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Teach English in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation is seeking volunteers for its annual English Summer School. The month-long program gives you a chance to live with Ukrainian college students, experience Byzantine Christianity, and learn about the new challenges facing this ancient country. No knowledge of Ukrainian is necessary. To apply, please complete the application below and send by email to (deadline: March 30):

English Summer School Volunteer Adviser
Ukrainian Catholic University


Students of the Ukrainian Catholic University (a Catholic college revived after fifty years of Soviet suppression) need to learn English for their course work, including classes taught by English-speaking faculty. English instruction during the year is capped by exposure to native speakers in an immersion setting.


The full-day schedule includes English use at six hours of classes, morning liturgy, midday prayer and vespers, mealtime conversations, and evening activities. Typical classes have 7-10 students and involve a combination of reading, discussion and exercises. Weekends include occasional hikes and short trips. The summer school is also a unique spiritual opportunity.


About one third of the 100 students are seminarians; others include women religious and lay undergraduates studying theology or history. The English-speaking staff is principally from North America with assistance from Ukrainian teachers.


The summer program is based in a rural setting about two hours from Lviv, the cultural center of Western Ukraine. Housing is provided in shared rooms; meals are likewise very simple.

How Much?

Room and board are provided for volunteers. The only real expense is travel to Lviv (round-trip bookings are about $1200 from New York, $1400 from Chicago).

^ English Summer School

Volunteer Application


Address_____________________________________________ Phone______________

____________________________________________________ Fax________________


Passport Number___________________________________ Nationality_____________

Date of Birth____________ Height______________ Weight___________

Higher education background (degrees and institutions):


Please list any prior teaching experience (formal and informal):

Please list any religious or civic activities in which you are/have engaged:

Spirituality is a critical component of the program; please describe your knowledge/experience of the Eastern Church (no knowledge/experience required for participation):

Conditions at the ESS are rigorous; do you have any health complications? (Please explain)

Meals are very simple; do you have any dietary restrictions? (Please explain)

Please list your previous travel experience:

Please list talents and hobbies as well as any special skills you have that would be useful in a camp setting (e.g. singing, sports, games):

How did you hear about this program?

Please provide contact information for two references, one a personal character reference and one a professional/academic reference.


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