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A 30-year-old patient complains about having abdominal pain and diarrhea for five days; body

temperature rise up to 37,5oC along with chills. The day before a patient had been in a

forest and drunk from an open water reservoir. Laboratory analyses enabled to make the

following diagnosis: amebic dysentery. What is the drug of choice for its treatment?

A Metronidazole

B Furazolidonum

C Levomycetin

D Phthalazol

E Emetine hydrochloride


A woman works as railway traffic controller. She suffers from seasonal vasomotor rhinitis and

gets treatment in the outpatient setting. She was prescribed an antihistamine that has no

effect upon central nervous system. What drug is it?

A Loratadine

B Dimedrol

C Promethazine

D Suprastin

E Tavegil


During an operation a patient got injection of muscle relaxant dithylinum. Relaxation of

skeletal muscles and inhibition of respiration lasted two hours. This condition was caused by

absence of the following enzyme in blood serum:

A Butyrylcholin esterase

B Catalase

C Acetylcholinesterase

D Glucose 6-phosphatase

E Glutathione peroxidase


A 60-year-old patient was admitted to the surgical department because of infection caused by

blue pus bacillus (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) which is sensative to penicillin antibiotics.

Indicate which of the given penicillins has marked activity to the Pseudomonas aeruginosa?

A Carbenicillin disodium

B Benzylpenicillin

C Phenoxymethylpenicillin

D Oxacillin

E Methicillin


A 45-year-old woman suffers from allergic seasonal coryza caused by the ambrosia

blossoming. What medicine from the stabilizer of the adipose cells group can be used for

prevention of this disease?

A Ketotifen

B Diazoline

C Phencarol

D Tavegyl

E Dimedrol


Systemic amebiasis with involvment of intestines, liver, lungs was diagnosed in a

52-year-old patient. What drug should be prescribed?

A Metronidasol

B Quiniofone

C Tetracycline

D Quingamine

E Enteroseptol


A 38-year-old man who poisoned himself with mercury dichloride was taken to the admission

room in grave condition. What antidote should be immediately introduced?

A Unithiol

B Dipiroxim

C Atropine

D Nalorphine

E Isonitrosine


A patient who suffers from insomnia caused by emotional disorder was prescribed a hypnotic

drug with tranquillizing effect. What hypnotic was prescribed?

A Nitrazepam

B Phenobarbital

C Chloral hydrate

D Sodium ethaminal

E Bromisoval


A patient had to go through an operation. Doctors introduced him dithylinum (listenone) and

performed intubation. After the end of operation and cessation of anesthesia the independent

respiration wasn't restored. Which enzyme deficit prolongs the action of muscle relaxant?

A Pseudocholinesterase

B Succinate dehydrogenase

C Carbanhydrase

D N-acetyltransferase

E K-Na-adenosine triphosphatase


The alternate usage of dichlotiazide, etacrin acid and lasex didn't cause marked diuretic effect

in patient with marked peripheral edema. Increased amount of aldosterone is in the blood.

Indicate the medicine to be prescribed.

A Spironolacton

B Mannit

C Clopamid

D Urea

E Amilorid


A 56-year-old patient with complains of thirst and frequent urination was diagnosed to have

diabete mellitus and butamin was prescribed. What is the mechanism of action of this


A It stimulates beta-cells of Langergans' islets

B It helps to absorb the glucose by the cells of the organism tissues

C It relieves transport of glucose through the cells' membranes

D It inhibits alpha cells of Langergans' islets

E It inhibits absorption of glucose in the intestines


A 37 year old patient suffering from obliterating vascular endarteritis of lower limbs takes daily

60 microgram/kilogram of phenylin. Because of presentations of convulsive disorder

(craniocerebral trauma in anamnesis) he was prescribed phenobarbital. Withholding this

drug caused nasal hemorhage. What is this complication connected with?

A Induction of enzymes of microsomal oxidation in liver caused by phenobarbital

B Aliphatic hydroxylation of phenobarbital

C Conjugation of phenylin with glucuronic acid

D Oxidative deamination of phenylin

E Inhibition of microsomal oxidation in liver caused by phenobarbital


Patient with complaints of dryness in the mouth, photophobia and vision violation was

admitted to the reception-room. Skin is hyperemic, dry, pupils are dilated, tachycardia.

