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Worksheet: Analyzing Your Interests and Aptitudes

1. List three things that you like to do in your spare time:




2. List three hobbies:





3. List three courses you liked and did well in school:




4. List your three most marketable skills:




5. List three things you like most about your current job:




6. List three things that would be characteristic of your ideal job:




Ex.2. You have already cleared up your ambitions. Evaluate yourself as a future employee (what you are good at, what you can do better than others, what characteristics are useful for the job that you have (punctuality, attendance, courtesy/tact, dedication, initiative, carefulness (accuracy, productivity, honesty, loyalty, energy, patience, creativity). Don't forget managerial & communicative skills, or typing & computing abilities. Do this exercise in a written form.

Ex.3. You've already evaluated yourself. Characterize your deskmate in written form using his/her paper with information written by him/her and your knowledge about him/her as a person. Remember, characteristics written by you will be used by your deskmate's employer. Don't forget to use The Present Perfect (Present Perfect Continuous). You can use a plan of Characteristic.



  1. Practical achievements

  2. How long you have known the applicant

  3. Evaluation of an applicant as a student

  4. Skills

  5. Professional background

  6. Potential for further study

  7. Personality

Ex.4. After all as a prize you have an opportunity to choose your future job.


Market analyst, banker, insurance underwriter, real estate appraiser, florist, industrial engineer, contractor, warehouse manager, salesperson-technical products, lawyer, judge, attomey, tv/radio announcer, admin.assist, branch manager, director Indus.relations, gov’t official, insurance manager, salary & wage administrator, labor arbitrator, systems analyst, director of compensation & benefits, securities salesperson, personnel recruiter, managers such as restaurant/office/traffic/personnel/production.


Economist, internist, physician, anthropologist, astronomer, pathologist, physicist, chemist, production planner, medical lab assistant, optometrist, psychiatrist, psychologist, medical technologist, bacteriologist, physiologist, research analyst, pharmacist, actuary, quality control technician, computer operator, geologist, mathematician, statistician, surgeon, meteorologist, agronomist, animal scientist, botanist, zoologist, horticulturist, natural scientist, oceanographer, biochemist, veterinarian, geographer, x-ray technician, administrator, dentist, engineer, tool designer.


Drama coach, English teacher, journalist-reporter, dansing teacher, foreign language interpreter, philosopher, art teacher, music teacher, musician, orchestra conductor, advertising executive, advertising manager, entertainer, public relations person, fashion model, writer, editor, radio program writer, dramatist, actor, designer, interior decorator, critic, fashion illustrator, furniture designer, jeweler designer, furrier, women’s garment designer, decorator, architect, artist, photografer, photo retoucher, printer, music composer.


Director of social services, compensation advisor, dorm director, interviewer, employment rep., funeral director, job analyst, chamber of commerce executive, employee benefits approver, food serv.mgr., claim adjuster, production expediter, health & weafare coordinator, educational administrator, training director, historian, environmental health engineer, home service rep., community rec. admin., counselor, business agent, extension agent, physical ed teacher, building superintendant, therapist, professor, sociologist, nurse, minister, librarian.

^ Conventional occupations

Certified public accountant, time study analyst, business teacher, finance expert, accountant, credit manager, timekeeper, auto wtiting machine operator, estimator, foreign trade clerk, accounting machine operator, personnel clerk, sales correspondent, reservations agent, bookkeeper, cashier, secretary, proofreader, library assistant, data processing worker, mail clerk, personnel secretary, medical secretary.


Forester, industrial arts teacher, radio operator, auto engineer, mechanical engineer, mining engineer, vocational agriculture teacher, civil engineer, industrial engineer technician, fish and game warden, surveyor, dental technician, architectural draftsman, electrician, jeweler, powerhouse repairman, tool & die marker, machinist, mechanic, stone cutter, nuclear reactor technician, tree surgeon, piano tuner, air conditioning engineer,ship pilot, instrument mechanic, motion picture projectionist, carpenter.


Letters of recommendation are written to evaluate the applicant and to appraise job-related performance. The central concern in these messages is to present honest, objective information about the candidate and to help match candidates to jobs.

Ex.5.Match some words with their definitions to be sure you will not mix them reading the text of letters.


1. Congeniality a) чернетка

2. Degree b) керівництво

3. Draft c) різнобічність

4. Proficiency d) щиро

5. Recommend e) майстерність

6. Request f) винахідливість

7. Resourcefulness g) конгеніальність

8. Sincerely h) ступінь (учена)

9. Supervision i) рекомендувати

10.Versatility j) запит

Ex.6. Read examples of sample letters of recommendation and some pieces of advise to compose them.


