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Preliminary list of presentations at DSSR-2012

(some possible additional presentations are under consideration)

Participant Presentation Country

Abyzov “Kinetics of segregation processes: Classical versus generalized Gibbs approaches” Ukraine

Beke "Kinetic pathes of diffusion and solid state reactions in nanostructured thin film Hungary


Bokoch to be specified Lithuania

Bokstein exact title of lecture will be specified Russia

Chen “Review of periodic layer formation during solid state reactions” China

Danielewski “Diffusion-Induced Stresses in the Two-Phase Zone of the Ternary System; Bi- Poland

velocity Phase Field Method”

Demchenkov "In-situ study of forming quasicrystal structure during annealing of nanostructured Ukraine


Divinski “Diffusion and segregation in Sigma5(310) grain boundary” Germany

Edelhoff “Diffusion in single triple junctions” Germany

Erdйlyi "Reactive diffusion and stresses in spherical geometry" Hungary

Erokhin “An Investigation of Water- and Liquid Nitrogen-hardened Al-Zn Alloys” Russian Federation

Fedotov "The Magnetodiffusion effect in ferromagnetic metals in the pulsed magnetic field." Russian Federation

Fiebig “Diffusion in silver and titanium after severe plastic deformation” Germany

Filatov “The diffusion and electrophysical phenomena in MTJ-structure” Ukraine

Franchik "Diffusion of nitrogen at the combined laser and chemical and heat treatments" Ukraine

Gokhman “Effect of the Stress on the Diffusion in Neutron Irradiated Fe-based Materials” Ukraine

Gusak “Flux-driven nucleation in reactive diffusion – theory, modeling, experiment” Ukraine

Hodaj “Fundamental issues of brazing and soldering: wetting and interfacial reactions” France

Ivasishyn To be specified later Ukraine

Kaganovskii “Photo-induced diffusion in amorphous chalcogenide films” Israel

Khodakovskii “Surface segregation in amorphous alloys Fe73,6Si15,8B7,2Cu1,0Nb2,4 (FINEMET) Ukraine

for different types of deformation”

Kholmska "Toward Computational Materials Design: Ab initio approach" Ukraine

Kishor Rewatkar “Structure and electric-magnetic properties of Ga-Co calcium hexaferrites India

synthesized by solid state diffusion technique for high frequency applications”

Kornienko “Reactive diffusion with non-ideal vacancy sinks-sources at interfaces and in the bulk” Ukraine

Korol “Deformation- induced phase separation” Ukraine

Kovalchuk “Models of point-contact reactions” Ukraine

Klinger “Diffusion on rigid interfaces” Israel

Kozubski “Self diffusion in B2-ordering AB binary systems with a tendency for triple defect Poland

formation: Monte Carlo simulation”

Lau “Regime of applicability of a linked-flux theory for diffusion-limited nucleation” Singapore

Lobachova "Diffusion Distribution of Elements in Nearsurface Zone of Fe-alloys at the Electric- Ukraine

spark Alloying and Subsequent Chemical Heat Treatment"

Loburets "Surface diffusion and phase transitions in two-dimensional adsorbed films" Ukraine

Liashenko “Size effect on the time to failure distribution for 2D voids nucleation and growth ” Ukraine

Lyashenko To be specified later Ukraine

Makogon “The influence of Ag on ordering process in FePt/Ag/ FePt/SiO2/Si(001) thin films at Ukraine

annealing in vacuum”

Malyi Mechanisms of sulfur poisoning of solid oxide fuel cell anode materials Singapore

Mangelinck “Transient behavior in nickel silicide” France

Marchenko "STM-investigations of organic molecules thin films" Ukraine

Mazanko “Diffusion processes and structural features in steel 20 under ultrasonic treatment Ukraine

into constant magnetic field”

Mehrer “Diffusion reaction and interdiffusion in some binary metallic systems” Germany

Nazarov to be specified later Russia

Nattagh Najafi "Avalanche frontiers in dissipative abelian sandpile model as off-critical SLE(2)" Iran

Naumuk “The Dependence of Shifts in the Phase Diagram on the Rate of the Process During Ukraine

Stationary Directional Solidification”

Nikitenko “Features of Ni3Sn4 phase growth during reaction between solid Ni Ukraine

and liquid Sn”

Novoselov “Radiation-enhanced grain boundary diffusion in iron, iron base alloys and stainless Russian Federation


