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5. Гігієна, ООЗ


A number of viable fetuses per 1000 women at the age between 15 and 44 is determined


A Genital index

B Reproductive level

C Birth rate

D Perinatal rate

E Obstetric rate


Point out the unit for statistical observation for the determination of blood sugar level

influence on a wound surface healing during postoperative period.

A The patient in a postoperative period

B Blood sugar level

C Blood test

D The patient who has a wound surface

E The patient who was discharged to outpatient treatment


What information gathering method is preferable to study housing conditions of medical

students during training period?

A Questionaire

B Interviewing

C Materials selection

D Directed selection method

E Statistical


What methods of the collecting of the information is preferable for study of housing

conditions of students of medical HIGH SCHOOL for a training period?

A Questioning

B Interviewing

C Selecting of materials

D A method of the directed selection

E Statistical


Choose a method of a graphic representation of monthly information about number of the

registered cases of acute intestinal infection and their comparisons to the average monthly

values, obtained for 5 previous years:

A The linear diagram

B The radial diagram

C The sector diagram

D The figured diagram

E The curvilinear disgram


The parameter of infantile mortality for the last year was - 16,3, in present year - 15,7.

Name a kind of the diagram that can be used for a graphic representation of it:

A Stylar

B Linear

C Intrastylar

D Sector

E Radial


The average body lenth of newborn boys is 50,9 cm at a sigma 1,66; and average mass -

3432 at a sigma 5,00. What criterion is necessary in order to compare degree of variability

of these signs?

A Coefficient of variation

B Sigma

C Limit

D Amplitude

E Coefficient of association


What method is applied to establish rate of correlation between age of men and their

mortality due to myocardial infarction?

A Method of grade correlation (Spirman)

B Correlation ratio

C The quadrate method (Pirson)

D The Indirect method (Student)

E Method of graduated correlation (Armler)


Indicate the registration medical document for the patient, who 21.02. was addressed to the

doctor with diagnosis ARVD for the first time in this year:

A The statistical coupon is to be filled in and it is necessary to deliver on a sign (+)

B The statistical coupon for registration of final diagnosis is not necessary

C The statistical coupon is to be filled in, but a sign (+) is not necessary to be put in

D It is necessary to fill in the emergency notice on a case of a contagion

E The necessary registration form is not indicated


Define the basic registration document at the profound study of a case rate with temporary

lost labor ability at the industrial enterprise:

A A card of the personal account of a case rate

B "The Report on reasons of a temporary lost labor ability"

C The sick-leave certificate

D A ambulatory medical card

E The inpatient medical record


Head of a department and a trade-union group have appealed to the head of a hospital

about dismissal of the senior nurse who has 17 year record of service. The facts of charge

were confirmed and recognized by the nurse herself. This nurse lives with a daughter (who

is divorced and unemployed) and a 9-month-old grandson. Make an administrative


A To continue the worker in office with a warning of dismissal in case of repeated violation

of labor discipline

B To discharge the worker, i.e. to satisfy demands of the collective

C To issue the sick list

D To shift the solution of this problem on other officials or public organizations

E -


25 unorganized children in the age 2-3 year will be observed on a pediatric district it in the

current year. What scheduled number of initial visitations will make to this group of


A 50

B 20

C 40

D 100

E 200


A child is 6 years old. Within one year of observation he had URI that lasted 8 days.

Physical state is satisfactory. Specify hi health group:



C III (a)

D III (b)

E III (c)


A 38 year old man was admitted to a hospital from his working place on July 19 because of

hip fracture. He was invalid till November 19. Requires prolongation of treatment. Who

decides on the issue of further temporary invalidity?

A Specialized (traumatologic) MSEC


C The head physician of a polyclinic

D Interregional general MSEC

E Regional MSEC


What is the maximum duration of medical certificate in case of tuberculosis?

A 2 months

B Week

C 2 weeks

D Month

E 10 months


An engineer-chemist at the age of 47 often fells ill with an occupational skin disease. Who

makes a decision to transfer him to other job accepts?


B A head physician

C The attending physician

D The chief of shop



A patient with high temperature came to a first-aid post in the evening. The fact of

temporary disability was established. Indicate the order of examination in this case:

A The night duty doctor should issue a medical certificate, which will be subsequently used

for issuing a sick list from the date of the previous day

B The sick list for 1 day should be issued

C The sick list for up to 3 days should be issued

D The sick list for 3 days should be issued

E Any document shouldn't be issued


A sample of milk was taken for testing from a 5 ton milk batch. Lab analysis showed the

following: fat content 2\%, specific density- 1,04 $g/cm^3$, acidity $21^0C$, reductase

probe – weak positive. What way the product is to be used in? What would you advise?

