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Харківська національна академія міського господарства


до вивчення текстового матеріалу з англійської мови

(для студентів 1-2 курсів спеціальності 6.050200

”Менеджмент у готельному господарстві та туризмі”)

Частина II

Харків – ХНАМГ – 2004

Практичні завдання до вивчення текстового матеріалу з англійської мови для студентів 1-2 курсів, спеціальності 6.050200 «Менеджмент у готельному господарстві та туризмі». Частина II. Укл.: Маматова О.В., Маматова Н.В. – Харків: ХНАМГ, 2004 – 68 c.

Укладачі: Маматова Оксана Вікторівна

Маматова Ніна Василівна

Рецензент: Іл’єнко О.Л.

Рекомендовано кафедрою іноземних мов,

протокол № 5 від 3 лютого 2004 року.


These tasks are to change the attitudes of both teachers and students to classroom activities. The teacher who is worried that students will be missing something important will find included in the activities which develop intensive and extensive reading skills, writing in a variety of styles, and oral tasks involving varying degrees of subtlety. The teacher who brings these tasks into the study is not depriving the students of language practice, but is, instead, providing a richer context for such practice.

When teachers use texts for reading they are often too concerned with what was written at the expense of how. Reading in any language is an affective as well as a cognitive process. The teacher’s role is not that of corrector or judge, but rather that of enabler. The teacher assists with language, errors, but should not replace the student’s perceptions with his or her own.

Each unit contains the following:

  • reading

  • exercises in modern English Grammar

  • a series of assignments that mirror real-life activities

  • the text followed by a number of questions about it.

All the students can be directed to the wordlist.

Part II

Unit 7


‘The customer is always right’. Do you agree with this statement? Discuss your views with a partner, then with the rest of the class.


^ Read the dialogues and answer the questions that follow them.

Dialogue 1

Customer: My name is Sarah Ashton. I booked a flight to London through this office last week. It was a telephone booking and I paid by Visa. This morning I received the ticket and you’ve booked me on the wrong flight.

^ Travel agent: Hmm … What flight did you want?

Customer: I want to travel on the 10 a.m. flight tomorrow. This ticket is for the 14.00.

Travel agent: Are you sure you booked the 10 o’clock flight?

Customer: Look! I definitely booked the 10 o’clock flight!

^ Travel agent: Well, that’s a special fare. If you want to change the departure time, there will be a charge to upgrade the ticket.

Customer: What! I don’t believe this! Listen! This is your mistake! If you think I’m going to pay any more…

a What is Sarah Ashton’s complaint?

b How does the customer sound at the start of the conversation?

c How does she sound at the end of the conversation?

d Do you think the travel agent handled the complaint well? Say why.

Dialogue 2

Guest: My name is Hagen. I’m in room 229. This morning I was woken up at 6 o’clock by a telephone call that wasn’t for me. Now this is the second time this has happened.

It’s just not good enough! The call was for a Mr. Haugen! Don’t you people listen!

Reception: I’m most terribly sorry, Mr. Hagen. I will inform the early morning supervisor. She will ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Guest: Well, I hope not! Also, I received this FAX this morning. I’ve only got the first two pages. There should be four more. Didn’t anyone check? This is a very important document!

Reception: I do apologize, Mr. Hagen. I’ll check the FAX office straight away. Could I have those two sheets, please?

^ Guest: Right…

a What two things does Mr. Hagen complain about?

b Do you think he sounds angrier at the beginning of the conversation or at the end? Why?

Read the dialogues again. In pairs decide the best way of handling the customer’s complaint. Compare your ideas with those of other students. Which solution do you like best?

^ Customer Relations.


Situation 1 You are a hotel receptionist. A customer has just come into the lobby and wants to speak to you.

Situation 2 You are staying at a beach resort. The hotel room is fine, but outside at certain times of day there is an unpleasant smell coming from the local municipal rubbish dump down the road. You ask to speak to the manager.

