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A 76 y.o. woman complains of progressing swallowing disorder, mostly she has had

problems with solid food for the last 6 weeks. Sometimes she has regurgitation of solid

masses. Swallowing is not painful. She lost 6 kg. 10 years ago she had myocardiac

infarction, she takes constantly aspirine and prolonged nitrates. She consumes alcochol in

moderate proportions, smokes. Objectively: icteric skin, neck has no pecularities, lymph

nodes are not enlarged. Thorax has no changes, cardiovascular system has no evident

changes. Liver is +3 cm. What is the preliminary diagnosis?

A Cancer of esophagus

B Diaphragmatic hernia

C Diffuse constriction of esophagus

D Myasthenia

E Esophageal achalasia


A 65 y.o. man who has problems with urination as a result of benign prostate gland

adenoma dveloped fever and chill, hypotension, sinus tachycardia. Skin is warm and dry.

Clinical blood analysis revealed absolute granulocytopenia. These hemodynamic changes

are most likely to be caused by:

A Endotoxemia with activation of complement system

B Secondary reflex vasodilatation as a result of lowered cardiac output

C Secondary circulation insufficiency with retained systolic function as a result of peripheral


D Reflex vagus stimulation with lowered cardiac output

E Secondary endothelial changes as a result of bacterial lesion


A 60 y.o. man complains of sense of heaviness in the region of scrotum. Objectively:

scrotum edema in the left part. Testicle is of normal size, but there is a soft, scrotum limited

edema over it that can be pressed and disappears when the patient lies down. What is the

preliminary diagnosis?

A Varicocele

B Inguinal lymphadenopathy

C Ectopic testicle

D Inguinal hernia

E Varicosity of subcutaneous veins


A patient was delivered to a surgical department after a road accident with a closed trauma

of chest and right-sided rib fracture. The patient was diagnosed with right-sided

pneumothorax, it is indicated to perform drainage of pleural cavity. Pleural puncture should

be made in:

A In the 2nd intercostal space along the middle clavicular line

B In the 6th intercostal space along the posterior axillary line

C In the 7th intercostal space along the scapular line

D In the projection of pleural sinus

E In the point of the greatest dullness on percussion


A 40 year old woman has changes of mammary gland. What are the most often symtomps

that precede the malignization?

A Skin induration with inverted nipple

B Painful movable induration

C Painless movable induration

D Bloody discharges from the nipple

E Pure discharges from the nipple


Name a statistical observation unit for determination of influence amount of bloodsugar on

the healing of wound's surface in a postoperative period:

A The patient in a postoperative period

B An amount of bloodsugar

C Blood analysis

D The patient who has a wound surface

E The patient who was discharged on an after-care


A 20-year-old patient was delivered to the hospital in summer from the street with

haemorrage from the brachial artery. First medical aid involved application of a tourniquet

for provisional arrest of bleeding. What is the maximal exposure of the tourniquet?

A 120 minutes

B 15 minutes

C 30 minutes

D 60 minutes

E 180 minutes


A 9 y.o. child with diagnosis "chronic tonsillitis" stands dispanserization control. Within 1

year of observation there was one exacerbation of disease. Physical condition is

satisfactory. The general state is not infringed. Define group of health:

A III (a)

B II-d

C I-st

D III (b)

E III (c)


A 38 year old man, previously in good health, suddenly develops severe abdominal pain

radiating from the left loin to groin and accompanied by nausea, perspiration and the need

for frequent urination. He is restless, tossing in bed but has no abnormal findings. The

most likely diagnosis is:

A Leftsided renal colic

B Herpes zoster

C Sigmoid diverticulitis

D Torsion of the left testicle

E Retroperitoneal haemorrhage


A 40 year old woman has a self-detected hard breast mass. The procedure of choice for

confirming the diagnosis is:

A Excision biopsy

B Mammography

C Thermography

D Ultrasonography

E Aspiration biopsy with cytology


During investigation for chronic, severe, epigastric pain, a 40 year old alcoholic man is

found to have multiple areas of narrowing alternating with dilatation ("chain of lakes"

appearance) of the main pancreatic duct. The operation of choice is:

A Lateral pancreaticojejunostomy

B Distal pancreaticojejunostomy

C Sphincterotomy

D Distal pancreatectomy

E Total pancreatectomy


The treatment of choice for duodenal obstruction caused by secondary duodenal

hematoma that developed a few days after blunt abdominal injury is:

A Nasogastric decompression and parenteral alimentation

B Retrocolic gastrojejunostomy

C Duodenojejunostomy

D Immediate exploration

E Tube duodenostomy


An anestesiologist gives narcosis to the patient, he uses a non-reversive contour.