Poisoning with belladonna alkaloids was diagnosed on further examination. What medicine

should be prescribed?

A Prozerin

B Diazepam

C Pilocarpine

D Armine

E Dipyroxim


Patient was on glucocorticoids for a long time, discontinuation of usage caused exacerbation

of the illness, decreased BP, weakness. How can you explain it?

A Insufficiency of adrenal glands

B Adaptation to the medicine

C Sensitization

D Hyperproduction of ACTH

E Cumulation


Patient complaines of weakness, dyspnea, low extremities oedema. Diagnosis: chronic

cardiac insufficiency. What medicine should be prescribed first of all?

A Digitoxin

B Caffeine

C Papaverine

D Propranolol

E Raunatin


Signs of gastropathy develop in the patient with rheumatoid arthritis who was treated with

indometacin. With what activity of the drug can this complication be connected?

A Anticyclooxygenase

B Antiserotonin

C Antihistamine

D Antikinine

E Local irritating


Testosterone and it's analogs increase the mass of skeletal muscles that allows to use them

for treatment of dystrophy. Due to interaction of the hormon with what cell substance is this

action caused?

A Nuclear receptors

B Membrane receptors

C Ribosomes

D Chromatin

E Proteins- activators of transcription


A patient ill with neurodermatitis has been taking prednisolone for a long time. Examination

revealed high rate of sugar in his blood. This complication is caused by the drug influence

upon the following link of carbohydrate metabolism:

A Gluconeogenesis activation

B Glycogenogenesis activation

C Intensification of glucose absorption in the bowels

D Inhibition of glycogen synthesis

E Activation of insulin decomposition


Proserin increases skeletal muscle tone when given systematically. Halothane induces

relaxation of skeletal muscles and reduces proserin effects. What is the nature of proserin

and halothane interaction?

A Indirect functional antagonism

B Direct functional antagonism

C Competitive antagonism

D Independent antagonism

E Noncompetitive antagonism


A 70-year-old man, who suffered from chronic bronchitis, was prescribed medicine for the

cough - codeine. What is the mechanism of anticoughing effect?

A Central

B Reflex

C Competitive

D Local effect

E Peripheral effect


A patient with frequent attacks of stenocardia was prescribed sustak-forte to be taken one

tablet twice a day. At first the effect was positive but on the second day stenocardia attacks

resumed. What can explain inefficiency of the prescribed drug?

A Tachyphylaxis

B Cumulation

C Sensibilization

D Idiosyncrasy

E Dependence


A 37-year-old man was admitted to the surgical department with symptoms of acute

pancreatitis: vomiting, diarrhea, bradycardia, hypotention, weakness, dehydration of the

organism. What medicine should be used first of all?

A Contrycal

B No-spa

C Platyphylline

D Etaperazine

E Ephedrine


The patient has taken the mixture prescribed by neuropathologist for neurasthenia for 2

weeks. Patient felt better but developed coryza, conjunctivitis, rash, inertia, decrease of

memory. Bromizm was diagnosed. What should be prescribed to decrease symptoms?

A Natrium chloride

B Glucose solution 5%

C Asparcam

D Polyglucin

E -


Analeptical remedy of reflective type from the H-cholinomimetics group was given to the

patient for restoration of breathing after poisoning with carbon monoxide. What medicine was

prescribed to the patient?

A Lobeline hydrochloride

B Atropine sulphate

C Adrenalin hydrochloride

D Mesaton

E Pentamin


An aged patient complains of headache, dizziness, quick tiredness, worsening of memory.

Anamnesis: craniocerebral injury. Medicine of what group should be prescribed?

A Nootropics

B Somnific

C Neuroleptics

D Analgetics

E Sedatives


The patient was treated medically for psychosis for 2 weeks. Patient's condition improved but

rigidity, tremor, hypokinesia developed. Which of the drugs can cause such complications?