A Sell but inform customers about milk quality

B Write the product off for animal feeding

C Utilize technically

D Sell without limitations

E Annihilate the product


A 5 tons milk batch was sampled. The lab analysis revealed: fat content 2\%, specific

density - 1,04 g/$cm^3$, acidity - $21^0$Т, reductase probe - weak-positive. What way is

the product to be used in?

A Sell but inform customers about milk quality

B Discard for animal feeding

C Technical utilization

D Sell without limitations

E Do the product away


The student has the following devices: Geiger counter, Ebert counter, Krotov's apparatus,

Mischuk device, Ebert device. What device can he use to assess air germ pollution?

A Krotov's apparatus

B Ebert's counter

C Geiger's counter

D Mischuk's device

E Ebert's device


Thyreotoxicosis patient is in the two-place hospital ward of therapeutic department. The

area of the ward is $18 m^2$, height is 3 m, ventilation rate is 2,5/h. Air temperature is

$20^0С$, relative humidity is 45\%, air movement velocity is 0,3 m/sec, light coefficient is

1/5, noise level constitutes 30 dB. Make a hygienic assessment of these conditions.

A Discomfortable microclimate

B Non-effective ventilation

C Poor lighting

D High level of noise

E All conditions are OK


A 9 y.o. girl has an average height and harmonic growth development. She was ill with

acute respiratory infection for five times. Define the group of her health.

A 2nd group

B 1st group

C 3rd group

D 4th group

E 5th group


A student lives in the modern house in the flat with a complete set of sanitary equipment

(WC, bath, shower, local water heater). How much water consumption has he got?

A 160-200 L/day

B 10-15 L/day

C 50-100 L/day

D 300-400 L/day

E 500 -600 L/day


A 30-year-old patient with complaints of occipital headache, disturbed sleep with

nightmares came to a policlinic. BP was 150/95 mm Hg. He was diagnosed with hypertensic

crisis. The patient should be registered in the following dispensary group for arterial

hypertension surveillance:

A In the second

B In the first

C In the fourth

D In the third

E In the fifth


A young patient who came to a policlinic was diagnosed with the 1 stage of hypertension.

How often should he undergo the medical check-up?

A Twice a year

B Once a year

C 3 times a year

D 4 times a year

E 5 times a year


25 children at the age of 2-3 years who don't attend any child welfare institutions should be

observed by a district pediatrician within the current year. How many initial visits of this

group of children should be planned?

A 50

B 20

C 40

D 100

E 200


Studying of pulmonary tuberculosis incidence provided data about patients' socioeconomic

living conditions and bad habits. What method allows to estimate the impact of these

factors on tuberculosis incidence?

A Calculation of correlation coefficient

B Calculation of correspondence index

C Calculation of regression coefficient

D Standardized index calculation

E Calculation of reliability coefficient


A teacher of a secondary school was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. What is the

maximum duration of his medical certificate?

A Ten months

B Five months

C Four months

D Two months

E A month


An employee of a private company was ill with acute respiratory viral infection. Consulted a

district doctor, who determined the fact of temporary loss of working ability, but refused to

issue a sick-list, arguing that the patient worked in the private and not state-owned

company. Should the sick-list be issued to the employees of private companies?

A Issued regardless of company's ownership

B Issued only to empties of state-owned companies

C Issued only on condition of payment guarantee by the company's proprietor

D Issued a medical certificate of a set form

E Issued a medical certificate of a free form


Clinic of a research instutute for occupational diseases examined a worker who works at a

concentration plant and diagnosed him with chronic dust bronchitis. The case is

investigated by a commission including the representatives of: the plant, clinic, territorial

SES, department of Social Insurance Fund, trade union. According to the "regulation on

investigation of…", the commission should be headed by the representative of the following


A Territorial SES

B Plant

C Social Insurance Fund

D Trade union

E Clinic


Basing upon the data of laboratory assessment of sanitary state of soil in a certain

territory, the soil was found to be low-contaminated according to the sanitary indicative

value; contaminated according to the coli titer; low-contaminated according to the

anaerobe titer (\emph{Cl. Perfringens}). This is indicative of:

A Fresh fecal contamination

B Insufficient intensity of soil humification

C Old fecal contamination

D Constant entry of organic protein contaminations

E Insufficient insolation and aeration of soil


A maternity hospital registered 616 live births, 1 stillbirth, 1 death on the 5th day of life over

a 1 year period. What index allows the most precise estimation of this situation?

