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Woman applied to the medico-genetic consulting centre for information about the risk of

haemophilia in her son. Her husband has been suffering from this disease since birth.

Woman and her parents are healthy (don't have haemophilia). Is the boy likely to have the

disease in this family?

A All boys will be healthy

B All boys will be ill

C 50\% of the boys will be ill

D 25\% of the boys will be ill

E 75 \% of the boys will be ill


A man suffering from a hereditary disease married a healthy woman. They got 5 children,

three girls and two boys. All the girls inherited their father’s disease. What is the type of the

disease inheritance?

A Dominant, $X$-linked

B Autosomal recessive

C Asutosomal dominant

D $Y$-linked

E Recessive, $X$-linked


Electrocardiogram of a 45-year-old man showed absence of P-wave in all the leads. What

part of the conducting system is blocked?

A Sinu-atrial node

B Atrioventricular node

C Common branch of the bundle of His

D Branches of the bundle of His

E Purkinje’s fibres


When a patient with traumatic impairment of the brain was examined, it was discovered that

he had stopped to distinguish displacement of an object on the skin. What part of the brain

was damaged?

A Posterior central gurus

B Occipital zone of the cortex

C Parietal zone of the cortex

D Frontal central gurus

E Frontal zone


Different functional groups can be presented in the structure of L-amino acid’s radicals.

Identify the group that is able to form ester bond:




D -CH3

E -NH2


The conjugated protein necessarily contains special component as a non-protein part.

Choose the substance that can’t carry out this function:

A $HNO_3$


C Thiamine pyrophosphate


E Glucose


Moving of the daughter chromatids to the poles of the cell is observed in the mitotically

dividing cell. On what stage of the mitotic cycle is this cell?

A Anaphase

B Metaphase

C Telophase

D Prophase

E Interfase


The patient with diabetes mellitus has been delivered in hospital in the state of

unconsciousness. Arterial pressure is low. The patient has acidosis. Point substances,

which accumulation in the blood results in these manifestations:

A Ketone bodies

B Amino acids

C Monosaccharides

D High fatty acids

E Cholesterol esters


A 58-year-old female has undergone surgery for necrotic bowel. Despite having been

treated with antibiotics, on postoperative day 5, she develops symptoms (fever,

hypotension, tachycardia, declining urine output, and confusion) consistent with septic

shock. What hemodynamic support would be helpful?

A Fluids and Dobutamine infusion

B Dobutamine infusion

C Antibiotic administration

D Fluid administration

E Atropine administration


It was proved that a molecule of immature mRNA (precursor mRNA) contained more triplets

than amino acids found in the synthesized protein. The reason for that is that translation is

normally preceded by:

A Processing

B Initiation

C Reparation

D Mutation

E Replication


Examination of a patient revealed reduced contents of magnesium ions that are necessary

for attachment of ribosomes to the granular endoplasmatic reticulum. It is known that it

causes disturbance of protein biosynthesis. What stage of protein biosynthesis will be


A Translation

B Transcription

C Replication

D Aminoacid activation

E Termination


Patient 54 year-old, 5th day after surgical operation. Blood count: Erythrocytes

$3,6*10^{12}$/l, Hemoglobin 95 g/l, Erythrocyte’s hemoglobin content (color index) 0,78;

Leukocytes $16*10^9$/l, Platelets $450*10^9$/l Blood picture: anizocytosis, poikilocytosis,

reticulocytes- 3,8\%. What anemia does this patient have?

A Acute posthemorragic anemia

B Acquired hemolytic anemia

C Anemia from iron deficiency

D Hypoplastic anemia

E Chronic posthemorragic anemia


The patient with pneumonia was treated with antibiotics for a long period. After treatment

patient complains of frequent and watery stool, abdomenal pain. What is the reason of

intestine function disorder?

A Intestinal disbacteriosis development

B Antibiotics toxic influence on the GIT

C Autoimmune reaction development

D Bacteria toxins influence

E Hereditary enzyme defect


A 16 year-old patient got numerous traumas in automobile accident. Now the patient is

haning a shock. АP - 80/60 mm Hg. daily urine volume 60-80 ml. What pathogenic

mechanism leads to kidneys function violation?

A Decreased hydrostatic pressure in glomerular capillaries

B Increased osmotic pressure in glomerular capillaries

C Increased pressure in Bowman’s capsule

D Increased vasopressin blood concentration

E Trauma of the urinary bladder


A 46 year-old patient has complained of headache, fatigue, thirst, pains in the spine and

joints for the last 2 years. Clinically observed disproportional enlargement of hands, feet,

nose, superciliary arches. He notes that he needed to buy bigger shoes three times. What

is the main reason of such disproportional enlargement of different parts of the body?

