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Congress Participant


First name ________________________________

Patronymic name (if applicable)_______________


Title of the presentation_______________________



Identification number of the presented paper (is provided to all registered participants by Organizing Committee)_________________________________


Type of the presentation (verbal or exhibition with

a stand) ____________________________________


Do you need a hotel room ________________________

Indicate the form of your participation in the Congress

- personal (on-site)

- distance

- with the following publishing of the materials in the Scientific Journal of NU “Lviv Polytechnic”


A compendium with participants papers’ abstracts will be printed before the beginning of the Congress.



Application, presented paper before 15.08.2012

Registration 19.09.2011 8:30

Congress opening 19.09.2011 10:00

Participants meeting

In the entrance hall of the Main campus of the Polytechnic University (S.Bandery str, 12)



Fee for one participant is 60 USD.

The participation fee can be paid only by cash upon arrival.

The fee does not include accommodation, food, excursions and joint dinner expenses. Excursions around the city, food alternatives and joint dinner costs will be sent out to all participants before the 1st of September and can be paid in cash during the registration.

^ Address of the organizing


Lviv Polytechnic National University,

Department of Ecology and Sustainable Environmental Management.

Bandery 12, 79013 Lviv, Ukraine



During the registration all participants will receive the Congress materials and directions to the hotel (pre-agreed).

How to get to the Lviv Polytechnic National University:

- from the railway station – tram №1, stop “Polytechnic institute”;

- from the airport – electric but (trolleybus) №9, Stop “Vulytsya Stepana Bandery”

All information about the congress will be placed at the Congress’ web-page:

Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and sport of Ukraine

^ State Administration of Lviv Region

Lviv Polytechnic National University

Western Scientific Centre of Academy of Science of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and sport of Ukraine

NGO “Ukrainian Ecological League”


Environment protection.

energy saving.

Sustainable environmental management

Dedicated to 10 years anniversary of the Department of Ecology and Sustainable Environmental Management of the Lviv Polytechnic National University

19-22 September 2012

The SECOND notification

Lviv – 2012

Dear colleagues!

Welcome to the 2nd International Congress “Environment Protection. Energy saving. Sustainable Environmental management”.

Below is the list of planned seminars:

  • Seminar 1. ”Complex approach to the environment protection: monitoring, analysis and risk assessment, management”.

  • Seminar 2. ”International regulations and international, national and regional systems of environment monitoring and how do they work”.

  • Seminar 3. ”Energy audit, energy efficiency, renewable and alternative energy sources”.

  • Seminar 4. ”Ecologically safe and energy efficient processes of material dehydration”.

  • Seminar 5. ”Innovative environment protection technologies. Technologies of efficient use of materials, water and energy”.

  • Seminar 6. ”Education for sustainable development and sustainable nature management: goals, methods and measures of the education, input from and role of NGOs”

  • Seminar 7. ”Theoretical and applied aspects of sustainable development”

  • Seminar 8. "Development of ecological tourism in terms of sustainable development"

  • International student conference ”Technologies of environment protection”

The organizing committee decided to prolong the registration of participants to 15th of July.

We welcome all participants who applied, registered, sent their papers.

Upon request the ful-text paper can be printed in the Journal of Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukrainian version) and Chemistry & Chemical Technology (English version)

Terms and conditions for the publications will be sent out as separate information to all registered participants.

Text of the presentation should be 1 page with all margins 25mm. It should be submitted to the Organizing Committee before August 15th, 2012 via e-mail. The participant will receive a confirmation that the document is received.

  • Text of the report should be supplied in Microsoft Word 97/2000/ХР/2003 format. Font: Times New Roman Cyr.

  • Formulas: 11 (?-12, tabl. - 9pt), subscript/superscript - 8pt (?-11, tabl. - 7pt), sub-subscript/ superscript - 6pt (?-8, tabl. - 5pt), symbol - 10 pt.

  • Pictures: signature in the center: 9 pt: Picture. 1а; Picture. 2а, b.

Paper arrangements:

Authors: Initials and surnames in capital letters (authors and co-authors), country and city (in brackets); Underline the name of the presenter; bold (12pt).

Title of the report: Omitting one line, print paper title in the middle of the next line in bold capital letters, 12pt.

Information about the organization: name of the university, address, e-mail; italic (12pt)

Text of the report: omit one line and begin from the paragraph, 11pt;


  • Language of the Congress – Ukrainian, Russian, English.

  • Presentation at the seminar – up to 15 min.



Congress Participant iconCongress Participant

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Congress Participant iconAuthor’s guide dear authors of publications!
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Congress Participant iconParticipant Registration Form

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