Situation 3 You are a resort representative. Someone has asked to speak to you.

Situation 4 You bought a return airline ticket from a travel agency but the wrong time was written on the return ticket and you missed your flight. You had to purchase another ticket for a later flight (which, to make matters even worse, was delayed), and as a result you missed a very important business meeting. You want to know what the agency is going to do about it.

^ Writing

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

a You should thank the person for having made the complaint.

b You should avoid making an apology unless it is requested.

c You should never say anything was your fault.

d You should never blame a member of staff who works in the same organization.

e You should always explain the cause of the problem.

f You should say that the error was exceptional.

g You should say what action is being/has been taken.

h You should make some sort of special offer as compensation.

^ Read this case study about an unfortunate incident in a travel agency and answer the questions below.

A number of years ago working in a retail travel agency, where one of the employees, a young woman of sixteen, was coming to the end of her first week at work. She was well dressed and well groomed, made good eye contact with those who entered the agency, and looked in every way a pleasant trainee travel agent.

At this time, she was not expected to sell travel products, but had been instructed to carry out a few simple administration tasks and to sit with the assistant manager to observe how the customers were dealt with, and how the paperwork was processed. At this early stage in her career she was not expected to deal with a customer herself.

On one particular afternoon, a regular customer came in to pay a balance. He was a valued customer who would book several fairly expensive tours in the course of a year. He was a very pleasant man who was quite friendly, but who liked to feel special, in that he was always treated well and received the best service from staff. He talked with the assistant manager for some time, and then asked a few questions of the new travel assistant – how she liked the job and how she was getting on. He then turned his attention back to the assistant manager and started to write a cheque for his holiday balance. “What is the date today?” he asked. “It’s the thirteenth,” the assistant manager replied. ”Oh, Friday the thirteenth,” he said. “Unlucky for some!” “Yes,” the new trainee said. “You never know, your cheque might bounce!”

a Who was involved?

b Were the travel agency staff experienced?

c What kind of mistake did the staff make?

d How do you think the customer felt?

e How would you describe the staff and their behaviour?

You are expected to read this case study about an incident in a travel agency and answer the questions below.

When I first started in the travel industry, I worked in a small retail agency which was owned by a very pleasant and knowledgeable man who was liked and respected by all of his customers. One day I was listening to him dealing with some customers who wanted flight seats to Malaga at very short notice, and I learned a valuable lesson which has held me in good stead in my dealing with customers. The incident occurred in the days before travel had become fully computerized and so my boss found himself telephoning a number of companies to check availability for the customer, and this was taking some time. While he was waiting to get through to operators, he struck up a conversation with the customers which eventually led to their asking his opinion on the merit of the huge choice of charter airlines operating on that route. This happened to be a pet subject of his, and he went into graphic detail about the merits and pitfalls of each carrier. Finally, he said, “The worst flight I ever had was with B … B airlines. The staff were rude, the food was awful and they even ran out of duty-frees.”

The customer thanked him for his advice and then attention was switched back to the call that was being answered by the tour operator. Up to now, no availability had been found, but on this occasion a flight with suitable timings was available. The customer was quite satisfied with the price and decided to book straight away. As my boss and the tour operator began to process the booking, the customer said “Oh, by the way, which airline are we flying with?”

My boss asked the operator, looked very sheepish, then looked up at the customer and quietly said, “Uhh …it’s B…B Airlines.”

a Who was in a pickle?

b Have you heard any stories about unfortunate travelling incidents?

Work in pairs. Take turns to be the manager of a hotel and a guest. Use the prompts below to make short dialogues. Try to use a different expression to apologize each time.

no towels / no hot water / steak not cooked / TV not working / terrible coffee / noisy guest in next room / slow service / telephone not working.


Guest: I’d like to speak to the manager, please!

Manager: I’m the manager, madam. How can I be of assistance?

Guest: There are no towels in my room!

