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Signing a three-party partnership agreement between
International Solomon university and
“Stella Systems” and “LanaPro” computer companies

On June 3, 2007 a three-party partnership agreement was signed by the East-Ukrainian Branch of International Solomon university with “Stella Systems” and “LanaPro” – two biggest IT companies of Kharkov.

The aim of the agreement is mutually beneficial collaboration in the educational field directed at raising the standards of ISU specilists’ preparation and training perspective professionals for work in computer companies.

The immediate steps to be taken within the partnership framework are:

  • creating facilities for ISU Computer Science students to take their internship practice in the above-mentioned IT-companies;

  • creating facilities for ISU Computer Science students to be involved in solving the above-mentioned IT-companies’ project tasks as part of their course and graduation projects;

  • integrating into the ISU curriculum of a number of specialized disciplines taught by the IT-companies’ employees;

  • ensuring guaranteed employment to ISU graduates by the above IT-companies.

The signing of the agreement coincided with the ISU 9th annual academic students’ conference “History. Economics. Computer Sciences”. The members of the “Computer Science” session benefited from the chance of familiarizing with the work of the partner IT-companies and the perspectives open to them due to ISU collaboration with its IT business partners.


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