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166. During the examination of blood gases a patient with chronic respiratory diseases accompanied by dyspnea, tachycardia and cyanosis demonstrated the development of hypoxemia and hypercapnia. What disorder of the external respiration does the patient have?

A. Hyperperfusion

B. Hyperdiffusion

C. Hyperventilation

D. Hypoperfusion

E. Hypoventilation

167. An experimental dog by means of stomach tube was given 150 ml of meat broth. The concentration of which of the belowmentioned substances will be increased in animal's blood?

A. Gastrin

B. Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide

C. Neurotensin

D. Somatostatin

E. Insulin

168. Testosterone and it's analogs increase the mass of skeletal muscles that allows to use them for treatment of dystrophy. Due to interaction of the hormon with what cell substance is this action caused?

A. Ribosomes

B. Nuclear receptors

C. Proteins-activators of transcription

D. Chromatin

E. Membrane receptors

169. A group of men applied to the doctor complaining of rising temperature, headache, swelling of face and eyelids, myalgia. From the history it became known that they all were hunters and they often ate meat of wild animals. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Teniarrhinchosis

B. Teniasis

C. Cysticercosis

D. Trichinosis

E. Filariasis

170. A patient, who suffers from congenital erythropoietic porphyria, has skin photosensitivity. The

accumulation of which compound in the skin can cause it?

A. Coproporphyrinogen 3

B. Protoporphyrin

C. Uroporphyrinogen 1

D. Uroporphyrinogen 2

E. Heme

171. A patient who came to the doctor because of his infertility was administered to make tests for toxoplasmosis and chronic gonorrhoea. Which reaction should be performed to reveal latent toxoplasmosis and chronic gonorrhoea in this patient?

A. RIHA - Reverse indirect hemagglutination assay

B. IFA - Immunofluorescence assay

C. RDHA - Reverse direct hemagglutination assay

D. Immunoblot analysis

E. (R)CFT- Reiter's complement fixation test

172. A 48-year-old patient after severe psychoemotional exertion suddenly began feeling sharp pain in the heart region, irradiating into left arm. Nitroglycerin releaved pain 10 minutes later. What pathogenetic mechanism is responsible for the development of pain in this case?

A. Compression of coronary vessels

B. Spasm of coronary vessels

C. Dilation of peripheral vessels

D. Occlusion of coronary vessels

E. Increase of myocardial needs in oxygen

173. A 38-year-old patient after taking aspirin and sulphanilamides has profound hemolysis of erythrocytes, which is caused by glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase insufficiency. The disorder of formation of what coenzyme causes this pathology?



C. Pyridoxalphosphate

D. Ubiquinone


174. During the breakout of acute respiratory infection in order to diagnose influenza the express-diagnosis, based on revealing of specific viral antigen in the examined material (nasopharyngial lavage), is carried out. Which reaction is used for this?

A. Immunofluorescence

B. Agglutination

C. Precipitation

D. Opsonization

E. Complement binding

175. A patient with symmetric dermatitis of open dermal areas came to the doctor. Talking to the patient the doctor found out that the patient mostly eats cereals and eats little meat, milk and eggs. The deficiency of which of the mentioned vitamins is dominant in this patient?

A. Folic acid

B. Tocopherol

C. Calciferol

D. Nicotinamide

E. Biotin

176. During the examination of a patient, who had been to the mountain pasture and had been hospitalized in a bad condition with fever, the doctor found out the enlargement of inguinal lymph nodes to 8 cm, which were attached to the surrounding tissues, immovable, the skin above them was red and tender. The microscopic examination of the node revealed acute serohemorrhagic inflammation. What disease is it typical for?

A. Brucellosis

B. Syphilis

C. Anthrax

D. Tularemia

E. Plague

177. A patient with acute myeloblast leucosis has developed liver and spleen enlargement, anemia, myeloblasts in peripheral blood. What principal sign allows to differ myeloblast leukosis from chronic one?