A Perinatal mortality

B Crude mortality rate

C Natality

D Neonatal mortality

E Natural increase


A patient complained about problems with pain and tactile sensitivity, pain in the nail bones

at the end of the working day. He works at a plant with mechanical devices. What pathology

can be suspected?

A Vibration disease

B Caisson disease

C Noise disease

D Overwork symptoms

E Hypovitaminosis of $B_1$


Bacterial analysis of air in a living space in winter period by means of Krotov's apparatus

revealed that total number of microorganisms in 1$m^3$ of air was 7200. What is the

permissible number of microorganisms for the air to be characterized as "pure"?

A Up to 4500

B Up to 2500

C Up to 3500

D Up to 5500

E Up to 7500


Bacterial analysis of air in a living space in winter period by means of Krotov's apparatus

revealed that total number of microorganisms in 1$m^3$ of air was 7200. What is the

allowed number of microorganisms for the air to be characterized as "pure"?

A Up to 4500

B Up to 2500

C Up to 3500

D Up to 5500

E Up to 7500


Maximum permissible concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is considered to be a

sanitary index of air purity in a classroom. What concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is

accepted as maximum permissible?

A 0,1\%

B 0,05\%

C 0,15\%

D 0,2\%

E 0,3\%


Study of actual diet of an adult revealed the following: proteins make up 16\% of energy

value of daily ration, fats - 25\%, carbohydrates - 59\%. Evaluate compliance of protein, fat

and carbohydrate share in the energy value of daily ration with the recommended shares

of these nutrients?

A Carbohydrate share is insufficient, there is excess of proteins

B Fat share is insufficient

C Carbohydrate share is insufficicent

D Carbohydrate share is excessive

E Nutrient content complies with the recommended shares of energy value


A patient who has been consuming refined foodstuffs for a long time complains about

headache, fatiguability, depression, insomnia, irritability. Objectively: muscle asthenia, pain

and cramps in the gastrocnemius muscles, during walking the patient lands onto his heel

first, then on the external edge of foot. Cardiovascular system exhibits tachycardia,

hypoxia, dystrophic changes of myocardium. There are also gastrointestinal disorders.

What is the most likely diagnosis?

A Hypovitaminosis $B_1$

B Hypovitaminosis $B_2$

C Hypovitaminosis $B_{12}$

D Hypovitaminosis $B_6$

E Hypovitaminosis $B_{15}$


A patient who had eaten mushrooms in the morning was delivered to the infectious

diseases hospital at night. The disease development was rapid. The patient presented with

stomach pain, frequent diarrhea, intractable vomiting, burning thirst, headache and

dizziness. He died on the third day. What mushrooms are most likely to have caused


A Deadly amanita

B Morels

C Fly agarics

D Sulfur-tufts

E Russules


Periodical survey of a worker of a chemicals plant revealed a malignant neoplasm on the

urinary bladder. This occupational disease was the most probably caused by contact with

the following industrial poison:

A Benzidine

B Vinyl chloride

C Nickel carbonyl

D Asbestos

E Arsenic


A 37 year old patient applied to a local therapeutist. As a result of exacerbation of chronic

obstructive bronchitis the patient had been temporarily disabled for 117 days within 1 year.

What tactics will be legally correct?

A The patient should be referred to the medicosocial expertise

B The therapeutist should extend a medical certificate

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5. Гігієна, ооз 1 icon5. Гігієна, ооз 1 a number of viable fetuses per 1000 women at the age between 15 and 44 is determined by: A

5. Гігієна, ооз 1 icon5. Гігієна, ооз 1
Комплексна оцінка здоров’я дітей, які проживають в Закарпатському регіоні України
5. Гігієна, ооз 1 icon5. Гігієна, ооз 1
Комплексна оцінка здоров’я дітей, які проживають в Закарпатському регіоні України
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5. Гігієна, ооз 1 iconГрафік консультацій та відпрацювань “нб” практичних занять з соціальної медицини та ооз студентами ІV курсу, медичних факультетів №1, №2 та №3 у осінньому семестрі
Ооз студентами ІV курсу, медичних факультетів №1, №2 та №3 у осінньому семестрі
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Гігієна як наука. Значення гігієнічних знань для клінічного провізора. Вода та здоров’я. Гігієнічне значення води. Гігієнічні основи...
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Гігієна як наука. Гігієнічне значення складових біосфери, сонячної радіації, клімату та погоди. Вода та здоров’я. Гігієнічне значення...
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Гігієна як наука. Гігієнічне значення біосфери, сонячної радіації, клімату та погоди. Вода та здоров’я. Гігієнічне значення води....
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