Anesthetic is halothane. Air temperature in the operation room is $21^0С$, humidity 50\%,

level of noise 30 dB. What occupational hazard is the principal one under these


A Air pollution with anesthetic

B Improper occupational microclimate

C High level of noise

D Mental overfatigue

E Compelled working pose


A patient suddenly felt an acute chest pain irradiating to the left arm. Objectively: the

patient is excited, with pale skin. Breathing rate - 38/min, AP - 180/110 mm Hg. Later the

patient lost consciousness and fell down. Pulse on the great vessels was absent, the pupils

were equally dilated. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A Clinical death

B Agonal state

C Coma

D Heart attack

E Disorder of the cerebral circulation


A 37-year-old patient has come to clinic being wounded in the area of umbilicus an hour

ago.On physical exam, there is a prick and cut painful wound of about 0,5x1 cm around

umbilicus on the abdominal skin with slight bleeding.How would you help this patient?

A Laparotomy, abdominal cavity organs inspection. Primary surgical processing of the


B Drainage of the wound with rubber strip

C Inspection of the wound with canal probe

D Aseptic bandage

E Suture on the wound


If a child has adherent fingers on his right hand, then what will be your diagnosis?

A Syndactyly

B Polydactyly

C Macrodactyly

D Ectrodactyly

E Ectromelia


A 34-year-old patient was bitten by a dog 3 hours ago.There is a wound by dog teeth

without bleeding in the left arm. What surgical help would you provide to this patient?

A Clean wound with detergent water and apply anti-septic

B Aseptic bandage

C Cream bandage

D Complete suture of the wound

E Incomplete suture of the wound


A 63 year old patient was diagnosed with purulent mediastinitis. What of the below listed

diseases are NOT the cause of purulent mediastinitis?

A Cervical lymphadenitis

B Deep neck phlegmon

C Perforation of the cervical part of the oesophagus

D Perforation of the thoracic part of the oesophagus

E Iatrogenic injury of the trachea


Purulent mediastinitis is diagnosed at a 63-year-old patient.

What diseases from the stated below CANNOT cause the purulent mediastinitis?

A Cervical lymphadenitis

B Deep neck phlegmon

C Perforation of the cervical part of the easophagus

D Perforation of the thoracic part of the easophagus

E Iatrogenic injury of the trachea


The diagnosis of a right-sided pneumothorax is made to a 36- year-old patient. What

method of treatment is indicated to the patient?

A Drainage of the pleural cavity

B Antiinflammation therapy

C Symptomatic therapy

D Pleural puncture

E Thoracotomy


A 36 year old patient was diagnosed with right-sided pneumothorax. What method of

treatment is indicated to the patient?

A Surgical treatment: drainage of the pleural cavity

B Antiinflammation therapy

C Symptomatic therapy

D Pleural puncture

E Thoracotomy


A 16 year old patient with complaints of frequent pain in the abdomen was diagnosed with

melanoma, examination revealed also pigmentation of the mucosa and skin, polyp in the

stomach and large intestine. It is know that the patient's mother has an analogous

pigmentation and has been often treated for anemia. What disease is suspected?

A Peytz-Egers's polyposis

B Chron's disease

C Tuberculosis of the intestine

D Adolescent polyposis

E Hirschprung's disease


A 41 year old patient was admitted to the intensive care unit with haemorrhagic shock due

to gastric bleeding. He has a history of hepatitis B during the last 5 years. The source of

bleeding are esophageal veins. What is the most effective method for control of the


A Introduction of obturator nasogastric tube

B Intravenous administration of pituitrin

C Hemostatic therapy

D Operation

E Administration of plasma


It is suspected that a 34 year old patient has an abscess of Douglas pouches. What

diagnostic method is to be chosen?

A Digital examination of rectum

B Rectoromanoscopy

C Laparoscopy

D Percussion and auscultation of stomach

E R-scopy of abdominal cavity


A patient has restrained umbilateral hernia complicated by phlegmon hernia, it is necessary

to take following actions:

A Herniotomy by Mayo-Sapezhko

B Herniotomy by Mayo

C Herniotomy by Sapezhko

D Herniotomy by Lekser

E Herniotomy by Grenov


A 52 year old man has recurrent transient ischemic attacks. Auscultation of the carotid

arteries detected murmur. What diagnostic method is to be applied in the first place?