A. Leukemic collapse

B. Pancytopenia

C. Anemia

D. Blast cells in peripheral blood

E. Thrombocytopenia

178. A patient with thrombophlebitis is administered the complex therapy, which influences different stages of clotforming. Which of the given substances contributes to the restoration of the vascular permeability?

A. Fibrinolysin

B. Heparin

C. Acetylsalicylic acid

D. Dipiridamol

E. Neodykumarin

179. Karyotyping of healthy man cells is carried out. In the karyotype there was found out a fine acrocentric odd chromosome. What chromosome is it?

A. Group C chromosome

B. Group B chromosome

C. Y-chromosome

D. Group A chromosome

E. Х-chromosome

180. A patient with liver disease revealed the decreasing of prothrombin level in the blood. It can, first of all, result in the impairment of:

A. The first phase of the coagulatory hemostasis

B. The second phase of the coagulatory hemostasis

C. Vascular-thrombocytic hemostasis

D. Anticoagulative properties of the blood

E. Fibrinolysis

181. Patient with pneumonia has intolerance to antibiotics. Which of the combined sulfanilamide medicines should be prescribed to the patient?

A. Biseptol

B. Streptocid

C. Aethazol

D. Natrium sulfacyl

E. Sulfadimethoxine

182. On the 8th day since the patient was inoculated with antitetanic serum because of dirty wound of his foot he has developed rising temperature up to 38^0С , pains in the joints, rash and itch. The blood tests revealed leukopenia and thrombocytopenia. Allergic reaction of what type has developed in this case?

A. Anaphylactic

B. Cytotoxic

C. Delayed type of hypersensitivity

D. Stimulating

E. Immunocomplex

183. A 2-year-old boy has some enlargement of his liver and spleen and cataract. Sugar concentration in blood is elevated but glucose tolerance test is normal. The congenital metabolic disorder of what substance is the cause of this condition?

A. Galactose

B. Sucrose

C. Fructose

D. Glucose

E. Maltose

184. A 50-year-old patient complains of thirst, drinking of a lot of water, marked polyuria. Blood glucose is 4,8mmol/L, urine glucose and acetone bodies are absent, urine is colorless, specific gravity is 1,002-1,004. What is the cause of polyuria?

A. Hypothyroidism

B. Thyrotoxicosis

C. Aldosteronism

D. Vasopressin insufficiency

E. Insulin insufficiency

185. After brain injuiry a patient has lost his vision. What zone of the brain cortex is damaged in this case?

A. Temporal and parietal

B. Temporal

C. Occipital

D. Frontal

E. Parietal

186. A patient with urolithiasis after the examination was administered allopurinol - competitive inhibitor of xanthine oxidase. It was influenced by chemical analysis of the calculuses, which consisted mainly of:

A. Calcium sulphate

B. Calcium oxolate monohydrate

C. Calcium oxolate dihydrate

D. Calcium phosphate

E. Sodium urate

187. Prozerin, given systematically to the rat, increases skeletal muscles tone. Halothane (phthorothan) causes the relaxation of the skeletal muscles and weakens the effect of prozerin. Determine the nature of interactivity of prozerin and halothane.

A. Direct functional antagonism

B. Indirect functional antagonism

C. Competitive antagonism

D. Independent antagonism

E. Incompetitive antagonism

188. Processes of repolarisation are disturbed in ventricular myocardium in examined person. It will cause amplitude abnormalities of configuration and duration of the wave:

A. P

B. R

C. Q

D. S

E. Т

189. A 40-year-old man ran 10 km per 60 minutes. What changes of energy exchange will take place in his muscular tissue?

A. Increase of fatty acids oxidation rate

B. Glyconeogenesis intensification

C. Proteolysis intensification

D. Glycolysis intensification

E. Glycogenolysis intensification

190. During the merry-go-round riding a 25- year-old woman began having nausia, vomiting and intensive sweat. Activation of which receptors caused the reflex development of these symptoms?

