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Awarding Diplomas to International Solomon University
(the Eastern-Ukrainian Branch) Students

On July 12, 2007 graduation diploma-awarding ceremony took place at the Eastern-Ukrainian Branch of International Solomon universiy. Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree diplomas were issued to 85 newly-graduated historians, economists, and programmers, 9 of whom were awarded diplomas with honours.

On the occasion of their graduation from a prestigious 4-th level accreditation university, recognised as the best private higher educational establishment of Ukraine, students were greeted by representatives of the Kharkov regional administration, international Jewish organisations, EUB ISU Board of trustees, and ISU partner-companies – prospective employers of ISU graduates.

All those who spoke at the ceremony emphasised high methodological standards of the EUB ISU Faculty and Staff, the good professional schooling received by ISU graduates, ISU administration’s concern for the future of its graduates.


For the 9-year period of EUB ISU work, 279 of its graduates – historians, market-experts, financiers, and programmers – received Bachelor’s Degrees (42 of them with honours), 196 people graduated with Specialist’s and Master’s degrees (39 of them with honours).


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