A Aminazine

B Diphenine

C Sydnocarb

D Imipramine

E Chlordiazepoxide


Gonorrhoea was revealed in the patient on bacterioscopy of the smear from urethra. Taking

into account that medecines for gonorrhoea are fluorquinolones, patient should be


A Ciprofloxacin

B Furazolidone

C Fluorouracil

D Urosulfan

E Cefazoline


Patient with bronchial asthma was taking tablets which caused insomnia, headache,

increased blood pressure. What medecine can cause such complications?

A Ephedrine

B Adrenaline

C Chromolin sodium

D Euphyline

E Izadrine


Diuretic drug was prescribed to the patient with hypertension in the course of complex

treatment. In a few days BP decreased but signs of hypokaliemia developed. What drug could

cause such complications?

A Lasix

B Spironolactone

C Clophelin

D Triamterene

E Enalapril


Patient was admitted to the infection unit with diagnosis of bacterial dysentery. On laboratory

studies it was revealed that causative element is sensative to the many antimicrobial

medicines, but patient has anemia. What medicine is contra-indicated to the patient?

A Levomycetin

B Phthalazol

C Furazolidone

D Enteroseptol

E Ampicillin


Patient with pneumonia has intolerance to antibiotics. Which of the conbined sulfanilamide

medicines should be prescribed to the patient?

A Biseptol

B Aethazol

C Natrium sulfacyl

D Streptocid

E Sulfadimethoxine


A patient suffering from myasthenia has been administered proserin. After its administration

the patient has got nausea, diarrhea, twitch of tongue and skeletal muscles. What drug would

help to eliminate the intoxication?

A Atropine sulfate

B Physostigmine

C Pyridostigmine bromide

D Isadrine

E Mesatonum


A patient who had myocardial infarction was administered 75 mg of acetylsalicinic acid a day.

What is the purpose of this administration?

A Reduction of thrombocyte aggregation

B Inflammation reduction

C Pain relief

D Temperature reduction

E Coronary vessel dilatation


Patient with mercury poisoning was admitted to the toxicological department from the

chemical industry. What medicine should be used?

A Unithiol

B Isonitrozin

C Naloxone

D Activated carbon

E Enterosorbent


A 5-year-old child has been diagnosed with acute right distal pneumonia. Sputum inoculation

revealed that the causative agent is resistant to penicillin, but it is senstive to macrolides.

What drug should be prescribed?

A Azithromycin

B Tetracycline

C Gentamycin

D Streptomycin

E Ampicillin


A patient suffering from chronic hyperacidic gastritis takes an antacid drug for heartburn

elimination. After its ingestion the patient feels better but at the same time he has a sensation

of stomach swelling. Which of the following drugs might be the cause of such side effect?

A Sodium hydrocarbonate

B Magnesium oxide

C Magnesium trisilicate

D Aluminium hydrooxide

E Pepsin


A patient consulted a doctor about bowels disfunction. The doctor established symptoms of

duodenitis and enteritis. Laboratory examination helped to make the following diagnosis:

lambliosis. What medication should be administered?

A Metronidazole

B Erythromycin

C Monomycin

D Chingamin

E Tetracycline


Introduction of a pharmaceutical substance to an experimental animal resulted in reduction of

salivation, pupil mydriasis. Next intravenous introduction of acetylcholine didn't lead to any

significant changes of heart rate. Name this substance:

A Atropine

B Adrenaline

C Propranolol

D Proserin

E Salbutamol


Continious taking of a drug can result in osteoporosis, erosion of stomach mucous

membrane, hypokaliemia, retention of sodium and water, reduced content of corticotropin in

blood. Name this drug:

A Prednisolone

B Hydrochlorothiazide

C Digoxin

D Indometacin

E Reserpine


A 63 y.o. man with collapse symptoms was delivered to the emergency hospital. A doctor

chose noradrenaline in order to prevent hypotension. What is the action mechanism of this


A Activation of α1-adrenoreceptors

B Activation of serotonin receptors

C Activation of β-adrenoreceptors

D Activation of dopamine receptors

E Block of M-cholinoreceptors


Anapriline therapy caused positive effect in the dynamic of the disease of a 44-year-old

woman suffering from stenocardia. What is the main mechanism of the effect of this


A Blockade of β-adrenoreceptors and decrease myocardial requirements to the oxygen.

