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Direction of preparation "HUMAN HEALTH"
(structure of educational and skill levels)

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Direction of specialization

Educational and skill level


Form of study

Main professional-oriented disciplines for the educational plans and types of practice

Opportunities of job placement

Human health




Human health.

Teacher of basis of health

physical rehabilitation


physical rehabilitation*

Fitness and recreation

Full-time, part-time

Full-time, part-time

Full-time, part-time

General and pedagogical Valueology
curative system of West and East
Improving technologies (spiritual, mental, physical aspects),
Methods of teaching principles of health
Health monitoring
Valueology catering
Massage and self-massage
Family health and reproductive health
^ Health culture
Organization of health work with the elderly
Research work on improving human
Individual athletics
Foundations of medical knowledge on teaching
^ Theoretical foundations of physical rehabilitation
Practical principles of physical rehabilitation
Rehabilitation programs and techniques in disease of skeletal system
^ Rehabilitation programs and techniques in the treatment of internal organs
Health and Safety (Safety, Labour Protection)
theory and methodology of physical training
health and sport outdoor games on teaching
^ Physical fitness on teaching
recreation Athletics on teaching
Methods of Teaching Winter Sports In Focus recreation
Developmental Physiology
Physiological basis of physical education basis for hygiene
Propedeutics (University Education. Work on the Internet. Use the search LIBRARY SYSTEM)
^ Trial Practice (Academic)
Practice in improving technologies (educational, productivity)
comprehensive practice from a profession (educational, productivity)

Theory and methodology of research in health
methods of educational outreach towards improving
Modern Technology School health
management fundamentals improving outreach
health work in institutions for the disabled
health work with the elderly
modern individual health system
valueological organization of work in health institutions
health culture of modern man
foundations of health education activities with an adult population
Intellectual Property
health work in the industrial area or health work in rural areas
^ Educational practice
Production practice

Modern valueotechnologies
methodology of construction of the modern health system
theory and methodology of valueological researches
modern methods of diagnostics of health of man
methodology of teaching of valueology in higher school
methodological bases of forming of culture of health of population
organization of valueological work in health establishments
pedagogical trade of valueologist,
valeological ethics of domestic life or Legal and culturological frameworks of domestic life
methodology of scientific researches
Research practice (educational)
Research practice (

A foreign language (for prof.)
philosophy (methods and forms of scientific cognition)
use of computer technique in scientific and pedagogical activity
pedagogics of higher school
psychology of higher school
higher school and Болонський process
intellectual property
general theory of health (methodological problems,
mechanotherapy at different diseases
rehabilitation programs and methodologies
physical rehabilitation at violations of posture for pre-conscription young people
physical rehabilitation at the disease of locomotorium (of ОРА)
physical rehabilitation in neurology
physical rehabilitation at the diseases of the cardiovascular system and breathing
physical rehabilitation at the disease of children
Research practice (educational)

Management of recreational and health work
basis of shaping
basis of fitness
modern athletic-health technologies of fitness and recreation
recreational aspect of physical education
medicine and biological and pedagogical control of employments of fitness and recreation
theory and methodology of pedagogical researches in a fitness and recreation
healthy-safety technologies.
hygienically bases of fitness and recreation or Culture of health

Research practice (educational).
Scientifically-pedagogical practice (productive)

Comprehensive Schools

Preschool and rehabilitation establishments of education, sanatoriums, resort hotels, rest-homes, preventive clinics and establishments for rest and making healthy, boarding-schools, establishments of boarding school for people flawies, centers of social services for young people, departments of social-pedagogical and social-health rehabilitation of invalids, public organizations in relation to health work with people years old, centers of social services, gerontology boarding-schools, private health centers, recreational centers, establishments of cultural and athletic-health directions.

Higher schools of I - IV of levels of accreditation, a civilized manner-health organizations, SPA-saloons, state and educational establishments, research establishments, fitness centers, establishments of cultural and athletic-health orientation, studies in post-graduate at the speciality 13.00.02 “Theory and methodology of studies (physical culture and bases of health)”.


General and pedagogical Valueology iconVisnyk of Luhansk National Taras Shevchenko University: Pedagogical Sciences. – №20 (255), 2012Contents
О. V. Peculiarities of the Organization of Pedagogical Interaction in Cyberspace
General and pedagogical Valueology iconContents Topical issues of education modernization
Н. Experimental implementation of the system of pedagogical competence of the future engineering educators in the process of pedagogical...
General and pedagogical Valueology iconContents Theoretical Bases of Pedagogical Activity
Коsenchyk O. G. Socio-pedagogical conditions of forming of leadership qualities of high school students in extra-curricular activities...
General and pedagogical Valueology iconMinistry of education and science of ukraine institute of pedagogical education and adult education at the academy of pedagogical sciences of ukraine
Код єдрпоу 02136554 р/р №35429010001040 гудку в м. Києві мфо 820019 marked as “Contribution to conduct the conference”
General and pedagogical Valueology iconMinistry of education and science of ukraine institute of pedagogical education and adult education at the academy of pedagogical sciences of ukraine
Код єдрпоу 02136554 р/р №35429010001040 гудку в м. Києві мфо 820019 marked as “Contribution to conduct the conference”
General and pedagogical Valueology iconGeneral-purpose low-power transformers. General specifications
Введен в действие постановлением Государственного комитета СССР по стандартам от 18 апреля 1984 г. N 1339
General and pedagogical Valueology iconДокументи
1. /Module1. General questions of Hygiene and Ecology/Lectures/Children and adolescent hygiene.rtf
General and pedagogical Valueology icon«The News Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University: The Pedagogical sciences»

General and pedagogical Valueology iconMinistry of education and science of ukraine national pedagogical university named after m. P. Dragomanov

General and pedagogical Valueology iconContents Social and Pedagogical Work
О. V. The problem of formation of representations about motherhood in modern Russian women
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