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Scientific Degree__________________________________________

Academic Title____________________________________________

Contact phone number, e-mail___________________________________________________________________________________________

Title of the Report__________________________________________


Section No.____

Dated: _____________________, 2012

^ Conference Steering Committee Location:

Lviv Polytechnic National University

Institute of Business and Perspective Technologies

18 Horbachevskyi Street, 79044, Lviv

Conference Sections


Research Area


Section 1

Particularities of the national economy, marketing and management development in the globalized environment

Sanina Olha Romanivna

+38 067 3699099

Section 2

Topical issues of international economy and ways of their solution

Mala Nadiia Teodozivna

+38 096 588871

Section 3

Management of financial and credit relations (resources) under innovation development of production units

Horyslavets Pavlo Anatoliiovych

+38 097 2180513

Section 4

Accounting, analysis and auditing issues in the modern economic conditions

Havran Volodymyr Yaroslavovych

+38 067 7688678

Section 5

Social and humanitarian development of Ukraine: modern problems and development prospects

Tsubov Leonid Volodymyrovych

+38 067 3432321

Section 6

Topical issues of contemporary linguistics and methods of teaching foreign languages for training specialists in economy, entrepreneurship and IT technologies

Tsubov Leonid Volodymyrovych

+38 067 3432321

Section 7

Applied problems of mathematical modelling

Sliusarchuk Yuriy Mykolayovych

+38 067 6703238

Section 8

Research of dynamic and information systems models

Matviychuk Yaroslav Mykolayovych

Hasko Roman Teodoziyovych

+38 097 3108903

Section 9

Economic and IT education: problems and prospects

Sanina Olha Romanivna

+38 067 3699099





Institute of Business and Perspective Technologies

Call for Papers

The 8th Scientific and Engineering Conference for Researchers and Lecturers

^ Problems and Prospects of Economy, Entrepreneurship

and IT Technologies Development in Ukraine

26-31 March 2012

Lviv – 2012

Format Requirements to the Manuscripts

The manuscript should contain the integral number of pages. The subject matter of a report should be in strict correspondence with the scientific profile of the sections and can be submitted by one or several authors.

The manuscript should highlight the following:

  1. raising the issue in general and establishing its link to important scientific or applied tasks;

  2. concise analysis of the latest studies and publications which launched research into the problem and which is cited by the author(s);

  3. emphasis on the hitherto unsolved aspects of the problem which will be tackled at the conference;

  4. formulation of the objectives or setting the task to be solved by the author(s)

  5. brief presentation of the main research body with new scientific outcomes substantiated;

  6. conclusions on the research.

Manuscripts should conform to the grammatical and orthographical standards. Manuscripts will be published without additional editing or proofreading. Authors bear sole responsibility for the content and errors, if any, in the manuscripts.

Manuscripts which do not comply with the above-stated requirements will be rejected.

For text processing, please use MS Word 97, 2000 or XP (A4, 297 mm, 210 mm). Page margins: top 2 cm, bottom 2 cm, left 2.5 cm, right 2 cm; mirror margins.

Text layout:

  • Title of Manuscript: Use all caps, 14 pt Times New Roman, semi-bold, centred.

  • Authors' names: Leave one empty line after the title and type the name of the author(s) in 12 pt Times New Roman, semi-bold, on the right side of the page.

  • Affiliation: Type the name of the institution under the name of the authors in 12 pt Times New Roman, semi-bold, italics.

  • Skip one line and type the main text.

The body of the text should be typed using 12 pt Times New Roman, justified. Indent paragraphs 1 cm; use line spacing 1.1.

Captions of Tables. Captions are semi-bold type face, centred; the number of the table should be placed to the right of it in italics. For typing text within the tables, use 10 pt face type.

Formulae. For typing equations, use MS Equation (version 3.0 or lower). Equations should be numbered in parentheses to the right of the text.

Figures. These must be inserted into the manuscript in bitmap formats TIFF, BMP, JPG with resolution 300dpi. Figures should be captioned using 12 pt Times New Roman. Figures created with MS Word tools should be grouped as one object. Captions are placed under the figures, centred, using the face type of the main text.

References. These should appear in italics at the end of the text. References should be listed in the order of their referencing in the manuscript.

General Information

Working languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and Polish.

Application for the Conference: The manuscript and application for the conference should be e-mailed to the chair of the respective section by 15 January 2012.

Manuscripts should comply with the guidelines outlined herein.

Presentation materials can be submitted to the section chair on transparent films or in Microsoft PowerPoint (version 3.0 or lower)

Participation in the conference for researchers and lecturers of all universities and publication of the papers are free.

Transportation, accommodation, meals and books of conference proceedings shall be covered by the participants.

Manuscripts which do not meet the format requirements or those submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

We are looking forward to your papers and your participation.


Application Form iconApplication form this application form and the supporting documents become the property of ucu

Application Form iconApplication form this application form and the supporting documents become the property of ucu

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Application Form iconThe application form

Application Form iconApplication form

Application Form iconApplication Form

Application Form iconApplication form

Application Form iconThe application form

Application Form iconThe application form

Application Form iconThe application form

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