B Decrease of oxidative exchange in myocardium due to enzyme blockade of Krebs' cycle

C Decreased power inputs of myocardium due to reduced loading

D Increased oxygen supply to the myocardium

E Decreased need in increasing of oxygen supply to the myocardium


A patient suffering from syphilis has been treated with bismuth preparations. As a result of it

some grey spots turned up on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity; nephropathy

symptoms were also present. What drug should be used for treatment of bismuth


A Unithiol

B Methylene blue

C Naloxone

D Bemegride

E Nalorphine


A 4 year old child was admitted to the orthopaedic department with shin fracture together with

displacement. Bone fragments reposition requires preliminary analgesia. What preparation

should be chosen?

A Promedol

B Analgin

C Morphine hydrochloride

D Panadol

E -


Patient with abscess of the cut wound applied to the traumatological department. Doctor for

the cleaning of the wound from the pus washed it with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Foam was

absence. What caused the absents on the drug activity?

A Inherited insufficiency of catalase

B Low concentration H2O2

C Inherited insufficiency phosphatdehydrogenase of erythrocyte

D Shallow wound

E Pus in the wound


A patient was diagnosed with active focal pulmonary tuberculosis. What drug should be

prescribed in the first place?

A Isoniazid

B Sulfalen

C Cyclocerine

D Ethionamide

E Ethoxide


A patient taking clonidine for essential hypertension treatment was using alcohol that caused

intense inhibition of central nervous system. What may it be connected with?

A Effect potentiating

B Effect summation

C Cumulation

D Intoxication

E Idiosyncrasy


Examination of a patient revealed extremely myotic pupils, sleepiness, infrequent

Chain-Stoke's respiration, urinary retention, slowing-down of heart rate, enhancement of

spinal reflexes. What substance caused the poisoning?

A Morphine

B Atropine

C Phosphacole

D Caffeine

E Barbital


A patient suffers from diabetes melitus. After the regular insulin injection his condition grew

worse: there appeared anxiety, cold sweat, tremor of limbs, general weakness, dizziness.

What preparation can eliminate these symptoms?

A Adrenaline hydrochloride

B Butamide

C Caffeine

D Noradrenaline

E Glibutide


Continuous taking of some drugs foregoing the pregnancy increase the risk of giving birth to a

child with genetic defects. What is this effect called?

A Mutagenic effect

B Embryotoxic effect

C Teratogenic effect

D Fetotoxical effect

E Blastomogenic effect


A doctor administered a patient with allergic dermatitis a H1-histamine blocker as a part

of complex treatment. Name this medication:

A Loratadine

B Cromolyn sodium

C Prednisolone

D Adrenaline

E Hydrocortisone


A 19 year old woman suffers from primary syphilis. Doctor administered her complex therapy

that includes benzylpenicillin sodium salt. What is the mechanism of action of this drug?

A It blocks synthesis of peptidoglycan of microbal membrane

B It blocks synthesis of cytoplasm proteins

C It blocks thiol enzymes

D It blocks RNA synthesis

E It blocks DNA synthesis


A 65 year old female patient suffers from chronic renal insufficiency accompanied by evident

edemata caused by chronic glomerulonephritis. What diuretic should be administered for

forced diuresis?

A Furosemide

B Hydrochlorothiazide

C Chlorthalidone

D Cyclometazide

E Acetazolamide


A patient suffering from coronary artery disease had taken a certain drug many times a day in

order to arrest stenocardia attacks. Overdose of this drug finally caused intoxication.

Objectively: cyanotic skin and mucous membranes, dramatic fall in the arterial pressure,

tachycardia, respiration inhibition. Blood has increased concentration of methemoglobin. The

drug the patient had taken relates to the following group:

A Organic nitrates

B \alpha-adrenoceptor blockers

C Calcium channel blockers

D Adenosine drugs

E Myotropic spamolytics


A patient with II stage hypertension has been taking one of hypotensive medications for the

purpose of treatment. After a time arterial pressure decreased, but the patient started

complaining of flaccidity, sleepiness, indifference. A bit later he felt stomach pain. He was

diagnosed with ulcer. What hypotensive medication has the patient been taking?

