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  1. Write it up

Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay.

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

Motivation is the elusive elixir. Not only does it help people do good work, and do it faster, but it also helps them feel good about it while they're doing it. Yet motivation always seems temporary, fleeting. We call a meeting, bring in a motivational speaker, and fire up the team. Yet, we know it won't last.

What if we could make it last? What if we could make it easy for everyone on your team to stay motivated day in and day out, regardless of what was going on around them? You could expect higher levels of performance from everyone and create a team with an unstoppable can-do attitude.

Despite its elusive nature, motivation is rather simple to understand. Motivation can be defined as a concerted effort to produce a desired result. So let's think about that for a moment. Why would anyone make a concerted effort to produce a result?

Underlying all motivation must be a belief that winning is possible, that the result is attainable. When people stop believing that they can win, that they have little chance for success, their efforts directed at achieving that success fade. However, people can remain motivated day after day when they are playing a game they believe they can win.

Motivation can be made a permanent part of your organization's environment when you provide the three keys that will allow your team members to believe that they can win, that they are unstoppable.

  1. Find the right answer from A-D


I ate all my dinner................I was still hungry.

A despite

B but

C in spite

D and


I watched two films, but I didn't enjoy...............of them.

A either

B both

C neither

D all


I'm bored. I have got...............to do.

A something

B nothing

C anything

D few


Ann doesn’t drink tea …

A tomorrow

B yesterday

C very often

D now


Have you ever been to … British Museum.

A the

B a

C --

D an


When we got home last night, we found that somebody … into the flat.

A broke

B had broken

C has broken

D was breaking


I know him …

A good

B well

C fine

D the best


You’re … than me.

A more old

B elder

C older

D oldest


James .... when Wendy came into the room.

A was sleeping

B slept

C has been sleeping

D was slept


I think I............go to university when I leave school, but I'm not sure yet.

A should

B will

C am going

D had gone


I ….. stay late at work tonight. There is lots of work to do.

A have to

B can

C needn't

D had to


Charlie ........... speak German when he was young, but now he can.

A can't

B could

C couldn't

D was able to


You ............ ask for directions if you get lost.

A should

B are able to

C mustn't

D are allowed


If you had got up earlier, you ……… the bus.

A wouldn’t miss

B wouldn’t have missed

C won’t miss

D might miss


If I won the lottery, I ……… whatever I liked.

A will buy

B can buy

C could buy

D had to buy


  1. Write it up

It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay.

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

A strategy is a best-guess plan that expedites the accomplishment of desired goals. Motivation depends on having a clear path to accomplishing a desired result. It's OK if every detail is not in place and a few variables exist, but the path to success must not be shrouded in fog. However, the plan must be complete enough to permit the belief in a successful end result.

When the plan is in doubt, motivation is ruled out.

While desire is a powerful motivator, so is anger. When Osama bin Laden was linked to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the wrath of angry Americans was focused on him. Emotions were high, and it would have been easy to fill an airplane bound for Afghanistan to hunt him down.

If you were on that plane, imagine how your excitement and motivation would soon fade when you learned that the "plan" was to drop you into Afghanistan and let you figure out how to find Osama. Without a clear path for getting past the enemy and finding bin Laden, your early determination would soon turn to despair. We all need a plan that we believe can work.

  1. Find the right answer from A-D

1. Sara, my next door neighbour, has a car, but she ..... it very often.  

A doesn’t use

B isn’t using

C hasn’t used

D hasn’t been using

2. I think you ..... very silly. Don't get out of bed. You’ll only make your temperature go up again.  

A are

B are being

C were

D have been

3. Peter and Mary ..... on the platform. They have been waiting for their train for half an hour.

A have been standing

B are standing

C stand

D have stood


I was invited to … dinner given to welcome the new ambassador.

A ---

B the

C a

D an


Such … long queue!

A ---

B the

C a

D an


“Where’s Sam?” “I’m not sure. He ……… be in the study”

A ought

B might

C will

D can’t


……… I pour you a glass of orange juice?

A shall

B will

C would

D can’t


……… you put some ice in it, too?

A may

B could

C shall

D can’t


I don't like very loud music' '................'

A Neither I do

B Neither do I

C So do I

D Nor I


I don't want to go out tonight.' '................Let's stay in.'

A Neither I do

B So do I

C Neither do I

D Nor I


He was angry................he didn't lose his temper.

A whereas

B yet

C although

D despite


I think...............has stolen my wallet.

A someone

B no one

C anyone

D all


Everyone............. that the sun rises in the east.

A knows

B know

C have known

D is knowing


Come and sit beside.............; there's plenty of room.

A me

B myself

C my

D myselves


Did.............leave a message for me? Yes Here it is.

A anyone

B someone

C everyone

D all

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