supply 5x4 and 10x8 repro transparencies from digital files as well as 35mm presentation slides. Design and art work, digital studio photography, Canon laser copies and CD writing completes a comprehensive digital service. A high level of personal service epitomises this business, with staff always on hand to discuss Client requirements at their premises in person. The cornerstone of the success of this business however, has been the consistent delivery of a high level of customer service and a quality product at a competitive price.

  1. Find the right answer from A-D

1. Sorry, I didn’t quite _____ that. Could you repeat it?

a) clarify b) mean c) speak d) catch

2. A _____ group is a good way to find out what customers think about your products.

a) promotion b) research c) focus d) questionnaire

3. Talks _____ off today, with both sides still disagreeing.

a) cut b) build c) broke d) ran

4. There are a few _____ benefits to my job such as a company car and membership of the local sports centre.

a) fringe b) perk c) remuneration d) pay

5. I keep going _____ about this problem, but it’s important.

a) out b) up c) in d) on

6. Our website receives about 30,000 _____ per month.

a) hits b) surfs c) browses d) clicks

7. If we’d prepared properly, we _____ the deal.

a) hadn’t lost b) didn’t lose c) wouldn’t have lost d) wouldn’t lose

8. Pen and paper is a thing of the _____.

a) times b) minute c) date d) past

9. My boss is totally _____ when it comes to mistakes.

a) untolerant b) intolerant c) imtolerant d) mistolerant

10. I hope there’s a good return _____ my investment.

a) for b) with c) on d) in

11. Let’s get straight to the _____ and not waste any more time.

a) point b) item c) debate d) purpose

12. _____ consumer confidence is down, high street stores still report good profits.

a) Moreover b) In spite of c) However d) Although

13. Could you please tell me how many staff _____?

a) do you employ b) you employ c) you do employ d) are you employ

14. I thought it was rather _____ of them not to say they weren’t coming.

a) inconsideration b) considerate c) inconsiderate d) consideration

15. They’ve _____ a hostile takeover bid.

a) targeted b) taken c) launched d) set up


  1. Write it up

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

Established in July 1982 this family owned business specialises in the print and supply of office stationery. The excellent reputation of this well known business has been enhanced in recent years by incorporating in to its capabilities the capacity to overprint envelopes either as sourced or alternatively supplied by the customer – from single colour DL and C5 right the way up to C3 envelopes printed in 4 spot colours and of course all combinations in between. With the capabilities of its litho and thermographic machines this business can offer customers a diverse portfolio including letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, invitation cards, NCR sets and pads. This business works with many Clients from the very beginning of a print project – from typesetting and the production of initial artwork and the supply of proofs for approval right through to the delivery of the finished print. Customers can phone, fax or e-mail their order with swift delivery to any address in the UK. The business appreciates that Client deadlines are paramount. Known for its quality products this business is also very price competitive - supported by its membership of the Superstat buying group which helps it secure great cost prices on paper and envelope supplies. This business also prides itself on the first class personal service it provides to its customers, communicating with them at all stages of the production process. Together with its own customer base of large and small local businesses a large number of leads are generated through the e-procurement facility of Office Depot UK Limited, the world’s leading supplier of office products with which it has an on-going contract and which literally receives hundreds of requests for quotations every day. Also included within the sale is a sister company which specialises in the retail supply of stationery – offering traditional stationery and general office supplies.

  1. Find the right answer from A-D

1. Lynn ______ at home at the moment.

a) works b) is working c) work d) are working

2. We have ______ information about that.

a) a lot of b) an c) any d) many

3. Would you ______ a coffee?

a) liked b) liking c) like d) to like

4. TV advertisements are ________ than newspapers.

a) the effective b) effective c) most effective d) more effective

5. ______ they start production in 1989?

a) Did b) Do c) Have d) Are

6. Our ______ for this project is just over a million dollars.

a) business b) budget c) launch d) payback

7. Our country has a very ______ economy at the moment. It’s good news for business.

a) strong b) positive c) easy d) weak

8. _______ you free next week?

a) Do b) Have c) Are d) When

9. I want to speak to the ______ of this conference.

a) organiser b) organise c) organisation d) organising

10. Prices remained ______ at the same level as last year.

a) steadily b) slowly c) steady d) same

11. He wants to ______ a complaint to the manager.

a) make b) do c) have d) deal with

12. If you ask them, they ______ you.

a) are helping b) ‘ve help c) ‘ll help d) ‘d help

13. We need to finish. We’re ______ out of time.

a) running b) going c) finishing d) keeping

14. Let’s look ______ this chart.

a) in b) at c) to d) like

15. He’s leaving the company ______ they wouldn’t promote him.

a) because b) so that c) in order to d) that means that


  1. Write it up

If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

Investors are glowing on the relative strength of the Nook and the company's digital content sales, while physical book sales slip. BN.com sales, which include Nook offerings, rose 37% compared to last year, to $198 million, showing a comparable-sales increase of 65%. Not surprisingly, bricks-and-mortar sales decreased 3%, to $1 billion, with comparable-store sales falling 1.6%. The company's college segment similarly showed declining sales and comps.

Full-year guidance was fairly rosy, with the company projecting BN.com's comparable sales jumping 60% to 70%. B&N expects retail comps to increase 2% to 3%, as it's hoping to catch sales fallout in the ballpark of $150 million to $200 million from the liquidation of Borders stores. I'm skeptical of comps rising that much since the biggest comps increase in the past five years was only 1.8%, and that was back in 2007. The company expects its consolidated Nook business across all segments to double this year to $1.8 billion.

The company's balance sheet is starting to run a little light on cash, down to $22.4 million. That $204 million from Liberty Media (NAS: LCAPA) could come in handy right about now. Digital sales are the only saving grace for the company, and the company is plunging all the profit from its retail bookstores into growing BN.com. The retail segment generated $45.5 million in EBITDA, covering some of the losses from the college and BN.com areas, which lost $69.1 million combined.

  1. Find the right answer from A-D

1. Could you just _____ into my office later for a quick chat about something?

a) hop b) pop c) walk d) jump

2. I’m afraid the talk wasn’t really my kind of _____.

a) event b) do c) thing d) type

3. Some _____ on the course complained about lunch.

a) parts b) participants c) participate d) participation

4. They’ve decided to _____ in outside help on this project.

a) take b) give c) come d) bring

5. _____ that you can’t deliver any sooner, we may ask for a discount.

a) Given b) As c) Seen d) So

6. We run a _____ of cars that services local business.

a) garage b) collection c) fleet d) herd

7. I see what you mean but here’s how it looks from my _____.

a) angle b) view c) situation d) sight

8. The bottom _____ is that we can’t afford these proposals.

a) line b) floor c) edge d) side

9. They arrested him on the _____ of fraud and insider trading.

a) reason b) grounds c) law d) aim

10. _____ free to interrupt if you have any questions.

a) Be b) Please c) Think d) Feel

11. The consultancy industry’s _____ players collectively earned £4.6 billion last year.

a) front b) ahead c) leading d) first

12. Would anyone like to get the ball _____ with their thoughts on this?

a) turning b) kicking c) throwing d) rolling

13. It’s a really user-_____ website with lots of handy features.

a) happy b) friendly c) free d) designed

14. At the moment we’re still _____ payment on their last invoice so don’t deliver anything to them.

a) following b) reminding c) withholding d) chasing

15. I have so many emails waiting to be answered. I just can’t keep _____ of them all!

a) view b) eye c) track d) way

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