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Odessa National I. I. Mechnikov University has 145 years of legendary history

An order to establish the Imperial Novorossiysk University was announced in a big lecture hall of Richelieu Lyceum in the morning of May 13, 1865. This day - May 1 by the Julian calendar, or May 13 by the Gregorian calendar marked the beginning of functioning of the first University in the Black Sea region.

Odessa was closing to that important moment for a long time. The southern lands quick and powerful development and educational personnel availability contributed to the spread in society the idea of the University in Odessa.

On September 7, 1865 started the first academic year. University welcomed 175 students and several dozen teachers of three departments: Law, History and Philology, and Mathematical Physics. 12 modern faculties and institutions of Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University originated from these three faculties of alma mater. Today nearly 18,000 students attend lectures of 1500 teachers, among which 176 Doctors of Science and Professors, and 766 Doctors of Philosophy and Assistant Professors. Among the first students of the Imperial Novorossiysk University were children of the great Russia and foreign families. It is well known fact in Odessa that to be the student of Odessa National I. I. Mechnikov University - prestigious, since University affords an opportunity to get higher education based on the classical traditions with 145 history.

In the early years the University good name was determined by scientists, who have become "golden heritage" of world science : the year 1908 Nobel Prize winner I. Mechnikov, future academicians of the St. Petersburg Academy N. Kondakov (1898), corresponding members of the St. Petersburg Academy, philologist and historian, Kazan University professor V. Grigorovich, biologist, St. Petersburg State Medical Academy professor I. Sechenov, F. Uspensky ( corresponding member in 1893, academician in 1900), O. Kovalevsky (1890), V. Zalensky (1897), corresponding members of the St. Petersburg Academy A. Pavlov (1873), A. Kirpichnikov (1894).

Today, university scientists are known worldwide thanks to their uncommon researches and pedagogical talent. University scientists annually perform about 150 topics. Biologists of the University for many years study and monitor the environmental situation in the Danube flood-plain area, Dniester estuary. In addition, Odessa University is a leading research institution on Snake Island study. Ia also has a wide range of opportunities for analysis and modeling of this unique Black Sea region future development. University teachers outstanding merits were not once award-winning : in 2009 the University staff received six state prizes. For the first time in history, Odessa National Mechnikov University picked up in one year two state prizes in the field of science and technology in two different directions. Last year the University became gold medalist in the category “ The students research organization ” at the annual exhibition "Education and Career". Its co-organizer is Ministry of Education and Science. In 2009 Odessa University also won the annual rating of "National Recognition", which determines vivid persons, organizations and events in southern Ukraine.

V. Smyntyna, the Rector of Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University decorated with " The Order of Merit " of the 3rd Grade, the Order of Alexander Nevsky of the 2nd Grade," The Golden Cross of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul "(Vatican) and honored with the audience of Pope John Paul II. He was also awarded with Certificate for meritorious service by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, badge of honor "For scientific achievements" of the Ukraine NAS Presidium and the State Prize of Ukraine.

Today Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University celebrates its 145-year anniversary. University is classic and modern, continues to sail on a journey of history.

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