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Antsibor I., student of the 2nd course

EL adviser - S.I. Ochtema

Sumy State University, Chair of Foreign Languages

It’s common knowledge that health is extremely important for every person. Since ancient times the words “happy” and “healthy” have very often been used as synonyms. Rich people were ready to give all their fortune for health. Possessing good health is rather a precious thing but many factors can destroy it. Nowadays our life is getting more and more tense. People live under the press of different problems, such as social, ecological, economic and others. They constantly suffer from stress, noise and dust in big cities, diseases and instability. People need not experience events directly to feel stress. Television, newspapers, and other means of mass communication flood people with information about upsetting events throughout the world. All these things may be harmful to our health. There are many hazards to our health but they could be easily avoided if we followed the Golden Rules of ethics and lived in accord with Nature.

Our inner balance alone can withstand many illnesses which otherwise turn dangerous. A person should be strong and healthy in order to overcome all difficulties. To achieve this aim people ought to take care of their physical and mental health. There are several ways to do it. The state of your body depends on how much time you spend doing sports. At least everybody must do morning exercises every day. The most healthy kinds of sports are swimming, running and cycling. Healthy food is also a very important factor. Overeating causes many dangerous diseases. Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies. The daily menu should include meat, fruit and vegetables, milk product, which are rich in vitamins, fat, proteins and etc. On the other hand modern diets are very popular especially among women. Diets may be harmful, if they are used in the wrong way.

Taking into consideration all these aspects we can state that health alone is a victory. It’s necessary to consider the term „health“ in its broader sense - not only physical but spiritual as well. An ancient proverb says, „A sound mind in a sound body.“ If we want to preserve our health we should be persistent. The motto- „lead a healthy life“-is rather suitable in this case. To be healthy, people should get rid of their bad habits. It's necessary to stop smoking and drinking much. We must be kind and tolerant to others. No one can do it for us and only then will the heavens help those who help themselves. Everyone should remember that cigarettes, alcohol and drugs destroy both body and brain. Besides according to statistics most of crimes are committed by people under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In addition it is recommended to watch TV less, avoid anxiety and observe daily routine. Certainly it's hard to follow all these recommendations, but every person have to choose between healthy life style and numerous illnesses. Use three physicians’ skills: first Dr Quiet, then Dr Merriman, and Dr Diet. Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year. Lack of health deprives our life of its vividness.


Healthy life style iconHealthy life style

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