7335 – S.LEWIS – SUITE 206


{403} 497-555

May 6, 2000

Harold Rawden, DMD

Rawden Dental Clinic

913 E.Carlson Street

Holbrook, CA 90311

^ Dear Dr Rawden:

I heartily recommend Jessica Wyke as a dental hygienist.

She started working for us three years ago, soon after receiving her B.S. degree and her R.D.H. certificate. By the following standards, she has been an outstanding member of our periodontal team:

1. Proficiency. Her scaling and root planning are always thorough. She manages to maintain a tight schedule while sharing with patients some techniques of self-care in preventing periodontal diseases.

2. Versatility. Holding certificates in nitrous oxide, local anesthesia, and analgesia, she frequently assists in procedures many hygienists are not certified to perform.

3. Congeniality. Her patient empathy is natural. Cheerful and friendly with patients and staff members, she has had a very positive influence on our office atmosphere.

^ 4. Professionalism. As a Registered Dental Hygienist, she is active in local, state, and national organizations. Last year she was responsible for editing the Calgary Denial Hygienists ' Quarterly Bulletin.

If Jessica should ever come back to live in the Calgary area, I would welcome an opportunity to reemploy her.


^ Stephen Foley, DDS

Steps to follow in composing recommendation letters


The purpose of this letter is to describe and evaluate the job performance of a former employee seeking a recommendation


The reader wants information to help make a hiring decision.


Because the reader will be interested and receptive, open directly with purpose.



Gather information about the

candidate and the job sought.


Open by identifying the candidate, the position, and your relationship. State that your remarks are confidential and requested. In the body describe the candidate's job and accomplishments Close by providing an overall evaluation.


Write the first draft.


Revise vague statements that might be misinterpreted. Remove any unsupported, negative comments. PROOFREAD

Use commas after introductory clauses and in series. Use simplified letter style because the receiver's name is unknown.


Is this letter objective, truthful, and accurate? Is it fair to the candidate and to other candidates?

Good Samaritan Hospital

701 Quen Street

Sacramento, VT KTRD12

February 21, 1996

Vice-President, Human Resources

Heallhcare Enterprises

475 Topsoil Road

St. John's. Newfoundland A I E 2C6


At the request of Lance W. Oliver, I submit this confidential information in support of his application for the position of assistant director in your Human Resources Department. Mr Oliver served under my supervision as assistant director of Guest Relations at Good Samaritan Hospital for the past three years.

Mr. Oliver was in charge of many customer service programs for our 778-bed hospital. A large part of his job involved monitoring and improving patient satisfaction. Because of his personable nature and superior people skills, he got along well with fellow employees, patients, and physicians. His personnel record includes a number of citations for exemplary service.

Mr Oliver works well with a learn, as evidenced by his participation on the steering committee 10 develop our "Service First Every Day" program. His most significant contributions to our hospital, though, came as a result of his own creativity and initiative. He developed and implemented a patient hotline to hear complaints and resolve problems immediately. This enormously successful telephone service has helped us improve our patient satisfaction rating from 7.3 last year to 8.4 this year. That's the highest rating in our history, and Mr. Oliver deserves a great deal of the credit.

We're sorry to lose Mr. Oliver, but we recognise his desire to advance his career. I am confident that his resourcefulness, intelligence, and enthusiasm will make him successfut in your organization. I recommend him without reservation.


MEO nd

Ex.7. Imagine that you are a manager of a firm. You should compose a letter of recommendation for one of your employees who is changing jobs now. Do it (remember the first paragraph identifies applicant and position with mentions confidentiality of message and relationship to writer; the second one supports general qualities with specific details and describes and interprets accomplishment, and the third paragraph summarizes main points and offers evaluation).



It is not necessary to prove advantages of spreading information by mass media - thousands of people learn about an event at one time all over the world. So, there is no doubt if you are looking for a job you will try to find it with the help of the 'employment' section of the local newspaper, or you might put your own ad in one of the international newspapers as one of the formal sources of jobs.

Еx.1. Before reading some of the ads, look through the list of abbreviations you can find in them.

Reading the Employment Ads

А/С, а/с, асе. (account current) — поточний (звичайний) рахунок

adsd (addressed) — адресовано

adse [addressee) — адресат, одержувач

ad (advertisement) — рекламна об”ява (множ. — ads)

aff actn (affirmative action employer: one who seeks and encourages qualified women and minorities to apply)

a.m. (ante meridiem) — до полудня

арр. (appendix) — додаток

Attn. (attention) — до уваги (когось)

b.d. (birth date) – дата народження

ben (benefits) –льготи, привілеї, вигоди

В/Е, В.Е., Ь.е. (bill of exchange) — перевідний вексель, тратта

B/L, b/1, B.L., Ь.1. (bill of lading) — коносамент

cc., cc (copies) — вказівка на адресатів копій листа

СЕО (chief executive officer) — виконавчий директор

cf. (confer) — порівняйте

Со. (company) — компанія

coll grad (college graduate) -освіта коледжу (університету в США)

comm. (commission) - комісійні

contr. (contract) — контракт

Corp. (corporation) — корпорація

cur. 1. (currency) — валюта; 2. (current) — поточний

CV (curriculum vitae) — коротка біографія

dd 1. (dated) — датований; 2. (delivered) — доставлений

deg (degree required) – вимагається освіта

Dep., Dept. (department) — 1. - відділ; 2.- міністерство

doc. (document) — документи (множ. — docs.)