A Reserpine

B Dibazole

C Furosemide

D Verapamil

E Captopril


A child suffers from drug idiosyncrasy. What is the cause of such reaction?

A Hereditary enzymopathy

B Exhaustion of substrate interacting with pharmaceutical substance

C Accumulation of pharmaceutical substance

D Inhibition of microsomal liver enzymes

E Associated disease of target organ


Examination of a 70 year old patient rrevealed insulin-dependent diabetes. What drug should

be administered?

A Glibenclamid

B Insulin

C Mercazolilum

D Parathyroidin

E Cortisone


For the preparation of a patient's burn skin surface a certain medication was used. Its

antiseptic action is provided by free oxygen that segregates in presence of organic

substances. Choose the right answer:

A Potassium permanganate

B Furacilin

C Chlorhexidine

D Boric acid

E Sodium bicarbonate


A patient suffering from chronic cardiac insufficiency was recommended to undergo a

prophylactic course of treatment with a cardiological drug from the group of cardiac

glycosides that is to be taken enterally. What drug was recommended?

A Digoxin

B Strophanthine

C Corglycon

D Cordiamin

E Cordarone


A 50 y.o. patient with chronic cardiac insufficiency and tachyarrythmia was prescribed a

cardiotonic drug. What drug was prescribed?

A Digoxin

B Dopamine

C Dobutamine

D Amyodarone

E Mildronate


An ophthalmologist used a 1% mesaton solution for the diagnostic purpose (pupil dilation for

eye-ground examination). What is the cause of mydriasis induced by the drug?

A Activation of α1 adrenoreceptors

B Activation of α2 adrenoreceptors

C Block of α1 adrenoreceptors

D Activation of β1 adrenoreceptors

E Activation of M-cholinoreceptors


Mother of a 2 year old child consulted a stomatologist. In the period of pregnancy she was

irregularly taking antibiotics for an infectious disease. Examination of the child revealed

incisor destruction, yellow enamel, brown rim around the dental cervix. What drug has

apparent teratogenic effect?

A Doxacycline

B Furosemide

C Ampiox

D Xantinol nicotinate

E Octadine


A 36 y.o. man has a craniocerebral trauma. Objectively: diminished breath sounds, thready

pulse, no reflexes. What way of pyracetam introduction will be the most apropriate in this


A Intravenous

B Rectal

C Subcutaneous

D Peroral

E Inhalation


A patient suffering from initial hypertension has been taking an antihypertensive preparation

for a long time. Suddenly he stopped taking this preparation. After this his condition grew

worse, this led to development of hypertensive crisis. This by-effect can be classified as:

A Abstinence syndrome

B Cumulation

C Tolerance

D Sensibilization

E Dependence


A patient ill with bronchial asthma didn't inform his doctor that he had attacks of stenocardia.

Doctor administered him a medication, which taking resulted in less frequent attacks of

bronchial asthma, but stenocardia attacks became more frequent. What medication was


A Isadrin

B Salbutamol

C Aminophylline

D Cromolyn sodium

E Phenotherol


A patient who has been suffering from cardiac insufficiency for several months has been

taking digoxin on an outpatient basis. At a certain stage of treatment there appeared

symptoms of drug overdose. What phenomenon underlies the development of this


A Material cumulation

B Habituation

C Sensibilization

D Functional cumulation

E Tachyphylaxis


A patient suffers from vision impairment - hemeralopy (night blindness). What vitamin

preparation should be administered the patient in order to restore his vision?

A Retinol acetate

B Vicasol

C Pyridoxine

D Thiamine chloride

E Tocopherol acetate


A patient suffers from severe postoperative pseudomonadous infection. What of the following

antibiotics should be administered in this case?

A Amicacin sulfate

B Benzylpenicillin

C Cephazolin

D Erythromycin

E Doxycycline


After a tooth extraction a patient felt persistent pain behind his breast bone. After sublingual

intake of an antianginal drug the pain behind the breast bone disappeared, but the patient

complained of headache and dizziness. What drug are these properties typical for?

