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Role of mineral deposits in the development of national economy of Ukraine. Current status of explorations and extracting of mineral deposits in Ukraine and worldwide.

Types of mineral deposits. Industrial requirement to deposits: quality, quantity and technological properties of minerals, mining-geological and economical-geographical conditions for deposits exploitations.

Contents of the course, its tasks and connection with other educational subjects.

  1. Explorations

Geological fundamentals of explorations for mineral deposits. Geological industrial types of mineral deposits, characteristics of their main representatives.

Criteria for ore-bearing of entrains. Their general systematization and explorative value. Historical-geological, metalogenic, magmatic, formational, facial, structural, lithographic, geomorphologic, geophysical, geochemical and other criteria.

Explorative features of mineral deposits. Their informativeness, scales of revealing. Exposure of mineral deposits to the surface. Its evaluation. Areas of dispersion of mineral deposits – classification, conditions and factors of formation, explorative value. Round ore changes of rocks. Their interrelation with ore bodies.

Geophysical, geomophological, botanical, toponymic indicators.

Forecasts for mineral deposits. Compiling forecast-metalogenic maps. Quantitative evaluation of mineral deposits potential for a prospective territory.

Methodological fundamentals of explorations for mineral deposits. Heterogeneity of structure of mineral deposit site and its scales.

Stages in explorative works, observations scheme, M geometry, unity. Explorative profile, cross-section and system.

General classification of explorative methods: surface, air, underwater, geological, geophysical, geochemical. Mining, drilling works.

Geological-mineralogical methods of explorations. Explorations by secondary litho-chemical areas and dispersion flows. Explorations by primary lithochemical area and evaluation of the depth of erosive cut of deposits. Hydrochemical, biochemical, atmochemical methods of explorations.

Compiling geochemical maps. Qualitative and quantitative interpretation of results of geochemical explorations.

Complex of methods of explorative works and rational selection. Explorations for “blind”, “buried”, “disguised” deposits. Complex of methods of explorations for hidden deposits.

2. Survey

Survey for mineral deposits – tasks, stages, methods, means. Systems of survey, areas of application. Classification of deposits determining methods of survey. Unity of survey scheme and methods of its determination. Classification of mineral deposits.

Tracing and contouring ore bodies by their capacity, stretching and falling. Testing mineral deposits: types, aims, means. Peculiarities and areas of application of different ways of test selection. Processing and analyzing tests results. Factors determining selection of test types and methods of their processing. Testing of placers.

Changeability of deposits. Processing results of tests, research of obtained data.

Industrial conditions. Factors determining industrial value of deposits. Inventory of deposits: tasks and general principles. Outcome data from deposits inventory. Ways of conducting inventory. Positive quality, drawbacks and areas for rational applications.

Peculiarities of methodology of survey for mineral deposits: layer, lode, cluster, etc. Survey for placers.

Economical evaluation of mineral deposits. Evaluative data, methods of their obtaining. Compiling technical economical support and reports.


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