doz., dz. (dozen) — дюжина

eaon (except as otherwise noted) - якщо не вказано інакше

eeo (equal employment opportunity)- рівні можливості без дискримінації

e.g. (exempli gratia, лат.) — наприклад

enc., end. (enclosed, enclosure) — вкладений, прикладений,

вкладення, прикладка (до листа і т. і.)

exc., excl. (except, excluding, exception, exclusion) — виключая,


^ Exper nec (experience necessary) – досвід необхідно

exper req (experience required) - досвід вимагається

expn (expiration) — закінчення(терміну)

fig. (figure) — 1. — цифра; 2. — малюнок, схема

F/T (full-time job) – робота повний робочий день

FY (fiscal year) — фінансовий рік

h.a. (hoc anno, лат.) — в поточному році

hf. (half) — половина

H.Q., HQ, h.q. (headquaters) — головне управління (компанії,


HS (High school graduate) – вища освіта

id. (idem, лат.) - той же

i.e., ie (id est, лат.) - тобто

inc., incl. (including) - включаючи

Inc.,inc. (incorporated) — зареєстрований як юридична особа (корпорація)

info (information) - інформація

inv. (invoice) - рахунок-фактура

IOU (I owe you) - боргова розписка

L/C, I.e., 1/c (letter of credit) - аккредитив

LLC (limited liability company) - компанія з обмеженою відповідальністю

Ltd., ltd. (limited) - з обмеженою відповідальністю

LOC (letter of commitment) - гарантійний лист

mdse (merchandise) - товари

memo (memorandum) - записка

mgmt (management) - управління, керівництво

M.0., m.о. 1. (mail order) - поштовий переказ; 2. (money order) грошовий переказ, платіжне доручення

М.Т. (metric ton) - метрична тонна

MV (merchant (motor) vessel) - торговий (моторний) човен

N/A (not applicable) - не застосовано (напр., пункт в анкеті)

N.B., NB (nota bene, лат.) - важлива примітка

NC, N.C., n/c (no charge) - безкоштовно

o/l (our letter) - (посилаючись на) наш лист

PA (power ofattorney} - доручення

р.a, (per annum, лат.) - в рік

par. (paragraph) - абзац, параграф, пункт

Plc, PLC (public limited company) - відкрита акціонерна

компанія з обмеженою відповідальністю

^ РО (post office) - поштове відділення

pp. (pages) - сторінки

рр, р.р. (per pro, лат.) - від імені і за дорученням

P/T (part-time job) - робота не повний робочий день

qv (quod vide, лат.) -дивись (там-то)

R&D (research and development) - научно-дослідницькі та

досвідно-конструкторські роботи(НДОКР)

refs (references) - рекомендації

ref. (reference) - посилання

ret (receipt) - розписка, квитанція

rept. (report) - звіт

re (regarding) - відносно

RMS (root-mean-square) - середньо-квадратичний

sal open (salary has not been set and must be negotiated) - заробітна плата за домовленістю

self-starter (a person with initiative, or one who can work without constant direction)

shipt (shipment) - відгруження, відправка

sig. (signature) - підпис

temp (temporary position) - тимчасова робота

trnee (trainee, on-the-job training is given) - той,що проходить підготовку,стажист

tn. (ton) - тонна

urgt (urgent) - негайний

vac ( vacation) - канікули,відпустка

v., vs. (versus, лат.) - проти

VAT (value-added tax) - НДС

V.I.P, VIP (very important person - особливо важлива персона

v.s. (vide supra, лат.) - дивись вище

v.v. (vice versа, лат.) - навпаки

wpm (how many words you can type in one minute) - кількість слів,що можуть бути надруковані в хвилину

w/o (without) - без

& (and) - і (сполучник)

@ - коммерційне at

25K – заробітна плата 25 тисяч у рік

# (number) - номер (амер.)

Ex.2. Read some employment ads.