A Nitroglycerin

B Propranolol

C Metoprolol

D Validol

E Verapamil


A patient with fracture of his lower jaw was admitted to the maxillofacial department. It was

decided to fix his bones surgically under anaesthetic. After intravenous introduction of muscle

relaxant there arose short fibrillar contractions of the patient's facial muscles. What muscle

relaxant was applied?

A Dithylinum

B Tubocurarin chloride

C Pipecuronium bromide

D Diazepam

E Melictine


Patient in the unconscious state was admitted to the emergency room. Skin is cold, pupils

are delayed, breathing is heavy, with cycles of the Cheyne-Stokes type, blood pressure is

decreased, urinary bladder is overloaded. Poisoning with what substance is the most likely?

A Narcotic analgesics

B Sedatives

C Non-narcotic analgesics

D М-cholinergic antagonists

E -


Examination of a 60 y.o. patient revealed hyperglycemia and glucosuria. A doctor

administered him a medication for internal use. What medication is it?

A Glibenclamid

B Furosemide

C Oxytocin

D Pancreatine

E Corglycon


An elderly female patient suffers from the type 2 diabetes mellitus accompanied by obesity,

atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease. Basal hyperinsulinemia is also present. What

treatment would be the most appropriate?

A Glibenclamid

B Insulin

C Retabolil

D Lovastatin

E Amlodipine


A patient suffers from stenocardia and takes isosorbide mononitrate. He was prescribed a

complementary drug with disaggregating effect. What drug is it?

A Acetylsalicinic acid

B Nitroglycerine

C Propranolol

D Nifedipine

E Validol


A patient in postoperative period was prescribed an anticholinesterase drug for stimulation of

intestinal peristalsis and tonus of urinary bladder. What drug is it?

A Proserin

B Dichlothiazide

C Reserpine

D Mannitol

E Propanolol


A liquidator of a breakdown at a nuclear power plant who was irradiated complained about

vomiting that occurs all of a sudden. What medication should be prescribed?

A Metoclopramide

B Reserpine

C Atropine

D Aeron

E De-Nol


A patient with chronic cardiac insufficiency has been treated with cardiotonic drugs and a

thiazide diuretic, but in spite of it there are still edemata and risk of ascites. What medication

should be prescribed to amplify diuretic effect of the applied drugs?

A Spironolactone

B Furosemide

C Amyloride

D Clopamide

E Manitole


A patient ill with collagenesis has been taking prednisolone for a long time. Hypokaliemia

development caused spastic pain of skeletal muscles. What medication should be used in

order to correct potassium exchange?

A Panangin

B Dithylinum

C Diazepam

D Noshpa

E Thyrocalcitonin


A patient ill with essential hypertension was recommended a drug that prevents thrombosis.

It is to be taken parenterally. What drug is it?

A Heparin

B Amben

C Protamine sulfate

D Neodicumarin

E Syncumar


A patient presents with twilight vision impairment. Which of the following vitamins should be


A Retinol acetate

B Cyanocobalamin

C Pyridoxine hydrochloride

D Ascorbic acid

E Nicotinic acid


A female patient consulted a doctor about pain and limited movements in the knee joints.

Which of the following nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs should be administered taking into

consideration that the patient has a history of chronic gastroduodenitis?

A Celecoxib

B Diclofenac sodium

C Promedol

D Acetylsalicilic acid

E Butadiounum


A 66 year old female patient got intravenous injection of magnesium sulfate solution for the

purpose of elimination of hypertensive crisis. But arterial pressure didn't go down and after

repeated introduction of the same preparation there appered sluggishness, slow response,

inhibition of consciousness and respiration. What preparation is antagonist of magnesium

sulfate and can eliminate symptoms of its overdose?

A Calcium chloride

B Potassium chloride

C Sodium chloride

D Activated carbon

E Potassium permanganate


A 64 year old woman has impairment of twilight vision (hemeralopy). What vitamin should be

recommended in the first place?

A Vitamin A

B Vitamin B2

C Vitamin E

D Vitamin C

E Vitamin B6


A patient underwent appendectomy. In the postoperative period he has been taking an

antibiotic. The patient complains about hearing impairment and vestibular disorders. What

group of antibiotics has such by-effects?

