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1. My Family.

Before I start talking about my family, let me introduce myself. I am Ira Petrenko I am 20. I was born in Kyiv.

And now I am going to tell you about my family. We are a family of five. We think we are a large and friendly family.

To begin with, I am going to talk first about my dad. His name is Ivan Petrovich, he is 45. He is a doctor. He is neither old, nor young. He is a good-looking man, handsome, rather thin with dark brown hair just beginning to go grey. He is a bread-maker in our family.

My mother’s name is Galina Nickolayevna. She is two years younger than my father. My mother is rather slim and pretty; she is always elegant and smart.

Victor is my elder brother. He is two years older. He is married. His wife is a journalist. They have got a child, my nephew.

And finaly a few words about my grandmother. She is 68. My granny is my best friend. She is retired in pension now. Put it into a few worlds, we are a united and friendly family.


a family



to be born in



a name



a mother



a father



a brother



to be married


бути одруженим



небіж, племінник

a doctor









neither old nor young


не старий і не молодий

^ Read, learn and act out the following conversations:


- I say, Olgh, come over one evening and have supper with us if you’re not too busy. I’ll introduce you to my family.

- Is your family large?

- Yes, our family is quite a big one. There are 6 of us. I have a mother, a father, two brothers and a granny.

- Do your brother look like you?

- Yes, we’re all very much alike. We’re all dark-haired and black-eyed. Nick, my elder brother, is very tall, like our father.

- Are they married?

- The younger one is still single.


- Have you any brothers or sisters?

- Yes, one brother and one sister. They’re twins, by the way. My brother is single and lives with my parents.

- Is your sister single, too?

-No, she’s married and has two children.

- Does your sister work?

- No, she’s a housewife at present. She looks after the house and the children.

- What does your brother - in - law do?

- He works as an engineer.

^ Role-play the following situations:

1. Розпитайте свого друга, якого ви давно не бачили, про його сім`ю. Довідайтесь, яка у нього родина, скільки дітей, ким працює його дружина.

2. Розкажіть про своїх батьків: чи працюють вони, чи на пенсії, чи живуть разом з вамиБ як часто ви їх відвідуєте.

^ 2. My Working Day.

I want to describe my working day. On weekdays my working day begins early in the morning. I usually get up at about 7 o’clock in the morning. Then I do my morning exercises and go to the bathroom to wash my face and hands and clean my teeth. I don’t take a shower in the morning. I generally do it late in the evening before going to bed. At a quarter past seven I am ready to have my breakfast. As a rule, I have a quick light breakfast which consist of a cup of coffee or tea and cheese or sausage sandwich. After breakfast I leave for work. I live far from my office so it takes me half an hour to get there by trolley-bus. My working day begins at 9 o’clock and ends at 6 o’clock in the evening.

After work, I usually do some shopping on my way home. I come back home at 7 o’clock in the evening or even later. I prepare my supper, wash up, clean my room. In the evening I watch TV or read books.

This is my usual working day. Weekends are more attractive.




буденний день

as a rule


як правило

to do one’s morning exercises


робити зарядку

to wash



to clean one’s teeth


чистити зуби

to be ready


бути готовим

to have breakfast



to consist of


складатися з ...

to do one’s shopping


робити покупки

to come back home


повертатися додому

to prepare



to go to bed


лягати спати





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Розпитайте свого друга, якого ви давно не бачили, про його сім`ю. Довідайтесь, яка у нього родина, скільки дітей, ким працює його...
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