A Cartilaginous tissue proliferation under growth hormone influence

B Increased sensitivity of the tissues to growth hormone

C Joints dystrophy development

D Increased sensitivity of the tissues to insulin

E Joints chronic inflammation development


A 55-year-old patient with continuing ventricular arrhythmias was admitted to the hospital.

The patient is taking timolol drops for glaucoma, daily insulin injections for diabetes

mellitus, and an ACE inhibitor for hypertension. You have decided to use phenytoin instead

of procainamide. What is the reason?

A The anticholinergic effect of procainamide would aggravate glaucoma

B The local anesthetic effect of procainamide would potentiate diabetes

C The hypertensive effects of procainamide would aggravate the hypertension

D The local anesthetic effect of procainamide would aggravate the hypertension

E The cholinergic effects of procainamide would aggravate the diabetes


A 25-year-old woman with red and itchy eczematoid dermatitis visits your office. She had a

dental procedure one day earlier with administration of a local anesthetic. There were no

other findings, although she indicated that she had a history of allergic reactions. Which of

the following drugs is most likely involved?

A Procaine

B Cocaine

C Lidocaine

D Bupivacaine

E Etidocaine


The CNS stimulation produced by methylxanthines, such as caffeine, is most likely due to

the antagonism of one of the following receptors:

A Adenosine receptors

B Glycine receptors

C Glutamate receptors

D GABA receptors

E Cholinergic muscarinic receptors


Patients with similar complaints applied to the doctor: weakness, pain in the intestines,

disorder of GIT. Examination of the faeces revealed that one patient with four nucleus

cysts should be hospitalized immidiately. For what protozoa are such cysts typical?

A Dysenteric amoeba

B Intestinal amoeba

C Balantidium

D Trichomonas

E Lamblia


According to the data of WHO, for about 250 mln of Earth population fall ill with malaria.

This disease is mostly spread in tropical and subtropical regions. Range of its spread falls

into the areal of the following mosquitoes:

A Anopheles

B Culex

C Aedes

D Mansonia

E Culiseta


Labeled aminoacids alanine and tryptophane were introducted to a mouse in order to study

localization of protein biosynthesis in its cells. Around what organellas will the accumulation

of labeled aminoacids be observed?

A Ribosomes

B Agranular endoplasmic reticulum

C Cell centre

D Lysosomes

E Golgi apparatus


Highly injured person gradually died. Please choose the indicator of biological death:

A Autolysis and decay in the cells

B Disarray of chemical processes

C Loss of consciousness

D Absence of palpitation

E Absence of movements


In some regions of South Africa there is a spread sickle-shaped cell anemia, in which

erythrocytes have shape of a sickle as a result of substitution of glutamin by valine in the

hemoglobin molecule. What is the cause of this disease?

A Gene mutation

B Disturbance of mechanisms of genetic information realization

C Crossingover

D Genomic mutations

E Transduction


A female patient consulted a physician about digestive disorder, extended abdominal pain.

Examination revealed drastic decrease in hemoglobin concentration. It is known from the

anamnesis that while living in the Far East the patient used to eat freshly-salted caviar.

Some relatives living with her had the similar condition. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A Diphyllobothriasis

B Echinococcosis

C Teniasis

D Trichiniasis

E Ascaridiasis


On autopsy of a still-born infant it is revealed heart development abnormalities: ventricles

are not separated, originates from the right part single arterial trunk. For what class of

vertebrate is such heart construction characteristic?

A Amphibian

B Fishes

C Reptiles

D Mammals

E Birds


If strong oxidizers get into the bloodstream, a methemoglobin is formed. It is a compound,

where iron (II) becomes iron (III). What has to be done to save the patient?

A Interchangeable hemotransfusion has to be done

B Patient has to be exposed to the fresh air

C He has to be calmed down and put to bed

D He has to be given pure oxygen

E Respiratory centers have to be stimulated


A 10-year-old child complains of weakness, nausea, irritability. Helminthes of white color

and 5-10 mm long were found on the underwear. On microscopy of the scrape from the

perianal folds achromic ova of the unsymmetrical form were revealed. Indicate what

helminth is parasiting on the child?

