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Passive Voice

Transform the sentences into the Passive Voice:

  1. Alex learned the poem.

  2. The students hand in the reports at the end of the lesson.

  3. My truck crashed into the blue car.

  4. Julia will feed our cat.

  5. Steven has left the book.

  6. They played handball at this sports ground.

  7. Frank built a new house.

  8. The mechanic has not repaired the DVD recorder.

  9. Sue puts her rucksack on the floor.

  10. The girl has lost the game.

  11. Grandmother told good stories.

  12. We have watered the flowers.


Imagine you visited a place in your country which you really liked. Describe it.

Introduction ( where the place is and why you went there ).

Main body ( further details about the place; weather conditions. what you saw and what you did there ).

Conclusion ( how you feel about the place and whether you recommend it or not ).


Passive Voice iconPassive Voice

Passive Voice iconThe Passive Voice 3 Introduction 3

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Відмінки іменників та особових займенників (Case of Nouns and Personal Pronouns) 18
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