A Aminoglycosides

B Penicillins

C Tetracyclines

D Macrolides

E Cephalosporins


A student came to see a doctor and asked to administer him a drug for treatment of allergic

rhinitis that occurs in the period of linden flowering. What drug may be used?

A Loratadine

B Noradrenaline hydrotartrate

C Propanolol

D Ambroxol

E Losartan


A 7 year old child is ill with bronchitis. It is necessary to administer him an antibacterial drug.

What drug of fluoroquinolone group is CONTRA-INDICATED at this age?

A Cyprofloxacin

B Ampicillin

C Amoxicillin

D Sulfadimethoxine

E Ampiox


A patient consulted a physician about muscle rigidity, constrained movements, permanent

arm tremor. The patient was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. What preparation should

be administered?

A Levodopa

B Phenytoin

C Phenobarbital

D Diazepam

E Ethosuximide


A patient takes digoxin for treatment of cardiac insufficiency. What diuretic may increase

digoxin toxicity due to the intensified excretion of K+ ions?

A Hydrochlorothiazide

B Spironolactone

C Panangine

D Siliborum

E Lisinopril


A patient with coronary artery disease was admitted to the cardiological department. For

stenocardia prevention a drug from the group of \beta-adrenoceptor blockers was

administered. What drug is it?

A Metoprolol

B Atropine sulfate

C Morphine hydrochloride

D Oxytocin

E Furosemide


A woman was delivered to a hospital for trachea intubation. What of the following drugs

should be applied in this case?

A Dithylinum

B Nitroglycerine

C Metronidazole

D Atropine sulfate

E Gentamycin sulfate


A patient suffers from pulmonary tuberculosis. During treatment neuritis of visual nerve arose.

What drug has caused this by-effect?

A Isoniazid

B Ethambutol

C Kanamycin

D Rifampicin

E Streptomycin


A patient ill with amebiasis was prescribed a certain drug. The use of alcohol together with

this drug is contra-indicated because the drug inhibits metabolism of ethyl alcohol. What drug

is it?

A Metronidazole

B Reserpine

C Clonidine

D Diazepam

E Aminazine


A patient suffers from chronic left-ventricular insufficiency. What medication should be


A Digoxin

B Bemegride

C Etimizole

D Vinpocetine

E Pyracetam


A patient ill with chronic cardiac insufficiency was prescribed an average therapeutic dose of

digoxin. Two weeks after begin of its taking there appeared symptoms of drug intoxication

(bradycardia, extrasystole, nausea). Name the phenomenon that caused accumulation of the

drug in the organism?

A Material cumulation

B Functional cumulation

C Tolerance

D Tachyphylaxis

E Idiosyncrasy


A patient with drug intoxication presented with the dryness of oral mucous membrane and

mydriatic pupils. Such action of this drug is associated with the following effect:

A Muscarinic cholinoreceptor block

B Muscarinic cholinoreceptor stumulation

C Nicotinic cholinoreceptor stumulation

D Adrenoreceptor stimulation

E Adrenoreceptor block


A patient with a limb fracture must be administered a depolarizing drug from the myorelaxant

group for the purpose of a short-time surgery. What drug is it?

A Dithylinum

B Tubocurarine chloride

C Cytitonum

D Atropine sulfate

E Pentaminum


A patient suffering from chronic bronchitis takes a synthetic mucolytic drug that facilitates the

sputum thinning. What drug is it?

A Acetylcysteine

B Diazepam

C Heparin

D Furosemide

E Enalapril


Burned skin surface was treated with a certain preparation. Its antiseptic properties are

provided by atomic oxygen that is formed in presence of organic substances. What

preparation was applied?

A Potassium permanganate

B Furacillin

C Chlorhexidine bigluconate

D Alcoholic iodine solution

E Sodium hydrocarbonate


On the 2-3rd day after stomach resection intestinal peristalsis wasn't restored. What is to be

administered for stimulation of gastrointestinal tract?

A Proserin

B Prasosin

C Cyclodole

D Atropine sulfate

E Acetylcholine


A stomatologist injected a patient with a certain drug in order to reduce salivation during tooth

filling. What drug is it?

