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Контрольна робота №2 (варіант 1)

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КОНТРОЛЬНА РОБОТА №2 (варіант 1)

Ex 1. Read and translate this text. Be ready to speak about company structure.

Company Structure

The Managing Director (sometimes called the Chief executive, or President in the USA) is the head of the company.

The company is run by a Board of Directors, each Director is in change of a department. However, the Chairman of the Board is in overall control and may not be the head of any one department.

Most companies have Finance, Sales, Marketing (sometimes part of Sales), Production, Research and Development (R and D) and Personnel Departments. These are the most common departaments, but some companies have others as well.

Most departaments have a Manager, who is in change of its day - to - day running, and who reports to the Director, the Director is responsible for strategic planning and for making decisions.

Various personnel in each department reports to the Manager. One example, present in almost all companies, is the Sales Representative, who reports the Sales Manager.

Ex. II. Big companies employing a large workforce have complex structures, with separate specialist departments in change of different functions. There are nine such departments in this company. Match each function with the department responsible for it.


  1. Administration.

  2. Purchasing.

  3. Transport.

  4. Personnel.

  5. Legal.

  6. Research and Development

  7. Sales and Marketing

  8. Production

  9. Accounts.


  1. Carries out market research.

  2. Works with the factory unit.

  3. Runs the mail room for all incoming and outgoing correspondence.

  4. Draws up contracts.

  5. Operates the firm’s lorries, vans and cars.

  6. Works to improve the firm’s product range.

  7. Responsible for recruitment and selection.

  8. Pays wages and salaries.

  9. In charge of the welfare of employees.

  10. Includes data processing services.

  11. Advises on corporate regulations.

  12. Arranges delivery of goods to customers.

  13. Organizes the activities of the sales representatives.

  14. Provides office services, such as typing and photocopying.

  15. Creates new products.

  16. Keep a record of all payments made and received.

  17. Brings the firm’s goods and services to the attention of potential customers.

  18. Organizes training courses.

  19. Orders all supplies needed by the firm.

  20. Organized quality control to maintain product standards.

Ex. III. Complete these extract from one large company’s annual report. There are twelve missing words and a choice of four possibilities for each.

Open communication with all employees is vital to achieving that sense of personal ^ 1 in the company, without which our steady 2 would be impossible. 3 communication between management and employees has played a key role in building the excellent 4 relations on which we pride ourselves.

We recognize that professional enthusiasm does not depend solely on pay 5 , but also on the opportunities employees have to participate in the ^ 6 process and contribute to plans and choices that affect their jobs and careers.

All employees receive regular issues our 7 magazine and information booklets on our 8 and plans, as well as regular 9 of progress. Advance 10 of any change to the business is given to all employees who may be affected. Managers meet on a 11 basis with elected stff 12 to tackle any problems and to ensure efficiency and stability.


  1. improvement /involment / popularity / development

  2. share / market / size / growth

  3. specific / formal / face - to - face / accurate

  4. labour / public / departmental / external

  5. days / scales / claims / demands

  6. training / promotion / decentralization / decision - making

  7. popular / publicity / in-house / do - it - yourself

  8. politics / policies / portfolio / prestige

  9. programmes / levels / promises / reviews

  10. notice / consideration / help / publication

  11. freelance / quick / regular / standard

  12. personnel / representatives / staff / executives

Ex. IV. Interview a partner about their company.


  1. if their prices are low or high compared with their competitors.

  2. if advertizing is important to their business.

  3. What training their stuff receives.

  4. if they hold regular meetings with their colleagues.

  5. if they have close relationships with their suppliers.

  6. if their manages are local or foreigners.

  7. Why their customers like their products / serice.

Ex. V. Prepare to make a short presentation about a company. Write notes first.

Ex. VI.

a) Choose the appropriate word:

  1. The Managing Director reports / is accountable to the Board.

  2. The Managing Director is supported / is assisted by four executive departments.

  3. The Section Leaders report to / are accountable to Regional Manager.

  4. The subsidiaries report / are accountable to the Export Sales Department.

b) Complete

  1. The Managing Director ______ to the Board.

  2. The Managing Director ______ for running the company.

  3. The Export Sales Department is ______ to the Board.

  4. Each Regional Manager ______ of a ferritory.

Ex. VII. Translate into English:

  1. Структура компанії.

  2. Відповідати за управління компанії.

  3. Бути підзвітним перед правлінням.

  4. Материнська компанія.

  5. Дочірня компанія.

  6. Відповідати за персонал.

  7. Проводити вивчення ринку.

  8. Підписувати контракт.

  9. Складати контракт.

  10. Компанія очолюється директором.

  11. Директор (керуючий) компанії відповідає за управління компанією.

  12. Є вісім виконавчих відділів у цій компанії.

  13. Відділ кадрів відповідає за персонал.

  14. Фінансовий відділ піклується за корпоративні фінанси і облік.

  15. Наша компанія має три дочірні компанії.

  16. Дочірні компанії доповідають експортному торговому відділу.