Angela Mortimer plc is currently dealing with exciting opportunities within a number of different organisations:

£27 K • Executive Search

• PA to Partner. Coll grad, F/T

£26 K • Management Consultancy

• Executive Assistant. Exper nec, F/T

£24 K • Retail

• PA to Marketing Manager. Exper req, P/T

£23 K • Luxury Hotel

• PA to General Manager. Deg, F/T

£23 K • Finance

PA to Corporate Finance Manage. Deg F/T

£25 K • Internet Company

• PA to Chief Executive. HS, P/T

£20 K • Fund Management

• Team Secretary. 300 wpm, P/T

For an immediate discussion of these positions and your future, please contact us now or email your CV to

Committed to eeo

020 7287 7788

In Hampshire, Hurricanes Hardly Happen

That's what Henry Higgins thinks! The forecast in this Hampshire based, high-tech business is for one continuous hurricane of activity. It's the only way we can stay ahead of the game in the competitive world of digital image processing. The calm centre of this hurricane could be you, when you take up the post of:


We are an award-winning world-leader in the design and manufacture of video processing technology for the television and image communications industries. We require:

- an efficient, reliable PA with previous board level experience in a fast-moving corporate environment;

- a person with initiative, energy and maturity who can support our senior management in their prcssured and disparate working lives;

- someone who is confident to deal with sensitive, high profile external issues and equally able to provide more practical office based support. Your qualifications will ideally include shorthand and computer skills and your personal qualities will include rigorous attention to detail and a lightness of spirit. Please apply in writing, enclosing your c.v., to: Mary Rayfield, Snell & Wilcox Ltd, Southleigh Park House, Eastleigh Road, Havant, Hampshire. P09 2PE.


PA to Chief Financial Officer

Hours: 8.30am-6.30pm

We are looking for a bright, highly organised individual to work as PA to the Chief Financial Officer.

The successful candidate will:

• Be flexible, well organised, and able to operate with discretion when necessary

• Be confident in using e-mail, Schedule-1-, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint

• Be educated coll grad to A Level standard

• Have proven administrative ability and excellent telephone manner together with sound secretarial skills

• Have worked at Director level for at least three years, exper nec.

Please apply in writing enclosing a CV together with details of current salary to:

Street, London E9 1HR. Brenda Hemmings, Personnel Executive, News International Newspapers Ltd, 1 Virginia

Become a top PA, fully qualified wit the skills


Ex.3. Answer the questions.

1.Which jobs in these ads are most interesting to you? What education/experience do those jobs require?

2.What are the salaries and benefits for those jobs?

3.What have you learned from reading employment ads?

Ex.4. Compose an advertisement in search of job to put it in a local newspaper for employers.

During the course of your job search you will write several types of letters including cover letters, approach letters and thank you letters. The rules for writing each type of letter, as well as samples, follow.

You can ensure your letters will command attention and a positive response from your audience if you utilize the following principles of business correspondence:

  1. Plan and organize what you will say by outlining your letter.

  2. State your purpose immediately in the first sentence and paragraph; main ideas always go first.

  3. End your letter by stating what your reader can expect from you next.

  4. Use short paragraphs and sentences. Avoid complex sentences.

  5. Punctuate properly and use correct grammar and spelling.

  6. Communicate your message directly and briefly.


The cover letter serves to introduce you and advertise your resume. If you want your reader to examine your resume, your cover letter must have impact. The letter should advertise your resume; not just regurgitate or substitute for it. It must capture the readers attention, stress the employer’s needs and your value, and invite the employer to read your resume in-depth.

Follow these guidelines:

  • address it to a particular person by name and title

  • communicate something personal

  • answer the employers question, ‘Why should I see you?’

  • make sure your writing style is direct, powerful, and error free.

  • keep the letter short and cover three points:

a) state your interest and purpose

b) highlight your enclosed resume by stressing what you will do for the employer

c) request an interview and indicate that you will call for an appointment.

  • always be positive.


Approach letters are used to gain access to individuals who may provide you with contacts, leads and information that will assist you in career decision making or job hunting. They are used to obtain informational interviews and to build a network of contacts. Follow these guidelines in writing your approach letters:

- Start with a personal statement which connects you to the reader. If you have a referral, you might start with: "Dr. Jones suggested I contact you..." If you lack a personal referral you might open with:

"I am writing to you because of your position as ...," or "Because of your experience in...," or "Since we are both alumni of State College I thought..."

- Orient the reader to your purpose. Explain that you do not expect the reader to know of any current job openings, but you would like his or her help, advice, suggestions or guidance regarding your career plans, future work possibilities and in obtaining occupational information. Explain your current situation.

- Close your letter with a request for a brief meeting a mutually convenient time. Indicate you will call in a few days to arrange a meeting.

- Always address the letter to a name, not to a position or title.

- Be brief.

- Make your letter warm and personal.

- Avoid language that is officious, stereotyped or too jargonistic.

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