A Atropine sulfate

B Adrenaline hydrochloride

C Proserin

D Pilocarpine hydrochloride

E Mesaton


A patient with chronic cardiac insufficiency has been taking foxglove (Digitalis) preparations

for a long time. Due to the violation of intake schedule the woman got symptoms of

intoxication. These symptoms result from:

A Material cumulation

B Tachyphylaxis

C Idiosyncrasy

D Antagonism

E Sensibilization


Before tooth extraction a patient was advised to take a certain drug for haemorrhage

prevention. What drug was advised?

A Vicasolum

B Heparin

C Asparcam

D Magnesium sulfate

E Dimedrol


A man who has been taking a drug for a long time cannot withhold it because this causes

impairment of psychic, somatic and vegetative functions. Name the syndrome of different

disturbances caused by drug discontinuation:

A Abstinence

B Sensibilization

C Idiosyncrasy

D Tachyphylaxis

E Cumulation


A patient consulted a stomatologist about purulent inflammation of his gums. What drug will

be the most effective if it is suspected that a causative agent is an anaerobe?

A Metronidazole

B Gentamicin

C Oxacillin sodium

D Co-trimoxazole

E Nitroxoline


A 45-year-old patient suffers from neurosis characterized by irritability, sleeplessness,

motiveless anxiety. What drug would eliminate all the symptoms?

A Diazepam

B Valerian extract

C Pyracetam

D Caffeine sodium benzoate

E Levodopa


A 12 year old child has intolerance to some foodstuffs. Their consumption causes an allergic

reaction in form of itching skin eruptions. What antihistaminic drug should be admistered so

that the child could attend school?

A Loratadine

B Dimedrol

C Diclofenac

D Aminophylline

E Ephedrine


A patient that entered the admission office had the following signs of acute cardiac

insufficiency: paleness, acrocyanosis, frequent shallow respiration. What drug is indicated in

this case?

A Corglycon

B Digitoxin

C Cordiamin

D Nitroglycerine

E Adrenaline hydrochloride


A patient with myocardial infarction was admitted to the cardiological department. For pain

relief it was decided to potentiate fentanyl action with a neuroleptic. Which of the following

neuroleptics is the most suitable for neuroleptanalgesia?

A Droperidol

B Aminazine

C Triftazine

D Haloperidol

E Sulpiride


A patient with bacterial pneumonia was prescribed benzylpenicillin. What is the mechanism

of its antibacterial effect?

A Inhibition of synthesis of microorganism wall

B Inhibition of intracellular protein synthesis

C Abnormal permeability of cytoplasmic membrane

D Inhibition of SH-groups of microorganism enzymes

E Antagonism with p-amino-benzoic acid


A patient has herpetic rash. What medication should be administered?

A Acyclovir

B Gentamycin

C Clotrimazole

D Benzylpenicillin sodium salt

E Biseptol


A patient who has been treated in a neural clinic and has been taking a sedative for a long

time got the following complication: cough, rhinitis, epiphora. What drug caused these


A Sodium bromide

B Diazepam

C Valerian

D Phenazepam

E Reserpine


In order to accelerate healing of a radiation ulcer a vitamin drug was administered. What drug

is it?

A Retinol acetate

B Retabolil

C Prednisolone

D Levamisole

E Methyluracil


A patient with hip fracture was prescribed a narcotic analgetic. Its anesthetic action is

determined by interaction with the following receptors:

A Opiate receptors

B Adrenoreceptors

C Cholinoreceptors

D Benzodiazepine receptors

E GABA-ergic receptors


A patient with hypertensic crisis was admitted to the cardiological department, he was

injected intravenously with an antihypertensive drug - salt of an alkaline-earth metal. What

drug was injected?

A Magnesium sulfate

B Potassium chloride

C Sodium hydrocarbonate

D Calcium lactate

E Benzohexamethonium


A patient with acute morphine poisoning was delivered to a hospital. What specific narcotic

antagonist should be chosen in this case?

A Naloxone

B Paracetamol

C Methacin

D Digoxin

E Unithiol


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9. 0 Фармакологія iconФармакологія
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Фармакологія: Підручник / Чекман І. С., Горчакова Н. О., Туманов В. А. та ін. – К.: Вища шк Стр. 32
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