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Author Initials and Surname, academic rank, scientific degree, place of work, position Organization (full name) where the work was carried out, city, country

Address: postal address of the organization with zip code (foreign authors should note their own country), E-mail: email address of the author

Introduction. Statement of the problem in general view and its description in connection with the important scientific or practical tasks.

Aim of the research. In this section there is the information about references where the task decision of the given problem was set earlier and that the author grounds on their results making own research; it is pointed what unresolved part(s) of the general problem are allocated in the paper; it is marked its(their) actuality and novelty.

Experimental part and result obtained. Statement of the basic research material with a full substantiation of the received scientific results.

esults of researches are resulted in table 1 and on fig 1

Figure 1 - Distribution of deformations of irradiated and irradiated bodies on perimeter at pressure

^ Table 1 - Size of spring deformations of bodies' wells in typical zones at pressure P = 14,5 MPa

# of point

Pressure of a working liquid , MPa

Zone of the bottom plugs

Zone of the top plugs















Conclutions. Conclusions of carried out research and prospect of the further searches in this direction.

Conclusions should be in accordance of the title of the paper and display the main results of own researches or advantages above known results from the references.


The cited papers must have the following form:

  1. for journal paper: the surnames and initials of the authors, title of article, journal title, year, volume., number, and page(s) must be given;

  2. for books, the surnames and initials of the authors, full title of the cited book, publisher, city of publication, year, page (for books in other language, the reference to the English translation must be given, if it exists);

  3. (с) for collections and proceedings of conferences, the surnames and initials of the authors, title of the collection (conference), city and publisher (institute), year, volume, number, and page.

For instance:

1. Halkin, H. et al., Altered Erythrocyte and Plasma Sodium in Hypertension, a Facet of Hyperinsulinemia, Hypertension (Dallas), 1988, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 71-77.

  1. Appen, A.A., Khimiya stekla (Chemistry of Glass), Leningrad: Khimiya, 1970.

  2. Grinchenko, B.I., Mechanisms of Inversion Formation in Recombination Lasers, Preprint oflnst. of High Temperatures, Russ. Acad. Sci., St. Petersburg, 1992, no. 5-155, p. 28.

І. І. Іванов

Підходи до визначення часу спрацьовування гальмівної системи з електромеханічним типом привода

Електромеханічні та енергетичні системи, методи моделювання та оптимізації. Збірник наукових праць X Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції молодих учених і спеціалістів у місті Кременчуці 28 – 29 березня 2012 р. – Кременчук: КрНУ, 2012. – С. ХХ – ХХ.

Розглянуто метод визначення часу спрацьовування гальмівної системи транспортного засобу категорії М1 із альтернативним типом приводу.

I. Ivanov

Approaches to determining the time brake system with electromechanical drive type

Electromechanical and energy systems, simulation and optimization techniques. Proceedings of the 10th International conference of students and young researchers in Kremenchuk march 28 – 29, 2012. – Kremenchuk: КrNU, 2012. – P. ХХ – ХХ.

In the article time definition method of brake system response on vehicles category M1 with alternative drive type is examined.


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Title of the digest iconPreparation of digest for x-th international scientific conference of young researches and technicians “electromechanical and energy systems, simulation and optimization techniques”

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