A Enterobins vermicularis

B Ascaris lumbricoides

C ancylostoma duodenalis

D Trichina

E Trichuris


Parents with ill child came to the infectionist. They worked in one of the Asian countries for

a long time. Child has eathy colored skin, loss of appetite, laxity, enlarged liver, spleen,

peripheral glands. What protozoan illness can this child have?

A Visceral leishmaniasis

B Balantidiasis

C Amebiasis

D Toxoplasmosis

E Lambliasis


White-haired, with blue eyes girl was born in healthy parents. Irritability, anxiety, troubled

sleep and feeding developed in the first months of life of the infant. What method of genetic

investigation should be used for the exact diagnosis?

A Biochemical

B Cytological

C Twin

D Genealogical

E Population-statistical


The calcium canals of cardiomyocytes have been blocked on an isolated rabbit's heart.

What changes in the heart's activity can happen as a result?

A Decreased rate and force of heart beat

B Decreased heart beat rate

C Decreased force of the contraction

D Heart stops in systole

E Heart stops in diastole


After the trauma, the patient’s right $n.vagus$ was damaged. Which violation of the cardiac

activity is possible in this case?

A Violation of the automatism of a Kiss-Fleck node

B Violation of the automatism of a atrio-ventricular node

C Violation of a conductivity in the right auricle

D Block of a conductivity in the atrio-ventricular node

E Arrhythmia


While studing of the family tree with history of hypertrichosis (hyperhirsutism of the ear)

this sign was founded only in the men and it was inherited from father to the son. Define

the type of hypertrichosis inheritance?

A Connected with Y-chromosome

B Autosomal- recessive

C Autosomal-dominant

D Connected with Х-chromosome recessive

E Connected with Х-chromosome dominant


In the perianal folds of a 5-year-old girl her mother has found some white "worms" that

caused itch and anxiety in the child. The "worms" were sent to the laboratory. During

examination the physician saw white filiform helminths 0,5-1 cm long, with pointed ends,

some helminths had twisted ends. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A Enterobiasis

B Diphyllobothriasis

C Teniasis

D Ascaridiasis

E Opisthorchiasis


Part of the DNA chain turned about 180 degree due to gamma radiation. What type of

mutation took place in the DNA chain?

A Inversion

B Deletion

C Doubling

D Translocation

E Replication


46 chromosomes were revealed on karyotype examination of the 5-year-old girl. One of the

15th pair of chromosomes is longer than usual due to connected chromosome from the 21

pair. What type of mutation does this girl have?

A Translocation

B Deletion

C Inversion

D Insufficiency

E Duplication


A pregnant woman had been having toxicosis with severe repeated vomiting for 24 hours.

In the end of the day there appeared tetanic convulsions and fluid loss. What shift of

acid-base state caused these changes?

A Excretory alkalosis

B Gaseous alkalosis

C Gaseous acidosis

D Metabolic acidosis

E Excretory acidosis


Genetic structure of eukaryote is "exon-intron-exon". This structure-functional organization

of gene caused transcription peculiarities. What will be pro-i-RNA according to the


A Exon-intron-exon

B Exon-exon-intron

C Exon-exon

D Intron-exon

E Exon-intron


Medical examination at the military registration and enlistment office revealed that a

15-year-old boy was high, with eunuchoid body proportions, gynecomastia, female pattern

of pubic hair distribution. The boy had also fat deposits on the thighs, no facial hair, high

voice, subnormal intelligence quotient. Which karyotype corresponds with this disease?

A 47, $XXY$

B 45, $XO$

C 46, $XX$

D 46, $XY$

E 47, $XXX$


RNA that contains AIDS virus penetrated into a leukocyte and by means of reverse

transcriptase forced a cell to synthetize a viral DNA. This process is based upon:

A Reverse transcription

B Operon repression

C Reverse translation

D Operon depression

E Convariant replication


According to the model of double DNA helix that was suggested by Watson and Creek, it

was established that one of chains would not be lost during replication and the second

chain would be synthesized complementary to the first one. What way of replication is it?

