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Task 1.

  1. Fill in the gaps:

There was a bank robbery in central London yesterday. Just before closing time yesterday, a man (1) the Bucher Street Branch of the National Westminster Bank. He was carrying a shotgun, and wearing a stocking mask over his head. There were only a few customers in the bank at the time. He (2) on the floor, and forced the manager to put the money in a sack. (3) he was leaving, the security guard tried to ring the alarm. The robber shot him and the guard is now in St. Patrick’s Hospital. Surgeons are trying to save (4). (5) the police arrested a man in South London. He is now trying to prove his alibi.

a) entered in b) entered c) left d) was entering.

a) made them to lie b) made them lying c) made lie to them d) made them lie.

a) as b) as soon as c) after d) before.

a) him alive b) his death c) his life d) his from death.

a) last at night b) late night c) lastly night d) last night

2. Write it up.

People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, and increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

3. Find the right answer.

1. Ryan got into ......... at school again this week. I don't know what to do about his bad behavior lately.

(a) dresses (b) cars (c) trouble (d) barns

2. Can you give me more ......... regarding the cell phone plan? I'm not sure if I want to buy a cell phone yet.

(a) suites (b) stairs (c) watches (d) information

3. The little girl had two ......... in her hair.

(a) braids (b) advice (c) slang (d) ice

4. There is a lot of ......... at the beach.

(a) kites (b) dogs (c) sand (d) balls

5. Only with years Pete understood the ... of his parents' love.

a) value b) price c) label d) card

6. The ... of Great Britain are washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the North and the Irish Seas.

a) mountains b) shores c)banks d) coasts

7. A new shop ... a wide choice of clothes, shoes and boots.

a) offers b) suggests c) lakes d) reads

8. The British ... lie in the North-western part of Europe.

a) place b) islands c) isles d) continent

9. The doctor ... the patient's throat and prescribed him some medicine.

a) examined b) looked c) saw d)looks

10. All people must ... themselves to avoid making serious mistakes.

a) lead c)control c) guide d) keep

Task 2.

  1. Fill in the gaps:

Many stolen paintings have a strange history. But one of the strangest was (1) of a painting by the famous sixteenth century painter Bruegel, stolen from the Courtauld Institute in London in the eighties. The four thieves who had stolen the painting, didn’t know how much it cost. The first art expert who came to see the painting said it was (2) and couldn’t name the exact price. The gang telephoned another art expert who told them that the painting was worth ? 2-3 million. They then tried to sell the painting (3) to the gallery from which it had been stolen. The gallery contacted the police and meeting was arranged. The gang asked for the money to be brought in two suitcases in unmarked banknotes. (4), the meeting didn’t take place. A short time (5) the four were arrested. The police found the painting on top of a wardrobe. When the gang were told they were arrested in connection with Bruegel, one of them said, «What’s a Bruegel? I thought it was rubbish. »

a ) this b) that c) those d) the.

a) priceless b) colourless c)hopeless d) useless.

a) against b) round c) back d) around.

a) so b) while c) sure d) however.

a) latter b) late c) before d) later.

^ 2. Write it up.

It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

3. Find the right answer.

1. I want to paint two ......... in this room.

(a) walls (b) cash (c) news (d) slang

2. Children have a lot of .......... They also have a lot of questions.

(a) bruises (b) hats (c) curtains (d) curiosity

3. My husband wears a ......... to work every day.

(a) hair (b) suit (c) wealth (d) luck

4. There is a lot of ......... coming out of that building. I think there's a fire!

(a) paws (b) boxes (c) person (d) smoke

5. I like to use maple ......... on my pancakes. It's delicious.

(a) buckets (b) syrup (c) chopsticks (d) bottles

6. In his youth Abraham Lincoln was a poor man, so he ... try several job to earn his living.

a)had to

b)was to



7. Oh, dear! Where ... my glasses be? I remember I've put them right here!

a) must


c) can


8. I am not sure, but he ... work on evenings if he wants to study abroad.

a) shall have to

b)must have to

c) may have to

d)can have to

9. Believe me, I try to do my best to reassure her, but she ... listen to me.

a) wouldn't

b)shall not

c) won't


10. Brian supposed that his friends ... come soon.


b)were to



Task 3.

  1. Fill in the gaps:

Mr. Reilly?

