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  1. Write it up

We all work or will work in our jobs with many different kinds of people. In your opinion, what are some important characteristics of a co-worker (someone you work closely with)? Use reasons and specific examples to explain why these characteristics are important.

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

Established relatively recently, this business utilises the latest technology and methods available to provide a secure, totally confidential, large volume, high quality document scanning service for its core target audience of inner London financial services and legal organisations. The core service offered by this business consists of collecting archive paper documentation from a Client’s premises, scanning, indexing and storing these documents as computer images which can then be electronically viewed, sorted, searched and retrieved at will. CD-ROM/DVD disks are provided to the Client, each of which can contain approximately 10 – 15,000 A4/monochrome/colour document page images. By researching and utilising advanced American standards of scanning technology this business offers a level of operation and product far in advance of that of any of its competitors in the UK market. Standards of reproduction have deliberately been taken to unprecedented levels to create a market competitive advantage – in turn ensuring authenticity, security and audit control compliance. This business ensures that once paper documents have been scanned, the electronic data can be used, stored or converted into files that the most sophisticated Electronic Records Data Management systems will utilise to the full - OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and Bar Codes including the various types of future search engines available to B2B and Government Agencies such as indexing, wildcard searches, fuzzy searches and phonetic searches. This is only possible if the original scanned document is of sufficiently high quality – as it is with this company. This level of service is not obviously available elsewhere in Central London and attracts premium pricing for the security, confidentiality, close locality and one-off nature of the scanning - once scanned the records will be available forever.

  1. Find the right answer from A-D


My hair is getting very long and untidy. I need to get ….. cut.

A it

B them

C its

D they


She gave me ……

A some good advice

B some good advices

C a good advice

D advices


...............money shall we take with us?

A How

B How much

C How many

D ---


He is the headmaster's son................?

A isn't he

B doesn't he

C is he

D does he


You ……… finish the exercise before you leave today.

A would

B can’t

C must

D need


If he had some money he ……… go on holiday.

A could

B can

C will

D need


I …. tidy my room today. My mother said so.

A can

B must

C have to

D should


Penny and I call.............almost every day.

A ourselves

B each other

C us

D every


There's very.............time left. We need to hurry up.

A a little

B few

C little

D some


I don't want to go out tonight.' '................Let's stay in.'

A Neither I do

B So do I

C Neither do I

D Nor I


He was angry................he didn't lose his temper.

A whereas

B yet

C although

D despite


I think...............has stolen my wallet.

A someone

B no one

C anyone

D all


My sister is a writer. She … many books.

A writed

B wrote

C has written

D was writing


They went out after lunch and they’ve just … back

A came

B coming

C come

D are coming


It … Wednesday tomorrow.

A is

B will be

C shall be

D can


  1. Write it up

You have been asked to write the following :

You are part of the team organising the fifth-formers’ farewell party. You have visited a venue with a view to use it for the reception, and have been asked to write a report for the team. Write this report, in which you include both the positive and negative points about the venue and make a recommendation.

A report should have the following structure:

Report Template:









Introduction / Purpose State purpose and content of your report




All the information on the topic is presented in detail under suitable subheadings. The exact number and wording of the subheadings will depend upon the specific instructions/content of the report.

Recommendations/ Conclusion General conclusion / opinion / recommendation(s)

  1. Translate the following passages into Ukrainian

In May Opel achieved the seventh consecutive month of market share growth in Europe compared to the corresponding months last year. European market share increased from 5.8 percent in May 2010 to 6.3 percent in May 2011. This reflects a sales increase of nearly 24,000 vehicles or 26.1 percent. In the first five months of 2011, sales jumped by over 55,000 cars or 11.6 percent compared to the same period last year. During this time, market share rose to 6.25 percent compared to 6.0 percent in the same year-ago period. Opel sold a total of 534,000 vehicles from January to May 2011 throughout Europe, while increasing its market share in 23 of 27 European markets.

The Meriva and Astra Sports Tourer are particularly successful, with both taking the number one position in their vehicle segment. The popularity of the Meriva is giving the Zaragoza plant a swift production milestone. Even though it has been on the market for less than one year, this week the 150,000th newest-generation Meriva will already roll off the assembly line in Zaragoza.

Opel substantially increased sales on its home market in May: sales were 38 percent higher than in May 2010 while market share reached 8.1 percent. In the first five months of this year, Opel sales rose over 23 percent compared to the same time last year, while market share was 7.65 percent (last year: 7.1 percent).

Alain Visser, Opel Vice President Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, underlines two important positive factors in Opel’s market development: “Our sales numbers show a long-term, stable, upwards trend. And we are not only growing because of the improved economic environment, we are also continuously improving our market shares compared to our competitors. Only very few manufacturers have managed this in the past months. It shows that our new cars fully meet our customers’ demands and requirements.”

  1. Find the right answer from A-D


I … a lot of work yesterday.

A had done

B did

C have done

D will have done


I have never … snooker.

A play

B played

C playing

D plaid


Athletics … my favorite sport.

A are

B is

C am

D being


Five thousand pounds ……. stolen in the robbery.

A were

B was

C has

D being


How often … you go to the dentist?

A are

B does

C do

D being


His car struck … tree; you can still see the mark on the tree.

A ---

B the

C a

D an


… whale is in danger of becoming extinct.

A ---

B the

C a

D an


The deep-freeze has made life easier for … housewives.

A ---

B the

C a

D an


Steve ……… walk. He’s broken his leg.

A ought

B must

C can’t

D need


I ……… go to the disco last night.

A was allowed to

B could

C must

D can’t


We ……… go out to dinner, if you like

A should

B could

C might

D can’t


He ……… be famous. I’ve never heard of him.

A must

B mustn’t

C can’t

D need


Would you like.............ice cream? Yes. please.

A some

B any

C no

D every


She has been to nearly.............European capital.

A each

B every one

C every

D nothing


Let's call it a day..............?

A shall we

B will we

C won't we

D shan’t we
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