A Semiconservative

B Analogous

C Identical

D Dispersed

E Conservative


A teenager was irradiated with high radiation dose that resulted in serious damages of

lymphoid system, lysis of many lymphocytes. Restoration of normal hemogram is possible

due to the functioning of the following gland:

A Thymus

B Thyroid

C Liver

D Pancreas

E Adrenal


It was revealed that T-lymphocytes were affected by HIV. Virus enzyme - reverse

transcriptase ($RNA$-dependent $DNA$ polymerase) - catalyzes the synthesis of:

A $DNA$ on the matrix of virus $mRNA$

B Virus informational $RNA$ on the matrix of $DNA$

C $DNA$ on virus ribosomal $RNA$

D Viral $DNA$ on $DNA$ matrix

E $mRNA$ on the matrix of virus protein


A patient after pathological process has a thickened alveolar membrane. The direct

consequence of the process will be the reduction of:

A Diffuse lung capacity

B Oxygen capacity of blood

C Minute respiratory capacity

D Alveolar lung ventilation

E Reserve expiratiory capacity


Autopsy of a newborn boy revealed polydactylia, microcephalia, cheiloschisis and

uranoschisis as well as hypertrophy of parenchimatous organs. These defects correspond

with the description of Patau's syndrome. What is the most probable cause of this


A Trisomy of the 13th chromosome

B Trisomy of the 18th chromosome

C Trisomy of the 21st chromosome

D Nondisjunction of sex chromosomes

E Partial monosomy


A patient has symptoms of inflammation of urogenital tracts. Examination of a vaginal

smear revealed big monocellular, pear-shaped organisms with the pointed spike at the

posterior end of body, big nucleus and undulating membrane. What protozoa were found in

the smear?

A $Trichomonas$ $vaginalis$

B $Trichomonas$ $hominis$

C $Trichomonas$ $buccalis$

D $Trypanosoma$ $gambiense$

E $Lamblia$ $intestinalis$


During regular examination of schoolchildren it was revealed that a 10 year old girl had

asymmetric oval eggs with a larva in the scrape from her perianal folds. What diagnosis

should be made?

A Enterobiasis

B Ascariasis

C Amebiasis

D Trichocephalosis

E Ankylostomiasis


A woman delivered a dead child with multiple developmental defects. What protozoan

disease might have caused the intrauterine death?

A Toxoplasmosis

B Leishmaniasis

C Malaria

D Amebiasis

E Lambliasis


Tuberculosis can be treated by means of combined chemotherapy that includes

substances with different mechanisms of action.What antituberculous medication inhibits

transcription of RNA into DNA in mycobacteria?

A Rifampicin

B Isoniazid

C Streptomycin

D Ethionamide

E Para-aminosalicylic acid


A patient experienced a sudden temperature rise up to $39^0С$. After 6 hours the

temperature normalized. On the 2-nd day the attack recurred: in the period of paroxysm

the temperature reached $41^0С$, apyrexial period began after 8 hours. What type of

temperature profile is it?

A Intermitting

B Recurrent

C Hectic

D Septic

E Continued


Larvae were detected occasionally on the microscopic examination of the sputum of the

patient with pneumonia. Eosinophiles were detected on the blood examination. What

helminthiasis can be diagnosed?

A Ascariasis

B Enterobiosis

C Trichocephaliasis

D Paragonimiasis

E Opistorchis


You are studying functioning of a bacteria operon. The operator gene has been released

from the repressor gene. Immediately after this the following process will start in the cell:

A Transcription

B Translation

C Replication

D Processing

E Repression


While studying maximally spiralized chromosomes of human karyotype the process of cell

division was stopped in the following phase:

A Metaphase

B Prophase

C Interphase

D Anaphase

E Telophase


It is known that the gene responsible for development of blood groups according to AB0

system has three allele variants. If a man has IV blood group, it can be explained by the

following variability form:

A Combinative

B Mutational

C Phenotypic

D Genocopy

E Phenocopy


A patient complains of pain in the area of his liver. Duodenal intubation revealed yellowish,

oval, narrowed at the poles eggs with an operculum at the end. Size of these eggs is the

smallest among all helminth eggs. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A Opisthorchosis

B Teniasis

C Beef tapeworm infection

D Echinococcosis

E Diphyllobothriasis


A patient consulted an urologist about pain during urination. Analysis of his urine taken in

the daytime revealed eggs with a characteristic sharp point. It is known from the anamnesis

that the patient has recently returned from Australia. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A Urogenital schistosomiasis

B Intestinal schistosomiasis

C Japanese schistosomiasis

D Opisthorchiasis

E Dicroceliasis


A child complains of general weakness, loss of appetite, a troubled sleep, itching in the

perianal area. The provisional diagnosis is enterobiasis. In order to specify this diagnosis it

is necessary to perform:

A Scraping from perianal folds

B Roentgenoscopy

C Biopsy of muscle tissue

D Immune diagnostics

E Duodenal contents analysis


The cell of the laboratory animal was overdosed with Roentgen rays. As a result

albuminous fragments formed in the cytoplasm. What cell organoid will take part at their


