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Yaschhuk Lyudmila

Cherkasy State Technological University, Ukraine

There are three bakeries owned by Open Joint Stock Company Cherkasyhlib in Cherkasy. Nowadays "Cherkasyhlib" took fifth place in Ukraine in terms of production. № 2,3 bakery businesses are considered at one production site in Cherkasy. Productivity plant number 2 is 11 175 tons / year, № 3 - 32 547 t / year. Standard equipment is put into operation in 2005, his term amortization is 12 years.

Specificity of bakery products is that it relatively quickly loses its quality properties. Products that are not suitable for consumption back to bakery for "regeneration" and reuse in the manufacturing process, all losses related to its processing to fully rely on the manufacturer's budget. Some distributors book more bread and bakery products and than sell that’s why about 3 - 4 tons of product returns from the commercial network to the company. Basic principles of handling such type of resources are presented in Fig 1.

Natural gas is spending for drying the products to prevent damage of mould, and then dried products go on crusher for breadcrumbs. At the final stage these products entering the trade network but it takes power and re-packaging costs. The percentage of returns from retail outlets in certain bakery products can reach 20%, and all these products require additional processing involving energy, material and business resources.

To solve this problem some management decisions aimed to audit sales at all trade outlets in all major distributors of bakery products should be hold. Such research can hold its own company, without audit firms in order to save money. According to the research set a fixed volume of sales of all bakery products in different stores and kiosks, engaged in retail trade in bakery products. Separately record the difference in sales on weekdays, weekends and holidays Add 3-7% to received specific information on all goods in case detection in consignments from manufacturing defects, or those that do not meet the visual needs of consumers.

Figure 1 - Diagram handling returned products at JSC “Cherkasyhlib “

Redistribution of traffic between bakeries outlets should be held following the audit data. As a result, traffic volumes will decrease, and this will reduce the cost of fuel and lubricants, and with it the emissions.

As the amount of sales decline, new agents soul be found that have helped to keep production volumes. An easier way is to increase in sales of small baked goods. It can be realize through advertising new bakery next to the already known products that have won a certain reputation among consumers. It can be short commercials on local television or leaflets to be spread among potential buyers of cakes baking products - schoolchildren, students. Similar promotional activities will allow "re-conquest" the part of the market in small bakeries that specialize in shallow baking products, as well as in bakeries, which operate in most supermarkets. This will keep sales volumes and production volumes.

Declare the number of returned products to zero, of course is impossible, so a part can be recycled breadcrumbs, and the rest should find a permanent buyer among farms, poultry farms, fishpond, etc. It is also possible barter trade of raw materials necessary for production of bread and bakery products - butter, eggs, margarine and more. Permanent, established cooperation with similar farms will accelerate the pace of processing and return defective products, allows the potential to move raw materials / waste in food production and this will lead to a reduction of operating pressure on the equipment involved in the processing of baked goods. Such administrative decisions not only reduce the expenditure side but will be favorable for consumers.

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