A. Optic receptors

B. Otolith vestibular receptors

C. Proprioreceptors of skeletal muscles

D. Receptors of Corti's organ

E. Vestibular receptors of semicircular duct

191. The electronic microphoto of kidney fragment has demonstrated the afferent glomerular arteriole, which under its endothelium has giant cells, containing secretory granules. Name the type of these cells:

A. Smoothmuscular

B. Interstitial

C. Juxtaglomerular

D. Mesangial

E. Juxtavascular

192. During the bacteriological tests of the purulent secreta from urethra there were found bacteria, which according to Gramm were negatively staining, looked like coffee beans. These bacteria were splitting glucose and maltose to acid, they were located inside the leucocytes. The aetiological agent of what disease are these microorganisms?

A. Syphilis

B. Venereal lymphogranulomatosis

C. Gonorrhoea

D. Chancroid

E. Melioidosis

193. A patient with bronchial asthma during 2 months was taking pills of prednisolon. After she began feeling much better she suddenly stopped taking the medicine. What complication can develop in this case?

A. Abstinence syndrome

B. Gastric hemorrhage

C. Hypotension

D. Itsenko-Cushing syndrome

E. Obesity of upper part of the body

194. A 39-year-old patient after radiotherapy because of hepatoma developed ulcer of small intestine. It was caused by the inhibition of mytotic activity of the cells, which are responsible for regeneration of small intestine surface epithelium. Inhibition of what cells mitotic activity does this patient have?

A. Crypt columnar cells without margins

B. Columnar cells

C. Endocrine cells

D. Caliciform exocrynocytes

E. Exocryocytes with acidophilic granules

195. Where should the cathetor for evacuation of the lymph from the thoracic lymph duct be inserted?

A. To the inferior vena cava

B. To the right venous corner

C. To the left venous corner

D. To the left inguinal vein

E. To the superior vena cava

196. Patients with similar complaints applied to the doctor: weakness, pain in the intestines, disorder of GIT. Examination of the faeces revealed that one patient with four nucleus cysts should be hospitalized immidiately. For what protozoa are such cysts typical?

A. Balantidium

B. Intestinal amoeba

C. Dysenteric amoeba

D. Trichomonas

E. Lamblia

197. A 42-year-old man was admitted to the cardiological department because of angina pectoris. Among the medicines administered to the patient there was inhibitor of phosphodiesterase. The concentration of what substance in the heart muscle will be increased?





E. Cyclo-AMP

198. A patient has a suspected pneumonia. In his sputum there were revealed grampositive diplococci, prolonged with the slightly pointed opposite ands. What microorganisms are revealed in the sputum?

A. Staphylococcus aureus

B. Neisseria gonorrhoeae

C. Neisseria meningitidis

D. Klebsiella pneumoniae

E. Streptococcus pneumoniae

199. A patient has tissue ischemia lower the knee joint, accompanied with "intermittent claudication". Which artery is occluded in this case?

A. Posterior tibial

B. Proximal part of the femoral

C. Anterior tibial

D. Popliteal

E. Fibial

200. A patient with clinical signs of encephalitis was admitted to the infectious hospital. In his anamnesis there is information about tick bite. During the hemagglutination ihibition reaction there were found antybodies against the pathogen of tick-borne encephalitis in diluton 1:20, which is not diagnostic. What should the doctor do next, after he has got such results?

A. Use more sensitive reaction

B. Remake the examination with another diagnosticum

C. Reexamine the same serum

D. Canceal the diagnosis of tick-borne encephalitis

E. Remake the examination of the serum taken 10 days later
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Krok 1 Medicine 2004 iconKrok 1 Medicine 2004
В2 is administered. The synthesis disorder of which enzymes does this medicine cause in microorganisms?
Krok 1 Medicine 2004 iconKrok 1 Medicine 2004
В2 is administered. The synthesis disorder of which enzymes does this medicine cause in microorganisms?
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