A Lysosomes

B Golgi complex

C Ribosome

D Endoplasmic reticulum

E Cells centre


In course of practical training students studied a stained blood smear of a mouse with

bacteria phagocyted by leukocytes. What cell organella completes digestion of these


A Lisosomes

B Mytochondrions

C Granular endoplasmic reticulum

D Golgi apparatus

E Ribosomes


A woman with $ІІІ$ $(B)$, $Rh^-$ blood group born a child with $ІІ$ $(A)$ blood group. The

child is diagnosed with hemolytic disease of newborn as a result of rhesus incompatibility.

What blood group is the child's father likely to have?

A $ІІ$ $(A)$, $Rh^+$

B $I$ $(0)$, $Rh^+$

C $III$ $(B)$, $Rh^+$

D $I$ $(0)$, $Rh^-$

E $II$ $(A)$, $Rh^-$


Two days after consumption of smoked pork a patient got face and eye-lid edemata,

gastrointestinal disturbances, abrupt temperature rise, muscle pain. Blood analysis showed

full-blown eosinophilia. What helminth could the patient be infected with?

A Trichina

B Pinworm

C Ascarid

D Whipworm

E Hookworm


A lymph node punctate of a patient with suspected protozoal disease was examined.

Examination of the stained specimen (Romanovsky's stain) revealed some crescent bodies

with pointed end, blue cytoplasm and red nucleus. What protozoan were revealed in the


A Toxoplasms

B Malarial plasmodiums

C Dermotropic leishmania

D Viscerotropic leishmania

E Trypanosomes


The guide of the scientific expedition in India was native who always was with his dog. What

invasive diseases can be transmitted by the dog if it is the source of invasion?

A Echinococcosis

B Teniasis

C Paragonimiasis

D Dicroceliasis

E Fascioliasis


A patient has acne on his face. Microspcopic examination of scrapings from the affected

areas revealed living porrect vermiform arthropoda 0,2-0,5 mm large with four pairs of

short extremities in the front part of their bodies. What is the laboratory diagnosis?

A Demodicosis

B Scabies

C Myiasis

D Pediculosis

E Phthiriasis


A family of students who came from Africa got a child with anemia signs. The child died

soon. Examination revealed that the child's erythrocytes have abnormal semilunar shape.

Specify genotypes of the child's parents:

A Аа х Аа

B Аа х аа


D аа х аа

E Аа х АА


Examination of cell culture got from a patient with lysosomal pathology revealed

accumulation of great quantity of lipids in the lysosomes. What of the following diseases is

this disturbance typical for?

A Tay-Sachs disease

B Gout

C Phenylketonuria

D Wilson disease

E Galactosemia


A 39-year-old woman has madescence in the region of mammilla, a small ulcer with

inflammatory hyperemia and cutaneous edema. Histologic examination of tissue sampling

from this area revealed in the malpighian layer of thickened epidermis atypical cells with

light and optically empty cytoplasm, with no intracellular bridges. Such cells were also found

in the orifice of big mammal gland ducts. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A Paget's disease

B Intraductal cancer

C Basal cell carcinoma

D Epidermoid cancer

E Melanocarcinoma


Golgi complex exports substances from a cell due to the fusion of the membrane saccule

with the cell membrane. The saccule contents flows out. What process is it?

A Exocytosis

B Endocytosis

C Active transport

D Facilitated diffusion

E All answers are false


A patient working at a pig farm complains about paroxysmal abdominal pain, liquid feces

with admixtures of mucus and blood, headache, weakness, fever. Examination of large

intestine revealed ulcers from 1 mm up to several cm large, feces contained oval unicellular

organisms with cilia. What disease should be suspected?

A Balantidiasis

B Amebiasis

C Toxoplasmosis

D Lambliasis

E Trichomoniasis


A boy found a spider with the following morphological characteristics: it is 2 cm long, has

roundish black abdomen with two rows of red spots on its dorsal side; four pairs of jointed

limbs are covered with small black hairs. What arthropod is it?

A Karakurt spider

B Scorpion

C Solpuga

D Mite

E Tarantula


Normal, actively dividing cells of human red bone marrow are analyzed. What number of

cells' chromosomes is typical for G1 period?

