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1 Aim of the contest

Improvement of knowledge, skills and experiences among students and pupils in the field of Internet- technologies and computer animation by the mean of:

    promotion and support of the best Internet-resources created by pupils and students’.

      improvement of information culture of the society, promotion Internet-technologies among the population.

    collection and providing of information for users about Internet-resources of Vinnytsia region;

    promote the image of Vinnytsia region as business, scientific, cultural and investment-attractive regional centre.

Attract attention of state, public, commercial organization to problems of Internet development and using of its possibilities as real and effective tools of social and economic transformations, professional and creative work, rest.

     attraction of investments in the field of Interntet-technologies;

     stimulate the creation and development of qualitative information resources;

    search of new strategies, methods and business models for Internet usage;

    stimulate the implementation of modern information technologies in various sectors of the economy, education and bussiness.

^ 2  Conditions of participation in the contest

Students of secondary and vocational-technical educational institutions, students of higher education establishments are admitted to participation in the contest. Participant can submit (present) to the contest several works.

Works are not allowed to participate in the contest which:

     popularize the violence , war and terrorism;

     violate legislation of Ukraine

      have elements of pornographic and erotic content;

      its main part contains obscene words;

      violate the copyright.

Organizing committee and the jury of the contest have the rights to refuse the consideration of any work without explanation of reasons to its author.

^ 3. Conditions of contest carrying out

Contest is carried out in two stages. During the first stage participants submit prepared works for any of the nominations.

For Web-resources:

Best information content

Best graphic realization

^ Best program realization

For computer animation:

Best GIF-animation

Best Flash-animation

Best 3D-animation

For computer graphics:

Best 2D raster graphics (one work or series)

Best 2D vector graphics (one work or series)

Best 3D-graphics.

Applicant determines nomination during work submission. Nomination of stated work can be corrected by the organizing committee. If applicant does not agree with decision of nomination determination approved by the organizing committee, final decision will be taken by applicant. The work cab be submitted only in one nomination. For Web-design nomination contest participant provides output codes of works, and for nomination Graphics and Animation participant provides works in program packets, where work was performed. Submitted projects must be suitable for revision on the PC applying ОС Windows XP/Vista/7. If it is impossible to run the works by standard , tools the contest participant must submit tools for viewing this work, a set of non standard types, etc.

^ Organizing committee of the contest does not solve possible conflicts between the developer of the work and its owner.

Only the works that did not participate in the competition in previous years are allowed to participate in the contest . Contest works are submitted to the organizing committee and may be placed in the Internet. If errors are revealed, participant will have possibility to correct them before the deadline for submissions. In case of teamwork, the application is drawed up on behalf of one person who participated in the elaboration. In cace of victory in the fist stage, this registered person will take part in the final stage.

Organizing committee must inform the applicant of the admission of the work to participation in the contest, or refusal with explanation of reasons. In case of refusal the applicant may re-nominate the work for participation in the contest, rearranging it in accordance with requirements of the present provisions.

Winner of the first stage are allowed to participate in the second stage, they are given a possibility to fulfill qualification wok during period of time (4 hours). Subject is offered by organizing committee and shall be notified to participants before the second stage.

Participants of the second stage are equipped with equivalent computers and program means. List of programme means, used in the second stage, is determined in common by jury and organizing committee.

After completion of the second stage jury of the contest estimates three best works among pupils and students from each nomination.

^ 4. Methodology of evaluation

Evaluation is carried out by jury members on each of the work independently from each other by the same criteria.

Jury members supply their rating on each of works to organizing committee. The lowest and the highest marks are excluded from the marks set, after average mark is calculated for each work.

Participants will be defined as winners, when their works are estimated with the highest average rating.

Organizing committee defines and confirms the working group, which is charged with the responsibility of calculation of rating.

To evaluate works in each nomination separate jury is created.

If two or more works have the same rating, the decision on the winner will be taken by head of jury.

^ 5  Technical requirements to works

To participate in the contest in the nomination «Web-design» the participant has to submit the URL and access code of the work. The output code must be submitted for the evaluation in case of local version of the site.