«Mr. Reilly? This is Colonel Montgomery of Scotland Yard. I’m afraid I have bad news for you. Your brother-in-law has just been murdered. » «Oh, my God,» said the voice on (1) end of the line. «I only saw Micky last night. I can’t believe this is true. Are you sure it’s him?» «The (2) is positive, Mr. Reilly. I would like to come straight over and talk to you about who would have a motive for killing him.» An hour later, Colonel Montgomery was seated in Reilly’s flat. «It’s no secret that Micky had enemies,» said Reilly. His business partner, Harold Smith, once (3) him of stealing money from their business. They had some violent arguments. Then there’s my sister’s husband, Charles Johnes, who thought Micky had (4) with his wife. Charles, I am embarrassed to say, is associated with the underworld. Another person who could have killed Micky is my wife’s brother Billy… There was no need to continue. From what Mr. Reilly said everything was obvious. He gave himself (5) when he mentioned the name of his murdered brother-in-law: he had at least three brothers-in-law.

a) another b) the other c) other d) an other.

a) identification b) confirmation c) interrogation d) location.

a) deceived b) proved c) accused d) thought.

a) love b) affair c) heavens d) peace.

a) off b) from c) back d) away.

^ 2. Write it up.

A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

3.Find the right answer.

1. I usually make ......... when I roast a turkey.

(a) lights (b) plates (c) cups (d) gravy

2. I need one more .......... I will be taking two of these on my trip to Mexico.

(a) suitcase (b) concrete (c) chocolate (d) soap

3. I want to climb that large .......... Do you think I can do it?

(a) sand (b) beef (c) mountain (d) heat

4. I just bought my husband a new, leather ......... for his birthday.

(a) frost (b) juice (c) luck (d) wallet

5. Some people say that ......... is the best medicine.

(a) laughter (b) boots (c) eraser (d) bottles

6. Schools recently ... responsibility to plan their programs.

  1. have been given

  2. were given

  3. had been given

  4. are giving

7. After years of neglect the palace finally ... to its former glory.

  1. will restore

  2. has been restored

  3. was restored

  4. is restored

8. At this moment all transport ... by a policeman to another exit.

  1. is being directed

  2. is directed

  3. had been directed

  4. will direct

9. Operator? We just…

  1. were disconnected

  2. will be disconnected

  3. have been disconnected

  4. have disconnected

10. The USA ... into 50 states.

  1. was divided

  2. is divided

  3. will be divided

  4. is dividing

Task 4.

  1. Fill in the gaps:

One Evening…

One evening late 1941, Colonel Montgomery of Scotland Yard, (1) himself standing before the members of the London Mystery Club, a group that enjoyed discussing mystery novels. «Recently a stranger arrived in London from South Africa,» the colonel said. «Our sources have informed us that this man is probably a Nazi agent. We believe that he is (2) of a great deal of wealth with which to finance espionage in Britain. «A few hours after he stepped (3) the boat we arranged a car accident that sent him to hospital with a fractured arm. Our staff searched his clothes and luggage, which consisted of only a briefcase with letters from his friends in British Guiana. We considered a number of possible ploys but discovered nothing and still don’t know how he might be concealing something (4) a hundred thousand pounds.» The members turned to one another and whispered for a few moments. Then the president turned and said, «Colonel, we think you have overlooked a rather obvious possibility: the letters from South Africa had rare stamps (5) thousands of pounds each.»

1.a) founded; b) saw; c) found; d) was.

2. a) a courier; b) a career; c) a carriage; d) a carry-cot.

3. a) of; b) off; c) by; d) into.

4. a) as; b) else; c) as if; d) like.

5.a) worth; b) worse; c) with the value; d) valuable.

^ 2. Write it up.

"When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success." Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

3.Find the right answer.

1. My grandfather is full of .......... He is very knowledgeable and I like him a lot.

(a) tests (b) tools (c) wisdom (d) eyes

2. I want to go on that .......... I love coming to the fair because of all the rides!

(a) air (b) roller coaster (c) fun (d) happiness

3. You have to ask your mother for ......... before you can come camping with our family. You can come if she says it's OK with her.

(a) permission (b) spots (c) tents (d) boots

4. I have to buy some .......... I want to change the color of my bedroom walls.

(a) picture (b) paint (c) lawnmower (d) cooler

5.Brian ... to put up the tent alone.

