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1. Translate the text

About Foreign Investments


All kinds of values invested by the foreign investors into objects of enterprise activity and other Kind of activities for abstaining profit (income) or achieving social are considered to be foreign investments in Ukraine.

Values which can be used for marking investments include currency, in particular the currency used on the territory of Ukraine, movable and real property, securities, rights of intellectual property, rights to carry out economic activity, paid services and other values.


Above-mentioned values can be invested into joint, ventures with membership of Ukrainian businessmen private enterprises, movable orreal property, securities, rights for land-tenure and concessions for exploitation of natural resources and other property right.

In the foreign investments are no less 20 per cent of the authorized fund of the enterprise and reach the size of which is differentiated according to kinds of investments, the enterprise gets the status of the enterprise with foreign investments.


Assessment the foreign investments including payments to the authorized fund of enterprises with foreign investments is made, according to a desire of a foreign investor, in the foreign hard currency or in the national currency of Ukraine.

2. Arrange the following in the correct order

  1. You in England are staying how much longer?

  2. I here for another year shall be at any rate.

  3. When you leave here to do what are you going?

  4. Your stay here you have enjoyed?

  5. With my father all this before I left home I discussed.

  6. A telegram about a week later from the firm he got.

3. Each sentence consists of words or phrases underlined

The four underlined parts of the sentences are marked A, B, C, D. You are to identify the one underlined word or phrase that would not be acceptable in standard written English. Example:

The study of animals truly fascinating and many books been .

In this sentence the verb are in answer B is incorrect because the subject is study, which is singular.

  1. Buying clothes often practice because those clothe that a person likes that fit him or her.

  2. they had spent time the new contract, the students to lease the apartment.

  3. televisions are for at .

  4. After she a new automobile, she bicycle.

  5. The next question we is when the proposal.

4. Articles

In the following sentences supply the articles (a, an, the) if they are necessary. If no articles is necessary, leave the space blank.

  1. Jason’s father bought him ____ bicycle that he had wanted for his birthday.

  2. ____ statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from ____ France to ____ United States.

  3. Rita is studding ____ English and ____ math this semester.

  4. ____ judge asked ____ witness to tell ____ truth.

  5. Please give me _____ cup of _____ coffee with _____ cream and ____ sugar.

  6. ____ big books on ____ table are for my history class.

  7. No one in ____ Spanish class ____ new correct answer to ____ Mrs.Peter’s question.

  8. My ____ car is four years old and if still runs well.

  9. When you, go to ____ store, please buy ____ bottle of chocolate milk and ____ dozen oranges.

  10. There are only ____ few seats left for ____ to night’s musical at ____ university.

5. Simple Past Tense and Past Progressive

Use either the simple past tense or the past progressive in the following sentences as appropriate.

  1. Gene ____ (eat) dinner when his friends called.

  2. While Maria was cleaning the apartment, her husband ____ (sleep).

  3. At three o’clock this morning, Eleanor ____ (study).

  4. When Mark arrived, the Johnsons ____ (have) dinner, but they stopped in order to talk to him.

  5. John ____ (go) to France last year.

6. Past Perfect and Simple Past

Supply the past perfect or simple past in the following sentences.

  1. The policeman read the suspect his rights after he ____ (arrest) him.

  2. After John ____ (wash) his clothes, he began to study.

  3. George ____ (wait) far one hour before the bus came.

  4. Maria ____ (enter) the university after she had graduated from the community college.

  5. Jeanette ____ (wash) the pipettes after she had completed the experiment.

7. Conditional Sentences

Supply the correct form of the verb in parentheses for each of the following sentences. Review the rules if you have troubles.

  1. Henry talks to his dog as if it ____ (understand) him.

  2. If they had left the house earlier, they ____ (be; negative) so late getting to the airport that they could (not) check their baggage.

  3. If I finish the dress before Saturday, I ____ (give) it to my sister for her birthday.

  4. If I had seen the movie, I ____ (tell) you about it last night.

  5. Had Bob not interfered in his sister’s marital problems, there ____ (be) peace between them.

  6. He would give you the money if he ____ (have) it.

  7. I wish they ____ (stop) making so much noise so that I could concentrate.

  8. She would call you immediately if she ____ (need) help.

  9. Had they arrived at the sale early, they ____ (find) a better selection.

  10. We hope that you ____ (enjoy) the party last night.

8. Nouns Functioning as Adjectives

In each of the following sets, choose the appropriate form the blank in the second sentence.

EXAMPLE: Her call to California lasted ten minutes.

She made a ten-minute call to California.

  1. Sam’s new apartment is in a building which has twelve stories.

Sam’s new apartment is in a ________ building.

  1. We teach languages

We are ______ teachers.

  1. My parents saw a play in three acts last night.

My parents saw a _____ play last night.

  1. The manager said that the sale would last for two days.

The manager said that it would be a _____ sale.

  1. Hal bought a tool set containing 79 pieces.

Hal bought a _____ tool set.


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