КОНТРОЛЬНА РОБОТА №2 (варіант 2)


Wholesaling is a part of marketing system. It provides channels, of distribution which help to bring goods to the market. Generally, indirect channels are used to market manufactured consumer goods. It could be from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, from the retailer to the consumer or through more complicated channels. A direct channel moves goods from the manufacturer or producer to the consumer.

Wholesaling is often a field of small business, but there is growing chain movement in the western countries. About a quarter of wholesaling units account for the one-third of total sales.

Two-third of the wholesaling middlemen are merchant wholesalers who take title to the goods they deal in. There are also agent middlemen who negotiate purchases or sales or both. They don’t take title to the goods they deal in. Sometimes they take possession through. These agents don’t earn salaries. They receive commissions. This is a percentage of the value of the goods they sell.

Wholesalers simplify the process of distribution. For example, the average supermarket stocks 5.000 items in groceries alone, a retail druggist can have more than 6.000 items. As a wrolesaler handles a large assortment of items from manufacturer and retailer. The store keeper does not have to deal directly with thousands of different peple. He ussualy has a well - stocked store and deals with only a few wholesalers.

Active Vocabulary

  1. Wholesaling - оптова торгівля

  2. to provide channels - забезпечувати системою (збуту)

  3. indirect channels - непряма, посередня система (збуту)

  4. complicated channels - складна система (збуту)

  5. relailer - торговець дрібним товаром

  6. chain movement - рух до об¢єднання

  7. wholesale unit - тут: контора по оптовій торгівлі

  8. total sales - сукупний продаж (збут)

  9. middleman - посередник, комісіонер

  10. merchant wholesaler - оптовий торговець (покупець)

  11. wholesaling middleman - оптовий посередник

  12. to take tittle to the goods - купувати товар як власність

  13. agent middleman - посередник між виробником і покупцем

  14. to negotiate purchases or sales - вести переговори з приводу купівлі та продажу

  15. to earn salary - заробляти заробітну плату

  16. to receive commissions - отримувати комісійні (процент від продажу)

  17. grocery - бакалійна торгівля

  18. to handle - 1) керувати; 2) торгувати (Am.E.)

  19. assortment - асортимент

Ex. 1. Read and translate the text “Wholesaling”. Learn new words and expressions

Ex. 2. Answer the following questions

  1. What is the aim of wholesaling?

  2. How can you describe a direct channel of distribution?

  3. What is an indirect channel of distribution?

  4. What channel of distribution is preferable?

  5. Is there any difference between a merchant wholesaling and an agent middleman? What is this difference?

  6. How does a wholesaler simplify the process of distribution?

  7. What would a relailer have to do without wholesalers?

Ex. III. Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence (wholesalers; take tittle; retailer; stock; channels; assortment; to receive; middleman).

  1. They use both direct and indirect ... of distribution.

  2. Agent middlemen do not ... to the goods they deal in.

  3. Usually wholesaling ... stands between the producer and the retailer.

  4. A supermarket may ... thousands of commissions items.

  5. Ussually a wholesaler handles a large ... of items of numerous manufactures.

  6. Agent middlemen don’t earn salaries, they ...

  7. A wholesaler doesn’t deal with the customers, he does with ...

  8. ... simplify the problems of manufacturers.

Ex. IV. Supply the correct forms of the verbs.

  1. The goods can (to deliver) only six mouths after we (to sign) the contract.

  2. From the quotation which (to enclose) with the letter you (can, to get) all particulars concerning the model.

  3. New features (to develop) in our machines not long ago, and they quite (to satisfy) market demands.

  4. Export packing (to be, to include) into the price.

  5. You (to be, to open) a Letter of Credit after (to receive) our Notification of Readiness.

  6. Shipment of goods (can, to make) from Kyiv within three weeks after your order (to receive).

  7. The customers (must, to supply) with the first lot of goods not later than June this year.

Ex. V. Make up the conditional sentences.

Model: consult the middleman /he is smart

If he were smart, he would consult the middleman.

  1. to be a wholesaling middleman / he - interested

  2. work for themselves / men - independent

  3. earn a good salary / he - happy.

  4. use direct channels / business - successful.

  5. have the secretary do it / she - there.

  6. handle it well / he - fail.

  7. order it next month / I - rich.

Ex. VI. Translate into English.

  1. Оптова торгівля - важливий елемент ринкової системи.

  2. Товари йдуть від оптового посередника до споживача через торгівця в роздріб.

  3. Непряма система збуту більш краща.

  4. Оптові покупці купують товар.

  5. Посередник отримує проценти від продажу.

  6. Посередник веде переговори з приводу купівлі чи продажу.

  7. В цьому магазині хороший асортимент товарів.

  8. Ми змушені дорого платити за доставку.

Ex. VII. Supply the articles where necessary.

  1. ... time plays an important part in the daily life of business people. They usually say that ... time is ... money.

  2. ... money is on the table. Go and buy some food with it.

  3. We are proud of ... progress which is made by our country in the field of heavy industry.

  4. “Johnson and Sons”, ... British company, were interested in ... machine tools of ... “Ukrexport”.

  5. On ... 5th of March Mr.Walker and ... representatives of ... Sallers met to discuss ... business.


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