    1. was left

    2. were left

    3. had been left

    4. had been leaving

6.The alternative sources of energy…soon.

A. are developing

B.are developed i

C.have been developed

D. will be developed

7.Tea here always ...at 5 o'clock.

A.is served

B.has been served

C.is being served


8.The children often ... in lines according to their height.

A. arrange

B.are being arranged

C.will be arranged

D. are arranged

9.One of the classrooms...aside to have music class.

A.is set

B.has been set

C.are set

D.will set

10.Smoking ... in this area.

A. permits

B..has not been permitted

C.would not be permitted

D. is not permitted

Task 5.

  1. Fill in the gaps:

Who Was the Thief?

Mick, the (1) investigator, was wondering who could steal computer designs. It might have been John Howard. He had recently (2) the designs for a lot of money. He could have stolen them himself in order to collect the money. So, Mick started to look around the office. First, he noticed that the glass from the broken window was outside the office. So the thief must have broken the window from inside the room. He wanted to make it look someone had broken (3). Also, the safe hadn’t been forced open, so the thief must have known the combination. A number of the envelopes in the safe had been opened, although only the designs had been stolen. So, there couldn’t have been John Howard or Gerald Wilson because they both knew which envelope the designs were in. And that (4) only one thing: Mr. Howard’s secretary, Linda Perkins, must have stolen the designs. She had the key to the office and knew the combination, but didn’t know about the exact envelope. It took only a few minutes to get a full (5) from Linda.

1. a) privileged; b) private; c) previous; d) proposed.

2. a) assured; b) mentioned; c) adjusted; d) insured.

3. a) in; b) to; c) away; d) out of it.

4. a) proved to; b) seemed; c) associated; d) meant.

5. a) consideration; b) confession; c) contribution; d) cooperation.

^ 2. Write it up.

Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer.

^ 3.Find the right answer.

1. I think we need to use some wood ......... on that chair. This is a sticky adhesive that is used to hold things together.

(a) glue (b) guns (c) legs (d) cabinet

2. I am watching my favorite program on my ..........

(a) steam (b) oil (c) television (d) cloth

3 ......... is a valuable resource and is a fossil fuel.

(a) Bottles (b) Towels (c) Coal (d) Cubicle

4. I have a flat .......... I have to buy a new one.

(a) information (b) ice (c) mold (d) tire

5. I saw a lot of ......... during the thunderstorm last night. All of the bolts seemed nearby and that was kind of scary.

(a) drops (b) lightning (c) bulbs (d) needles

6.She ... to the birthday party already.

    1. has been invited

    2. was invited

    3. will be invited

    4. invited

7.The new road ... at the end of the year.

A. would be opened

B.is opened

C. will be opened


8.The rent ... at the beginning of every month.

A.is paid

B.is being paid

C.has been paid


9.The project already ... by a group of engineers.

A. had been changed

B. was changed

C. has been changed

D. has changed

10.Such professions as teachers and doctors always … greatly in the community.

    1. are respected

    2. have been respected

    3. were being respected

    4. respect

Task 6.

  1. Fill in the gaps:

The Least Well-Planned Robbery

Three thieves at Billericay in Essex gave hours of (1) in 1971 to raiding the Post Office in Mountnessing Road. Among the details which they discovered were the times at which there was (2) cash and least security guard on the premises. They also invested in masks, guns and a get-away car. At a (3) time, the Mountnessing gang sped through Billericay and screeched to a halt outside the post office. It was only (4) they jumped out of the car and ran towards the building that they discovered the one detail which they had omitted to check. The Post Office had been (5) for twelve years.

1. a) thought; b) thinks; c) ideals; d) plot.

2. a) least; b) larger; c) bigger; d) most.

3. a) pre-ordered; b) pre-arranged; c) post-arranged; d) predictable.

4. a) before; b) while; c) after; d) as soon as.

5.a) stolen; b) open; c) closed; d) robbed.

^ 2. Write it up.

What are some important qualities of a good boss? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

3.Find the right answer.