To participate in the contest in the nomination «Computer graphics» the participant has to submit files in format .jpg, .png, or .gif and the output file of the work in the special form of the program, the file is created in.

To participate in the contest in the nomination «Computer animation» the participant has to files in format.gif, or .avi, and for the flash animation .exe and the output file of the work in the special form of the program, the file is created in.

The main file of the work on WEB-design must be named index.html or index.htm, default.htm, default.html (for local versions of the site). Absolute references in the local versions of the site are not allowed.

The output code in the nomination WEB-design shall be submitted as archive (rar, zip) without password.

The participant must submit the login and a password to allow viewing the administrative part of the work in order to view the program solution in the nomination WEB-design.

The output code of the site is not necessary if the web-site is developed using free software and its output code is located in INTERNET. However you must submit a login and a password as a text format for accessing the administrative part and place it as the output code. In case of local version please submit the output code, login and a password as a separate file, located in archive with the output code.

File names of the work must contain roman type letters in lower cascading.

3D-graphics and animation

Participants, which submit the files in .avi, or .exe (for flesh animation) may present a part of the output file (video fragment) to preserve the copyright), when the output files are of big size.

6  Criteria of works evaluation

^ 6.1  Nomination   “Best information content”


Approximate characteristics

^ Rating


1. Information value actuality of the content

It is not high, has low cognitive level




Has sufficient cognitive level, it can be useful to certain groups of users


It has high cognitive level, it can be useful to wide range of users


Optimality of information volume


Information was transferred from other sources almost unchanged



Information was systemized from other sources


Author’s information content


Social significance of the work


Degree of topic disclosure


Information structuring


2. Graphical realization

Usage of graphical objects, their optimization, appropriateness, correspondence to the subject, providing of copyright


3. Program realization

Usage of software technologies of sites creation (JScript, php, perl, etc).

Quality and originality of program code used


^ 6.2  Nomination   “Best graphic realization”


Approximate characteristics

^ Rating


1. Graphic design of the work

Selected and used ready graphical images




Elaborated graphic images


Elaborated animated images


The choice of colors


Graphic image optimization


Degree of subject disclosure using graphic images (graphic efficiency)


Compliance with the unique style of the composition


2. Information support

Correspondence to the stated subject, topicality, originality, providing copyrights


4. Software realization

Usage of software technologies of sites creation (JScript, php, perl, etc).

Quality and originality of program code used


^ 6.3 Nomination   “Best software realization”


Approximate characteristics

^ Rating


1. Software realization

Usage of standard program solutions in the form of fragments of client scripts from open sources



СSS, SSI usage


Large copyright fragments of the code of clients scripts with OOP elements


Usage of the data base


Usage of different programming technologies on server side


2. Information support

Correspondence to the stated subject, actuality, originality, providing copyrights


3. Graphic realization

Usage of graphical objects, their optimization, appropriateness, correspondence to the subject, providing of copyrights


If web-site is elaborated applying standard (free) program kernel (joomla, wordpress etc), the program realization of such sites will be evaluated in 5 points.

^ 6.4 Nomination “Best GIF-animation”, “ Best Flash-animation”, “ Best 3D- aninmation”




Plot of animation work


Compliance with the principles of animation


Naturalism (realism)


Aesthetic design


Labour intensity


If work is elaborated using the technique of time-lapse shooting of real objects (plasticine, clay, etc.), the final rating can not be more than 50 points. Points can be added for computer special effects, applied to the captured frames.

^ 6.5 Nomination «Best 2D raster graphics», «Best 2D vector graphics» «Best 3D-graphic».





Originality, uniqueness, difference from other similar works. The originality of plot and idea.



How original idea was implemented in work



Artistic expression and aesthetic of the work.



Brightness and emotion level (not always and not necessarily - positive!) Caused while consideration of the work.



Unity, integrity and subordination of all the elements of the work.

Presence and compliance of the perspective.

General correspondence between

light and shade elements.

Harmony of color and font solutions.