Manager: I’m so sorry, madam. I’ll send some up straight away.

Guest: Thank you.

Sarah Ashton wrote a letter of complaint to the manager of the travel agency. Complete her letter with the correct tense of the verbs in brackets.

14 Cherry Street,

Edinburgh EH12 1QT.

16th April, 2005

The Manager,

Fly-By-Night Travel,

101 Constable Street,

Edinburgh EH4 3PQ.

Dear Sir,

I … (write) to complain about the way a member of your staff … (treat) me in Fly-By-Night Travel last Monday.

I … (go) in to alter a flight booking to London (your ref. AST/3625/B) as a result of a mistake your office … (make) in issuing my ticket.

I … (try) to explain the situation to the travel clerk on duty, but he … (be) extremely rude to me. He … (suggest) that I was in the wrong and … (tell) me that I would have to pay a supplement to upgrade my original ticket. In the end I … (have to) pay an extra Ј50.

I often … (fly) to London and always … (use) Fly-By-Night, but if I … (not/ receive) a satisfactory reply to this letter, I … (take) my business elsewhere.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Ashton.

^ Study the text below. Then look at the reply to Sarah Ashton’s letter. Does it follow steps 1-4 in the passage?

Replying to letters of complaint

It is important to deal quickly with letters of complaint. A prompt and satisfactory reply may save a customer.

First establish whether the complaint is justified. If you are quite sure the customer is at fault, your reply should politely point out what the facts are. If there is any doubt about responsibility for a mistake, it is often wiser to assume the customer is right.

Below is a guide to the content of a typical reply to a letter of complaint. Write about each point in a separate paragraph.

1. Begin your reply by acknowledging the fact that you have received the letter and referring to the complaint.

2. Then apologize for the mistake, explaining why it happened. Avoid blaming members of your staff.

3. Explain what action you are taking. This may mean replacing or repairing damaged goods, or refunding the customer's money.

4. Finally apologize for the inconvenience caused and indicate that you hope your business relationship can continue.

Sarah Ashton,

14 Cherry Street,

Edinburgh EH12 1QT.

19 April, 2005

Dear Ms Ashton,

I do apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will decide to travel with us again.

I would like to apologize on behalf of the staff member who served you. He wishes you to know that he did not intend to cause you any offence.

Thank you for your letter of 16 April concerning your visit to Fly-By-Night Travel last Monday.

As a gesture of our goodwill I am enclosing a cheque for Ј50 to cover the supplement paid.

Yours sincerely,

John Fleece


^ Now write a similar letter using the information below. Spend some time planning the letter before you start to write. You will have to invent some information.

You are the manager of a travel agency. You have received a letter of complaint from a Mr. Webb. He asked your office to arrange his itinerary for a business trip to Brazil. The itinerary he received gave the wrong departure time. He missed his flight to Sao Paulo as well as a number of meetings.

^ Letters of apology: useful expressions

I was sorry to hear that…

Please accept my sincere apologies for…

I have thoroughly investigated your complaint…

I apologize for the inconvenience.

due to circumstances beyond our control.

I will personally make sure…

I can assure you this will not happen again.

Read the following letter from a tour operator to a customer and complete the exercises that follow.

22 Bakers Lane,

Bristol BS 105 JJ

30 September

Dear Mrs Lewis,

^ Thank you for your letter of 18 September. I was sorry to hear that you were disappointed by the service you received on your holiday.

I have investigated your complaint that the villa was not cleaned by the maid on the last two days of your holiday. I have spoken to our representative in Corfu, and it seems that the problems were due to the fact that the maid was ill. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a replacement at such short notice.

^ Please accept my sincere apologies. I can assure you that we will take steps to ensure that this does not occur again. As a sign of goodwill, I enclose a brochure for next year and a voucher which entitles you to 10% off the advertised price of any holiday booked before 31 January.

Yours sincerely,

P. Merson

Customer Services Manager.

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