1. We live in a rainforest region, so there is a lot of ......... on the ground every morning.

(a) tubs (b) dew (c) snacks (d) rugs

2. I have to buy some allergy ......... because there is a lot of pollen in the air at this time of year.

(a) thunder (b) snow (c) gas (d) pills

3. The police officers used tear ......... on the violent protestors.

(a) phones (b) trucks (c) gas (d) shirts

4. I want to polish my toe ......... tonight. I think I'm going to use a bright, red color on my feet.

(a) dirt (b) nails (c) lava (d) coal

5.Decisions ... at the council meeting three days ago.

    1. were made

    2. had been made

    3. have been made

    4. made

6.Mary ... by all her friends.

A. admires

B.is being admired

C.had been admired .

D. is admired

7.Only ticket-holders ... to the concert tomorrow.

A.will be admitted

B.would be admitted

C.are admitted

D.will admit

8.Many adventure trips ... now.

A. are advertising

B.are advertised

C.were advertised

D. are being advertised

9.Passengers ... not to leave their bags unattended.

A.are advised

B.have been advised

C.is being advised


10.Tickets for afternoon performance already ... out.

A. had been sold

B.were sold

C. have been sold

D.have sold

Task 7.

  1. Fill in the gaps:

The Worst Bank Robbers

In August 1975 three men were on their (1) in to rob the Royal Bank of Scotland at Rothesay, when they got stuck in the revolving doors. They had to be helped free by the staff and, after thanking everyone, sheepishly left the building. A few minutes later they returned and announced their intention of robbing the bank, but (2) staff believed them. When, at first, they demanded ? 5000, the head cashier laughed at them, convinced that it was a (3) joke. Disheartened by this, the gang leader reduced his demand first to ? 500, then to? 50 and ultimately to 50 pence. By this stage the cashier could barely control herself for (4). Then one of the men jumped over the counter and fell awkwardly on the floor. The other two made their get-away, but got trapped in the revolving doors for a second time desperately pushing the (5) way.

1.a) road; b) plans; c) way; d) plain.

2. a) no; b) none of the; c) nobody of; d) the.

3. a) practical; b) theoretical; c) humorous; d) real.

4. a) reaction; b) check; c) money; d) laughter.

5. a) right; b) left; c) straight; d) wrong.

^ 2. Write it up.

Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should governments spend more money on improving public transportation (buses, trains, subways)? Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

3.Find the right answer.

1. The castle ......... built in the 15th century.

(a) was (b) is (c) has been (d) will be

2. Is he ......... arrested as we speak?

(a) be (b) been (c) being (d) will be

3. All these houses ......... neglected for decades.

(a) will be (b) are being (c) has been (d) have been

4. There's no question that they ......... delighted when they see her tomorrow.

(a) have been (b) will be (c) had been (d) will have been

5.All questions ... at the conference tomorrow.

A. will be answered

B. are answered

C. have been answered

D. will answer

6.These shelves usually … in pieces that you have to assemble yourself.

A. had been sold

B. are being sold

C. are sold

D. sell

7.Nobody lived in the house, and the whole place ...in dust.

A. was covered

B. Had been covered

C. has been covered

D. covered

8.It's too late. The changes in the program already ... through.

A. had been put

B. were put

C. have been put

D. have put

9.In half an hour the bridge … in the middle to allow ships through.

A. is raised

B. will be raised

C. have been raised

D. will raise

10.Children ... reading and writing in their first years at school.

A. are taught

B. are being taught

C. have been taught

D. teach

Task 8.

  1. Fill in the gaps:

The Crimes That Were Easiest to Detect

The (1) crimes were detected almost immediately after they had been committed. In 1972 Mr.J.Egan from London stole a (2) on the river Thames and was very soon caught. There was a dock strike on and his was the only craft moving that day. Mr. J. Ealey committed a burglary in Detroit in 1968 and left his dog at the scene (3) the crime. The police soon arrived and shouted «Home, boy!». They then followed the dog back to the (4) house. And arrived only seconds after he did. In May 1976 Vernon Drinkwater and Raymond Heap of Blackburn were accused of stealing a car (5) trying to sell it to its original owner.

1.a) following; b) next; c) last; d) cruel.

2. a) canal; b) barge; c) trailer; d) truck.

3.a) past; b) before; c) off; d) of.

4. a) detectives; b) police; c) burglar’s; d) criminal.

5. a) in spite of; b) instead of; c). while; d) as soon as.

^ 2. Write it up.

In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.
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