For the series - keeping the common work style



Correspondence to file size and the resolution to functional purpose of the work


Technical skill

Level mastering of technical aspects of computer graphics. Quality and complexity of work execution.


^ 6.6   Recommendations as for the evaluation of contest works

Information value of work

The information, presented in the work, is under evaluation. Information saturation of the site must attract the attention of visitors. It also must answer the subject. Materials must be clear and structured. The content may be of any character: informative, learning, amusing etc.

The authors character of the work will also be considered during the evaluation. The works with the information from one literature source, and those which are composed as the web-site, will be poorly evaluated.

The sites with systematized information from different sources or with information, specially developed and structured by the author, will be of greater value.

^ Graphic designing

Design is the characteristics of the layout of the site which is determined by compositional solutions, color and font, adequacy of the design to the subject if the site, using static and dynamic images.

Color set must be chosen to meet the subject of the site. The optimization of the color combination is essential. Using three colors is considered to be most appropriate. In is important to combine color of the background, text and the attached images.

Graphic images must be composed in a way to help the user to comprehend information. The use of graphics must respond to the information content. Graphical images, developed by the authors, are of priority during the evaluation. Please mark references to follow the copyright.

The volume of graphical images are of importance. The author of the site must decide as for the image quality and its size.

^ Software realisation

Program code, its optimality, using databases, nonstandard technical solutions, means for information search, means for the realization of interactive mode, developed server software components, scripts, structure and navigation functions will be evaluated.

Structure and navigation functions are responsible for the organization of information on the site, immediate location of the information, required by the user. Efficiency in search for the information depend on operation of navigation functions. Correct functioning of hyperlinks is of great attention during the evaluation of works on web-designing.


Criteria characterizes the technological component of the site. Perfect performance implies for quick loading of the site. Site must be independent of the platform and browser type.


Interactivity characterizes the possibilities the site presents to the user. Perfect interactivity does not mean hyperlinks and dropdown menu only. The site must allow the user a dialogue. Interactivity is bilateral information exchange in searching systems, chats, net games etc.

^ Plot of animation work.

Stipulates for the reproduction of the conception, which is disclosed via transformation of consequentiality of actions about any sphere using the animation means.

Following the animation principles

Some general principles are used during the creation of animation films. The main of them are:

-         «squash & stretch». The essence of the principle is that the body usually squashes and stretches in movement;

-         «Anticipation». In a real life a person has to make some preparatory movements. Before a jums a person must lop down for example. Such a move prepares a viewer for the following action of the personage and adds the inertness to movements;

-         Staging. All the movements, poses and expression of the personage must be simple and expressive for correct persection;

-         «Pose to Pose». This principle stipulates for the previous arrangements of movements – a painter draws the main moments and places the personage on the scene and only then draws all the single pictures of movement;

-         «Through movement». It stipulates for the continuity in movement and evenness in phase changing. All the movements of the personage are connected into separate chain which allows to describe the rules according with which it moves.;

-         «Movements on arcs» Living organism usually move on arc trajectories. The character of the trajectory depend on the speed of movement;

-         Secondary actions. The expressiviness of the personage often requires secondary actions. They are used for the additional emphasis;

-         Timing. Weight, inertia, volume and the emotional state of the personage are considered during timing. The mood is presented by the speed of his actions;

-         Exaggerrate and Caricature. Exaggeration increases the emotional impact on the viewer;

-         Appeal. It may be any object which is viewed with pleasure, comprehending its simplicity, perfect design;

-         Perspective. The more remote objects are of small sizes;

-         Anatomy. This is the consideration of the body anatomy during movements.

If the work is done using stop-frame process of real objects (lamb etc), then the final mark may exceed 50 scores. The scores may be added for computer special effects, used while shooting

Naturalism (Reality) of the animation

It determines the correspondence of the graphical objects to their natural analogues.

Labour capacity of the animation

Is determined by the labor capacity, used for the creation of the animation images.

7  Contest jury

Is composed of specialists on web-technologies, design, computer graphics and animation, applied software provision. Jury is approved by the decision of the contest organizational committee


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