A 46

B 48

C 47

D 45

E 23


A man has worked in an African country for 3 years. A month after his return to Ukraine he

consulted an ophthalmologist and complained about eye ache, eyelid edema, lacrimation

and temporary visual impairment. Underneath the eye conjunctiva the doctor revealed

helminths 30-50 mm long with elongated filiform body. What diagnosis might be suspected?

A Filariasis

B Diphyllobothriasis

C Ascaridiasis

D Enterobiasis

E Trichocephaliasis


Life cycle of a cell includes the process of DNA autoreduplication. As a result of it

monochromatid chromosomes turn into bichromatid ones. What period of cell cycle does

this phenomenon fall into?

A $S$

B $G_o$

C $G_1$

D $G_2$

E $M$


A 28-year-old female patient consulted a gynecologist about sterility. Examination revealed

underdeveloped ovaries and uterus, irregular menstrual cycle. Analysis of the sex

chromatin revealed 2 Barr’s bodies in most somatic cells. What chromosome disease is

most likely?

A Triple X syndrome

B Edwards' syndrome

C Patau's syndrome

D Klinefelter's syndrome

E Turner's syndrome


A cell at the stage of mitosis anaphase was stimulated by colchicine that inhibits

chromosome separation to the poles. What type of mutation will be caused?

A Polyploidy

B Inversion

C Deletion

D Duplication

E Translocation


A patient in a transplantation centre underwent heart transplantation. The organ was taken

from a donor who died in a road accident. Foreign heart can be rejected as a result of

development of transplantation immunity. It is usually prevented by means of:

A Immunosuppressors

B Chemotherapy

C Ultrasound

D Enzymes

E X-ray therapy


Following exposure to radiation a lot of mutant cells appeared in a patient. Some time later

most of them were detected and destroyed by the following cells of the immune system:

A $T$-lymphocytes-killers

B Plasmoblasts

C $T$-lymphocytes-supressors

D $B$-lymphocyte

E Stem cells


A gynaecologist was examining a patient and revealed symptoms of genital tract

inflammation. A smear from vagina contains pyriform protozoa with a spine, flagella at their

front; there is also an undulating membrane. What disease can be suspected?

A Urogenital trichomoniasis

B Lambliasis

C Intestinal trichomoniasis

D Toxoplasmosis

E Balantidiasis


A boy has I $(I^0I^0)$ blood group and his sister has IV $(I^AI^B)$ blood group. What blood

groups do their parents have?

A II $(I^АI^0)$ and III $(I^ВI^0)$

B II $(I^АI^А)$ and III $(I^ВI^0)$

C I $(I^0I^0)$ and IV $(I^AI^B)$

D III $(I^ВI^0)$ and IV $(I^AI^B)$

E I $(I^0I^0)$ and III $(I^ВI^0)$


For the purpose of myocardium infarction treatment a patient was injected with embryonal

stem cells derived from this very patient by means of therapeutic cloning . What

transplantation type is it?

A Autotransplantation

B Allotransplantation

C Xenotransplantation

D Isotransplantation

E Heterotransplantation


An alcoholic woman has born a girl with mental and physical developmental lag. Doctors

diagnosed the girl with fetal alcohol syndrome. What effect is the cause of the girl's state?

A Teratogenic

B Mutagenic

C Malignization

D Carcinogenic

E Mechanic


Hartnup disease is caused by point mutation of only one gene which results in disturbance

of tryptophane absorption in the bowels and its resorption in the renal tubules. It is the

reason for disorder of both digestive and urination systems. What genetic phenomenon is

observed in this case?

A Pleiotropy

B Complementary interaction

C Polymery

D Codominance

E Semidominance


Cytogenetic examination of a patient with reproductive dysfunction revealed normal

karyotype \emph{46 ХY} in some cells, but most cells have karyotype of Klinefelter's

syndrome - \emph{47 ХХY}. Such cell heterogenity is called:

A Mosaicism

B Inversion

C Transposition

D Duplication

E Monomorphism


As a result of prophylactic medical examination a 7 year old boy was diagnosed with

Lesch-Nyhan syndrome (only boys fall ill with it). The boy's parents are healthy but his

grandfather by his mother's side suffers from the same disease. What type of disease

inheritance is it?

A Recessive, sex-linked

B Dominant, sex-linked

C Autosomal recessive

D Autosomal dominant

E Semidominance


A doctor revealed tissues injury on patient's scalp with localized suppurations and

diagnosed his disease as myiasis. This infestation is caused by larvae of the following


A Wohlfahrt fly

B Kissing bug

C Stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans)

D Malarial mosquito

E Mosquito

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