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About Foreign Investments


Relation associated with foreign investments in Ukraine are regulated by a number of Ukrainian laws Decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers, and other legal Acts of the State.

Adoption of these Decrees by the Supreme Rada forms legal basis for activities of foreign investors on the territory of Ukraine and proves protection of their interests, gives the amount of authority no less than that of state enterprises. It must contribute to the primary investment in the priority industries and territories.

If other rules are established in the international treaties with participation of Ukraine, which are different from the rules stipulated in existing laws of Ukraine, then the rules of the international treaties will be applied.


Directions of the national policy in the field of foreign investments and state programs for attracting foreign investments are worked out by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine together with the National Bank of Ukraine and adopted by the Supreme Rada of Ukraine.


Laws of Ukraine include a number of measures for protecting of foreign investment, First of all the investors are guaranteed stability of laws on protection of foreign investments. If the future laws modify protection rules, on request of a foreign investor, there must be applied the laws which were used at the time of registration of the investments.

2. Arrange the following in the correct order

  1. You to Stratford been have ever?

  2. Many books wrote Dickens name his and also of the house on the wall born Shakespeare where was.

  3. Cottage about a mile Anne Hathaway’s from Stratford is.

  4. Winds dowly the through the river Avon town.

  5. Well John knew Oxford because is it near quite.

  6. Was that funny very through it he.

3. Each sentence consists of words or phrases underlined

The four underlined parts of the sentences are marked A, B, C, D. You are to identify the one underlined word or phrase that would not be acceptable in standard written English. Example:

The study of animals truly fascinating and many books been .

  1. George completed and Maria .

  2. John decided , but in .

  3. in this store require very , but this one needs that the .

  4. After George , a book.

  5. theories on conserving the purity of water proposed, but been as widely accepted as this one.

4. Articles

In the following sentences supply the articles (a, an, the) if they are necessary. If no articles is necessary, leave the space blank.

  1. John and Marcy went to ____ school yesterday and then studies in ____ library before returning home.

  2. ____ Lake Erie is one of ____ five Great Lakes in ____ North America.

  3. On ur trip to ____ Spain, we crossed ____ Atlantic Ocean.

  4. ____ Mount Rushmore is the site of ____ magnificent tribute to ____ four great American presidents.

  5. What did you eat for ____ breakfast this morning?

  6. Louie played ____ violin and her sister played ____ guitar.

  7. While we were in ____ Alaska, we saw ____ Eskimo village.

  8. Phil can’t go to ____ movies tonight because he has to write _____ essay.

  9. David attended _____ Princeton University.

  10. Harry has been admitted to _____ School of Medicine at ____ Midwestern university.

5. Simple Past Tense and Past Progressive

Use either the simple past tense or the past progressive in the following sentences as appropriate.

  1. When the teacher ____ (enter) the room, the students.

  2. While Joan was writing the report, Herry ____ (look) for more information.

  3. We _____ (see) this movie last night.

  4. At one time, Mr.Roberts ____(own) this building.

  5. Jose ____ (write) a letter to his family when his pencil ____ (break).

6. Past Perfect and Simple Past

Supply the past perfect or simple past in the following sentences.

  1. Jane sent a letter to her university after she ___ (receive) her scholarship check.

  2. After the stewardesses had served lunch to the passengers, they ____ (sit) down.

  3. The car ____ (flip) ten times before it landed on its roof.

  4. We corrected our papers after we ____ (take) the quiz.

  5. John _____ (live) in Miami for one year when his parents came to visit.

7. Conditional Sentences

Supply the correct form of the verb in parentheses for each of the following sentences. Review the rules if you have troubles.

  1. If you have enough time, please ____ (paint) the chair before you leaves.

  2. We could go for a drive if today ____ (be) Saturday).

  3. If she wins the prize, it will be because she ____ (write) very well.

  4. Mike wished that the editors ____ (permit) him to copy some of their material.

  5. Joel wishes that he ____ (spend) his vacation on the Gulf Coast next year.

  6. I ____ (accept) if they invite me to the party.

  7. If your mother ____ (buy) that car for you, will you be happy.

  8. If he ____ (decide) earlier, he could have left on the afternoon flight.

  9. Had we known your address, we ____ (write) you a letter.

  10. If the roofer doesn’t come soon, the rain ____ (leak) incide.

8. Nouns Functioning as Adjectives

In each of the following sets, choose the appropriate form the blank in the second sentence.

EXAMPLE: Her call to California lasted ten minutes.

She made a ten-minute call to California.

  1. Margie has a bookcase with shelves

Margie has a ______ bookcase.

  1. I need two cans of tomatoes that weigh 16 ounces each

I need two ____ cans of tomatoes.

  1. I’m looking for a pressure cooker that holds six quarts

I’m looking for a ____ pressure cooker.

  1. He is a specialist at building houses made of bricks

He is a specialist at building ____ houses.

  1. Mrs. Jansen just bought her daughter a bicycle with with ten speeds.

Mrs. Jansen just bought her daughter a ____ bicycle.


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