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May, ___ , 2007


State Service on the National Cultural Heritage


Kucheruk Mykola

E-mail: cultheritage@ukr.net

ADDRESS: 21/20, Sichnevogo Povstannia St., Kyiv, 01015

FAX: + 38 (044) 254-43-14


Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine

TELEPHONE: + 38 (044) 254-43-14


State, Province or Region: Ukraine, Northern Bukovina, the Chernivtsi Region, city of Chernivtsi, 2 Kotsiubinsky St.

^ Latitude and Longitude: Latitude – 48°17'50 North, Longitude – 25°56' 15East


The Residence of Bukovynian Metropolitans is a monument of national importance. The property presents an ensemble of buildings situated on Dominic hill. It was built to the design of Czech architect Josef Hlavka. The ensemble was being built in 1864-1882. It consists of the Mytropolychy, Seminary and Monastyrsky buildings, Seminary Church and a park with park architecture. The whole area of the monument is surrounded by a high fence with gates. The Mytropolychy, Seminary and Monastyrsky buildings form a front yard-cour d’honneur oriented towards Kotsiubinsky St. The ensemble is an outstanding monument in many aspects: urban, architectural and artistic, engineering and technological. Bukovynian Metropolitan Residence is of great architectural and historic value. The property is in adequate condition except individual structural details (equipment, roofing), which are not adequate.

^ Justification of “Outstanding Universal Value”

Criteria (i)

The architectural monument of the Residence of Bukovynian Metropolitans is a masterpiece of architecture, a visiting card of Chernivtsi. The Residence was decorated by first-class artists. Its stucco moldings are by sculptor Anna Hoffman. The metallic fence is by blacksmith L. Kunuelmann. The Seminary Church paintings are by painter from Vienna K. Jobst and E. Buchevskiy. The Church paintings and iconostasis came down to us intact. The acoustics of the Church is superb. The church mosaics are wisely arranged at the upper windows over the entrance – the sunrays are making radiant faces of the Apostles, mother of God, Jesus Almighty. In the Metropolychy building have been preserved intact the 19th c. tiled stoves with their porcelain tiled facing by master craftsman A. Sejdel, original coffers of the Red and Green Halls, painted in oil and gilded, oak and ash carpentry made with a high precision exquisite panel-type doors.

^ Criteria (ii)

Architectural ensemble Bukovynian Metropolitan Residence is a tremendous historical and spiritual centre of orthodox Eastern Europe, which had the functions of temporal and clerical administrative-territorial government and where divine service and clerical teaching was held. Orthodox Metropolitan’s Residence was the biggest orthodox centre in Southern-Eastern Europe while it was being built.

Architectural spatial characteristics of the architectural ensemble became the reason of calling it Miracle of the East. After the Residence had been built Chernivtsi got the metaphorical name Jerusalem on the river Prut.

^ Criteria (iii)

According to its artistic features architecture of the ensemble combines historical traditions of projecting from Byzantine Empire, Romanic period of monastic building, brick Gothic of Central and Northern-Eastern Europe and projecting principles of baroque.

Criteria (iv)

Architectural ensemble the Residence of Bukovynian Metropolitans in Chernivtsi incarnates the exalted ideals of the mankind through the plastic art and architecture. It is a unique creation of spatial art which has a great influence on the development of religious architecture and monumental art in Central and Eastern Europe.

Assurances of Authenticity or Integrity

At present, the monument has kept its authenticity. The original layout, composition and design have been preserved intact. By the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR № 970 of 24 August, 1963, the property is included to the National Inventory of the Monuments of History and Culture as a monument of architecture with national status.

Comparison with other Similar Properties

The architectural monument the Residence of Bukovynian Metropolitans has no direct analogues in Ukraine.


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