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Euro 2012

V.N. Levenets – group E-62

O.R. Gladchenko – EL Adviser

At this stage of development of Ukraine holding of such events as the European Championships have a positive impact on economic growth. For the organization of suitable conditions for accepting the Championship in the infrastructure of cities such as Donetsk, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa will be invested millions of investments. There will also be a program of repair of roads and railways. In addition, Euro 2012 without a doubt a positive impact on the country's position in the global community. Consequently, the choice of Ukraine as one of the countries that take the Championship, have a positive impact on its development.

The most problematic issue in preparation for the final tournament of the 2012 European Cup is the construction and maintenance. Investors are not very interested in the construction of roads, because investment will be difficult to recover. Because road use in Ukraine is not yet paid. Therefore, funding for road construction and maintenance will be mainly conducted through the budget.

Financial capabilities of the State in this matter will depend on the development of its economy. For the reconstruction of transport infrastructure which is necessary for the championship of Euro 2012, should be more than $ 10 billion

The modernization of airports will be used about 800 million dollars. To upgrade railway infrastructure - about $ 2 billion to upgrade rolling stock - $ 700 million to upgrade passenger cars - about $ 1 billion for reconstruction of roads - about $ 5 billion in addition construction of ring road around Kiev would cost 5.5 billion dollars. And the construction of highway Lviv, Lugansk - 7,5 billion dollars

Of the total amount for the reconstruction of transport infrastructure, about 15% will be allocated from the state budget, 60-70% of the amount to attract a direct or indirect government guarantees, the rest will make private investment in concession projects.

It is also necessary to conduct serious electrification of roads, improve the structure of the upper path to laying turnouts for high speed.

To accommodate fans of UEFA EURO 2012 Public service in tourism and resorts offer in each city where matches will take place, to build a neighborhood on the type of the Olympic Village, and after the championship home it can be sold to the youth credit scheme.

According to the concept developed by the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports and Ministry of Economy, in each city which will host the championship, you need to build 50 to 70 class hotels from 3 to 5 star accommodation for about half a million fans.

At the same time, we note that after the championship, these hotels can not be filled and, accordingly, would not be profitable for investors. Ministry of Internal Affairs is developing a program to ensure public order during the final of the UEFA European Football Championship 2012. To simplify the system of crossing the border of Poland plans to negotiate with the European Commission to establish a special regime between Ukraine and Poland during the football championship Euro-2012.

By holding in Ukraine of European Football Championship Euro 2012 in Kiev will be completed Podolsky bridge, commissioned in 2 thousand 300 new hotel rooms and built 3 new subway station. To solve the transport problems in Kiev is planned construction of new interchanges on the major highways of the city and reconstruction of roads.

Conclusions. As a result, we can say that the prospect of hosting the European Football Championship in Ukraine gives some hope that the economy will grow significantly. Investments made in infrastructure development in Donetsk, Kiev, Lvov, will provide an opportunity to raise the standard of living in these cities and the country as a whole. Euro 2012 - is a great opportunity for our country to strengthen its position in Europe and worldwide.

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