Oleshkevych "Studying of diffusion processes in Sn/Cu/Mn thin films system by AES and RBS Ukraine


Oliinyk “Temperature dependence of a period of structure in the distribution of vacancies or Ukraine

microvoids within the irradiated FCC crystal”

Osinskaya "The Magnetoplastic effect in beryllium bronze after the ageing in magnetic fields." Russian Federation

Ostashevska “Possibility of non-stationary SHS reaction in multilayered foils’’ Ukraine

Paritskaya “Size-dependent Lateral Propagation of Intermetallic Phase in Nano-Grained Ag-Sn Ukraine

Thin Film Couples”

Pasichnyy “Kinetics of Ni3Sn4 phase growth at the late stage of reaction between solid Ni Ukraine

and liquid Sn”

Pavlova "Phase transformation of A1 to L1o in nanoscaled Fe50Pt50 films with Au addition" Ukraine

Petelin “Penetration Kinetics of Bismuth Melt into Copper Polycrystalline Structure” Russian Federation

Petelina “The Diffusion-controlled Thermal Ageing Processes in Constructional Steels” Russian Federation

Petrov "The correlation of concentration dependences of magnetoplastic effect parameters Russian Federation

and data on small angle neutron scattering in Cu-Be alloys."

Pogorelov “Transport phenomena in a crystal induced by the laser pulse action” Ukraine

Podolyan “Phenomenologic modeling of hollow nanostructure evolution at intermetallic formation” Ukraine

Pokoev "Magneto-diffusive Effect in Ferromafnetic б-Fe Placed in Pulsed Magnetic Field" Russian Federation

Popov “Determination of grain-boundary diffusion parameters of Co in Mo and W using a Russian Federation

specified model of grain-boundary diffusion”

Priimets “Diffusion paths in single-phase ternary metal systems” Estonia

Prokofyev "Correlated thermal motion of several liquid Pb inclusions attached to one fixed Russian Federation

dislocation in Al"

Prokopenko "Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Atomic Structure in the Point Defect Vicinity" Russian Federation

Rabkin "Diffusion-induced stabilization of microstructure in thin Au films" Israel

Rodin "Surface tension gradient as additional driving force for grain boundary diffusion" Russian Federation

Schmelzer “Thermodynamics and Nucleation Growth Processes: Classical versus Generalized Germany

Gibbs’ Approaches”

Schmitz "Nanocrystalline materials: Triple junction transport and the impact of grain boundary Germany


Smirnov “Some problems of kinetic theory for radiation-enhanced grain-boundary diffusion in Russian Federation

polycrystal materials with impurities”

Smolina "Influence of high-energy combined treatment parameters on structure of Ukraine

biocompatible coatings"

Storozhuk Mean-field models of nucleation and phase competition in reactive diffusion Ukraine

Straumal Deformation-driven diffusion and phase transformations Russian Federation

Tarasov "The reaction diffusion in U-Mo-Al system" Russian Federation

Telychko "In-situ study of forming quasicrystal structure during annealing of nanostructured Ukraine


Tkachuk “Diffusion of Nitrogen and Phase-structural Transformations in Titanium” Ukraine

Trutnev "The consideration of virial corrections in the diffusion equations" Russian Federation

Tynkova "Low-temperature diffusion processes and ordering in thin-film Au/Cu system" Ukraine

Ustinov "SHS reaction in nanolayered system: experiment and theoretical model" Ukraine

Verbitska "Effect of Ag layer thickness on formation of L1o phase in nanoscaled Ukraine

Fe50Pt50 films"

Vladymyrskyi "Effect of Ag layer thickness on formation of L1o phase in nanoscaled Ukraine

Fe50Pt50 films"

Wierzba “The Bi-velocity Phase Field Model for the reactive interdiffusion in the two-phase Poland

zone of the ternary Ni-Pt-O system”

Wilde “Atomic-level strain at grain boundaries and triple junctions” Germany

Wu "Prediction of diffusion activation energy from solution thermodynamics" Singapore

Zamulko "Simulation of diffusion processes due to the vacancy mechanism in metals on the Ukraine

basis of effective medium theory"



Zaporozhets “Nucleation, growth and collapse of voids in core-shell structures” Ukraine


Participant Presentation Country iconTheme: Delivery biomechanism of childbirth at anterior and posterior vertex presentation. Pelvic presentation, classification, diagnostics, biomechanism of childbirth.

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