A Ultrasound dopplerography

B CT of the brain

C MRI of the brain

D Cerebral angiography

E Electroencephalography


For the persons who live in a hot area after an accident at a nuclear object, the greatest

risk within the first decade is represented by cancer of:

A Thyroid gland

B Skin

C Reproduction system organs

D Breast

E Lungs


A 10 year old boy complains about pain in his left eye and strong photophobia after he had

injured his left eye with a pencil at school. Left eye examination: blepharospasm, ciliary

and conjunctival congestion, cornea is transparent, other parts of eyeball have no

changes. Visus 0,9. Right eye is healthy, Visus 1,0. What additional method would you

choose first of all?

A Staining test with 1\% fluorescein

B X-ray examination of orbit

C Tonometria

D Gonioscopia

E Cornea sensation-test


A patient had disorder of nasal respiration, mucopurulent discharges from nose, headache

for 3 weeks. At anterior rhinoscopy in middle nasal meathus the stria of pus, edema,

hyperemia of the mucosa of the nose have been determined. What diagnostic method is

necessary to administer first of all?

A An X-ray of paranasal sinuses

B CT of a skull

C Bacteriology analysis of the nasal mucous

D Punction of the maxillar sinus

E General blood test


A patient with acute purulent otitis media complicated by mastoiditis was admitted to a

hospital. Roentgenogram of mastoid processes showed the shadiowing of the cellular

system on the lesion, absence of bone septa was present. What are the necessary

therapeutic actions at the second stage of mastoiditis?

A Mastoidotomy

B Paracentesis of the drum

C Radical operation on the middle ear

D Tympanoplasty

E Cateterization of the Eustachian tube


A 35-year-old woman was admitted to resuscitation department in asthmatic status. What is

the most trustworthy criterion of breath effectiveness?

A $РаСО_2$ and $РаО_2$

B Respiratory volume

C Respiration rate

D Minute respiratory volume

E Determination of “dead” space


During dynamic investigation of a patient the increase of central venous pressure is

combined with the decrease of arterial pressure. What process is proved by such


A Developing of cardiac insufficiency

B Depositing of blood in venous channel

C Shunting

D Presence of hypervolemia

E Increase of bleeding speed


A 22 year old patient was admitted to trauma center with complaints of pain in the left ankle

joint that was getting worse during moving and weight bearing. On the clinical examination

it was found that the patient had the closed fracture of medial malleolus without

displacement. In which position should the foot be fixed in plaster cast?

A At right angle with varus positioning of the foot

B In position of planter flexion of foot

C In position of pronation

D In position of supination

E In position of dorsal flexion of foot


A 74 y.o. patient has been ill with benign prostate hyperplasy for the last 5 years. 4 days

ago, after alcochol consumption, there was an acute retention of urination. At the

pre-admission stage his urinary bladder was catheterized with metallic catheter.

Examination revealed: right epididymis is enlarged, thick and painful, there are purulent

discharges from urethra. What way of emergency care must be chosen?

A Trocar or open epicystostomy

B Transuretral resection or prostatectomy

C Introduction of permanent urethral catheter

D Microwave thermotherapy of prostate

E Placing of intraprostatic stent


A rounded well-defined shadow was found in the costo-vertebral angle on the chest

roentgenogram of an otherwise healthy 9 year old girl. Make a preliminary diagnosis:

A Ganglioneuroma

B Sympatoblastoma

C Ganglioneuroblastoma

D Sympatogonioma

E Sarcoma of the vertebra


A 4 y.o. child attends the kindergarten. Complains of poor appetite, fatigue. Objective

examination: skin and mucous membrane are pale, child is asthenic. In the hemogram:

hypochromatic anemia 1st, leucomoide reaction of the eosinophile type. What pathology

must be excluded first of all?

A Helminthic invasion

B Lymphoprolipherative process

C Hypoplastic anemia

D Duodenal ulcer

E Atrophic gastritis


A 33 year old male patient was brought to Emergency Department with the signs of

cardiovascular collapse: BP - 60/30 mm Hg, Ps - 140 bpm, the skin is pale and moist,

diuresis 20 ml/h, Hb - 80 g/l, red blood cell count - $2,5\cdot10^{12}$/l. The reduction of

blood volume averages:

A 30-40\%

B 10-15\%

C 15-20\%

D 20-25\%

E 25-30\%


A 19 year old girl was admitted to emergency department: unconsciousness, cyanosis,

myotic pupils are present, superficial breathing is 12/min. BP is 90/60 mm Hg, Ps- 78/min.

Choose the action necessary in this clinical situation:

A Controlled respiration

B Gastric lavage

C Oxygen inhalation

D Caffeine injection

E Cordiamine injection


What preparations are used for prevention of fungal infection?

A Fluconozol, Orungol, Nisoral

B Rubomycin, Bleomycin, Mytomycin C

C Cytosar, Cormyctin, Lomycitin

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